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Kim Kardashian debuts dramatic transformation


Compared to her appearance seven years ago, reality regular Kim Kardashian is virtually unrecognisable, with paler skin, a higher hair line, and altered cheek bones that completely changed the shape of her face. Although she has admitted to using Botox in the past, Kim has vowed that she would never have it done again and she flatly denies any surgical procedures – despite the fact she is 33-years-old and has less wrinkles now than in 2006.

Kim stepped out for a walk with her fiancé on Monday in New York and showed off an impressively flawless complexion. The mother-of-one has recently been spotted leaving a spa in Los Angeles with a clear mask applied to her face after undergoing beauty treatment, but she’s keeping tight lipped about whether this included facial injections.

After her experiment with Botox in 2009, Kim said she would not undergo the procedure again when she suffered an allergic reaction and ended up with severe bruising as a result of the injections. She told her family later ‘I’m never doing this again… at least not until I’m 40.’ However, she was later forced to deny rumours that she was still getting Botox injections whilst pregnant with her daughter North, in May this year a spokesperson for the star said ‘It’s absurd and NOT true!’

Does Simon Cowell need some more Botox?


It is fairly common knowledge that X-Factor judge Simon Cowell is quite fond of his own appearance, he even talks openly about getting cosmetic help from Botox to improve his aging complexion, so it came as a surprise to the media that the 53-year-old showed up to the X-Factor semi-final sporting a bloated, out-of-shape face that looked anything but youthful. Journalists and online bloggers were quick to point out the difference and suggest that Simon has tucked into his Christmas treats a little bit earlier this year.

The talent moguls new appearance didn’t seem to bother X-Factor guest Carmen Electra though as the two were photographed looking very friendly at the start of the night – the pair have also set tongues wagging in the past when they were seen out on a date in Los Angeles after meeting on the set of Cowells other TV show Britain’s Got Talent, when Carmen stepped in as a guest judge.

According to The Sun, Carmen was soon singing Simon’s praises, saying ‘He’s so cute. He’s adorable, he’s actually a sweetheart. I really like him, I think he’s very cool.’ Fellow TV judge LA Reid even tweeted ‘Didn’t mean to, but got in the middle of @SimonCowell and @carmenelectra #LoveBirds.’ Suggesting that the pair are more than friends.

Cheryl Cole ‘wears Invisalign braces’


Cheryl Cole 'wears Invisalign braces'Singer and X Factor judge Cheryl Cole reportedly wears Invisalign braces at night to keep her dazzling teeth straight.

A source close to the Girls Aloud star revealed that she has been wearing the invisible braces at night to keep her teeth straight as she nervously awaits the news about whether she will be a judge on the American version of the TV talent show.

The Daily Star also reported that Cole will receive more teeth whitening treatments upon her return to Los Angeles in a bid to perfect her smile for her rumoured new job.

After admitting to wearing invisible braces in the past, the 27-year-old style icon has undergone a number of cosmetic dental procedures to give her a dazzling Hollywood smile.

The Daily Express revealed that Cole has the most requested smile in the country, with cosmetic dentists regularly performing procedures to create a similar pearly-white and glamorous look. ADNFCR-2621-ID-800487783-ADNFCR


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Lindsay Lohan’s dad gets Botox


Michael Lohan has had Botox.Lindsay Lohan's dad has had Botox treatment on his face, it has been revealed.

The father of the Hollywood starlet – who fell out with her at one time but now seems to be back in her good books – took a camera crew with him to film him and his girlfriend having the procedure.

According to, the pair both seemed to be pleased with the results of the Botox injections, which were carried out by Dr Michael Persky in Los Angeles.

Lohan had been talking about changing his image in front of the press, but he did not mention having Botox in order to do so!

Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan had to have emergency dentistry to remove some teeth that were giving her pain last month, stated.

A source close to the actress said she had been forced to have them removed, but was being brave and shunning painkillers afterwards.

Bruxism Awareness Week hailed for potential to reduce emergency dentistry


Bruxism Awareness Week, which was held recently, could prevent some cases of emergency dentistry.Healthcare professionals have praised the recent Bruxism Awareness Week and its potential to reduce the amount of emergency dentistry necessitated by the condition.

The event was held from October 25th to 31st 2010 and provided information to people all over the UK about the problems caused by excessive teeth grinding, including jaw disorders, headaches, earache and sleep loss, reports.

Organised by dental splints provider S4S, the week also advised people about what they could do to get help if they suffer from bruxism.

Clinicians told the news provider that the awareness week brought the troubling condition into the spotlight and provided useful information for patients and professionals.

A Facebook group started up to coincide with the event now has more than 100 members.

