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Apprentice winner Leah Totton opens new Botox clinic



Leah Totton has been going from strength to strength in the business world ever since she came out on top in 2013’s The Apprentice final and the 28-year-old has shown no signs of slowing down when it comes to building her empire. Leah is now set to open her second clinic after Lord Sugar invested £250,000 in her Botox business following her victory on the BBC reality show.

The entrepreneur, a former doctor, already runs a successful clinic in central London and she took to Twitter to announce the launch of her second business in Loughton, Essex. The new clinic offers many treatments, including hair transplants, skin peels, laser treatments, and facial injections.

Leah is currently thought to be on her way to earning her first million and she recently spoke to MailOnline about how new entrepreneurs can get investment for starting in the world of business. She told the paper that if you have an idea you feel passionate about you have to ‘make others see your vision’ in order to secure investment to build a business. She also spoke about tighter regulations surrounding cosmetic procedures, saying she felt there was ‘a huge need’ for the entire sector to be better controlled in order to put ‘patient safety over and above profitability.’


Apprentice winner opens her first Botox clinic


Winner of The Apprentice series nine, Leah Totton, has used Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment to open her first clinic in Moorgate, central London. One of Lord Sugar’s aids from the BBC show, Karren Brady was also in attendance. The Dr Leah outlet was launched today and Ms Totton made a pledge to withhold facial injection treatment from teenagers, following recent revelations in the media that some clinics were providing Botox injections to patients as young as 16.

Ms Totton told the London Evening Standard ‘Whilst we acknowledge that Botulinum toxin is used to treat medical conditions in all age groups, we cannot accept that its use as anti-aging treatment in teenagers is in any way justifiable. It is our position that this is extremely poor practice and raises important ethical concerns. Dr Leah Clinics will not be treating teenagers with Botulinum toxin for the prevention of lines and wrinkles.’

The clinic will offer a range of procedures, including Botox injections, facials, and skin peels.

Lord Sugar supported her pledge, saying ‘By stating that she will refuse to treat teenagers in her clinic it is a bold but sensible move and I look forward to seeing her continue to pioneer safety and regulation in what is currently an unregulated marketplace.’

Latest casualty of Lord Sugar’s boardroom talks Botox


The most recent candidate to be sent packing on BBC’s The Apprentice has spoken with Hello! magazine about wanting Botox after her appearance on the show saw fans dub her ‘Gordon Ramsay’ because of her frown lines. 26-year-old Katie Wright was fired last night for failing to deliver the goods in a street food challenge and she has reacted to fans comparing her to the wrinkly chef, telling the paper; ‘People keep saying I look like Gordon Ramsay. I didn’t realise how many conversations my forehead was having with the world.’

Unfortunately, the pretty blonde’s confidence has taken something of a knock following the airing of the show’s seventh series, and the comments have made her consider facial injections to improve her appearance. ‘It’s made me want Botox,’ she said, but added that her other half was not keen on the idea; ‘My lovely husband Mark’s absolutely adamant I can’t have it done though.’

Despite her week six firing, Katie said that the only regret she has is that she didn’t push to the front and get herself noticed during the first few tasks, admitting that she might have looked like she was trying to hide, when really it was a case of ‘deer-in-the-headlights’, in the face of TV’s most intimidating job interview. ‘I just wish that I had the confidence to step forward from the start.’ She said.

Apprentice star considers Botox


Lord Sugar’s right-hand man Nick Hewer is famous for raising an eyebrow or two at the antics of some of The Apprentice contestants, but the sixty-eight year old has revealed that he is thinking of getting Botox injections to keep his energetic brows in check. Nick, who is also the new host of Countdown, has said that his animated expressions could be a thing of the past if he follows in Lord Sugar’s footsteps and undergoes cosmetic treatment.

Two episodes into the eighth series of the BBC show, Nick’s famous frown has already made more than one appearance, and he has joked that the only way to stop it is to freeze the muscles using facial injections. ‘I don’t realise when I’m doing the frown.’ He admitted, ‘I’ve got a very mobile face and I think the cameramen pick up on it. I’m thinking I might have Botox to make it impossible to raise my eyebrows.’

The business tycoon was also at pains to point out that there were no rehearsals on The Apprentice, and his expressions were not deliberate; ‘It’s not like I practice it in the mirror. No one makes me raise my eyebrows on cue,’ He said, adding, ‘I am what I am. Nobody would have the nerve to ask me to do something to suit the cameras and there are no retakes.’

So far in The Apprentice, two of team Sterling have been given the chop after failing to meet Lord Sugar’s expectations in the field of business.

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