It was recently revealed that Katie Price suffers from bruxism, as she travelled to Los Angeles to have the damage caused to her dental veneers by grinding repaired.

Charity issues warning over emergency dentistry threat this Halloween


Halloween could pose a threat in terms of emergency dentistry, parents have been reminded. Parents of youngsters have again been advised to exercise caution this Halloween in order to avoid their children needing emergency dentistry.

Dr Nigel Carter, the chief executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, said that although it is exciting for kids to return home from trick or treating laden with bags of sweets, they need to be aware of the risk of decay.

He recommended allowing them to eat the sugary snacks for a short period of time before putting them away again until the next day.

This is because saliva is more capable of neutralising acids after only a short attack, Dr Cater explained.

Meanwhile, really sticky sweets like toffee should be avoided, as it clings to the enamel and has more chance of causing decay.

"A good dental cleaning routine with fluoride toothpaste will help protect the teeth against conditions such as tooth decay and gum disease," Dr Carter concluded.

Earlier this month, Dr Gilbert Snow from Los Angeles told he sometimes has a ten to 20 per cent increase in emergency dentistry after Halloween because of all the sweets.

A bottle of water ‘could help prevent emergency dentistry after Halloween’


Try sending kids out with a bottle of water this Halloween to prevent emergency dentistry.Simple precautions like carrying a bottle of water around when trick or treating could help to prevent children from needing emergency dentistry after Halloween.

According to, sweets that are acidic such as Starburst can really damage the teeth and could cause problems with corrosion.

However, rinsing the mouth with water after each sweet and brushing their teeth as soon as they get in with their Halloween booty could reduce the likelihood of little ones needing to seek emergency dentistry a few weeks later.

“With a few precautions there is no need for Halloween to turn into a dental nightmare,” the article concluded.

This follows a similar warning from Dr Gilbert Snow of Los Angeles, who told that parents should up the ante with brushing and flossing for their offspring when they know they will be eating a lot of sweets.

He said he often sees corrosion as well as things like chipped teeth after each October 31st.


Katy Perry – Could teeth whitening be an option ahead of wedding?


Teeth whitening could be an option for Katy Perry. Katy Perry may go for teeth whitening ahead of her forthcoming wedding, if recent suggestions are anything to go by.

The California Gurls singer said in a question and answer session for YouTube that she has always been envious of Britney Spears’ pearly whites since she saw them on TV as an aspiring pop star.

“I brush my teeth all the time. I wanted them to be, like, Britney Spears white,” she revealed, according to MTV News.

Perry joked she used to think perhaps Spears had a new set of teeth for all her public appearances, as they were always so white.

With reports rife that Perry is set to marry Russell Brand next month, she may go for some teeth whitening to rival her idol for gleaming gnashers.

Earlier this month, it was widely suggested that Kelly Brook might have had tooth whitening treatment after she was spotted in Los Angeles with a dazzling smile.

Dental implants ‘ideal for tooth replacement’


Dental implants could be the best option for individuals who have lost a tooth to ensure they maintain an aesthetically pleasing smile, it has been claimed.

AZ Dental Care reported dental implants offer the best course of action for teeth replacement procedures, as the implant replaces a tooth’s root, securing the new tooth in place and adding volume to the mouth.

"Replacing the tooth’s root fills the gap between your natural teeth in the jaw to prevent the jawbone from collapsing, the gums from shrinking and the neighbouring teeth from shifting," the company noted.

It added that replacing missing teeth can not only help to boost a person’s confidence, but could also improve their health.

Elsewhere, Los Angeles dentist Dr Neda Naim recently noted that dental implants can be a long-lasting and more aesthetically pleasing solution for individuals who lose their teeth than dentures.

Dr Naim claimed the treatment can last a lifetime and give a more realistic end result.

Dental implants ‘are the best solution’


Anyone who has had oral health problems in the past and has lost teeth as a result could find that dental implants are the perfect solution for their problems, it has been claimed.

Los Angeles dentist Dr Neda Naim has argued that while it can be more painful and take longer to fit dental implants, the treatment can last a lifetime and give a more realistic end result.

Dr Naim commented: "Dental implants are truly a complete dental solution when it comes to restoring a natural looking, natural feeling mouth."

He added that in many cases, dental implants mimic the feel of real teeth so closely that many patients forget that have implants at all.

Elsewhere, research reported in the study Dental Implants Market: Increasing Familiarity to Drive Growth recently forecast that the global dental implant market is likely to have doubled by 2015.

It claimed that the durability and improved functionality of dental implants mean that more people rare likely to turn to the treatment instead of having bridges or dentures fitted.


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