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Nicole Scherzinger shows off seemingly fuller lips



Speculation has grown as to whether the X Factor judge and former Pussy Cat Doll, Nicole Scherzinger, has undergone lip filler treatment. Her latest dramatic Instagram selfie showed her pouting her very full lips, in a close up shot. Fans became suspicious after her lips looked sizably bigger than in previous posts.

Nicole took to Instagram whilst in London to celebrate the sun shining in the winter months, however fans were more interested in her growing pout. There was no question in fans’ minds that the star looked great, however they were divided in opinion as to whether they approved of her possible lip fillers. One fan wrote, “Why? You’re a stunning woman, Stop with the lips already… It cheapens your natural beauty,” yet another felt that her lips looked ‘beautiful.’

Nicole has been asked in the past if she has ever had fillers, Botox, or plastic surgery, to which she answered no. Nicole attributed her great complexion to a healthy diet, exercise and plenty of water, however it is likely that this new selfie will raise more questions that she’ll undoubtedly be asked to answer. Her fans will be interested to hear whether she denies the rumours, given that her lips seem obviously bigger than before.




London dentist offers free check-ups for mouth cancer awareness month


Dr Anuj Desai, a dentist from Woodford Green, has pledged to raise awareness of mouth cancer and to support people in noticing signs that can sometimes be overlooked. Dr Desai is now offering free consultations for anyone, whether they are concerned or not, to get checked out for any signs or symptoms.

The free check-ups are part of a larger national event for Mouth Cancer Action Month, which continues throughout the month of November. Dr Desai, who has also worked with Macmillian Cancer Support in the past, spoke to the Guardian about the importance of the current initiative. “Mouth cancer is one of the most important reasons to get a dental check. If you catch symptoms early it’s easily treated, but it’s when signs go ignored for a few months that things get serious.”

Oral Health Foundation statistics show that in the last ten years, mouth cancer diagnosis has increased by a third, and sadly claimed the lives of around two thousand people last year alone. Symptoms to look out for include, mouth ulcers that are present for several weeks, lumps in the mouth, loose teeth, numbness or tingling of the lips or tongue and patches of white or red tissue in the mouth. The NHS advises that if anyone is concerned to make an appointment with a dentist or GP as soon as possible.




Robbie Williams comes clean about cosmetic surgery


Former Take That legend Robbie Williams has confessed to having cosmetic surgery, and at the moment he says he is unable to move his forehead due to Botox injections. Robbie admitted to having a number of other procedures, including dermal fillers in his face.

Speaking at the Attitude Awards in London earlier this week he discussed candidly the procedures he has had, and accepted that his life style is starting to catch up with him. Robbie has always been known for his wild life style of drinking, smoking and partying, and feels that this has contributed to his aging. “I’ve had some fillers, and some Botox, and I’ve had something done to my chin which means I can’t even move my… forehead.” Robbie has also had laser treatment to smooth his skin.

Since the turn of the century, cosmetic surgery has seen a sharp increase in men going under the knife. Statistics show that there has been an increase of one hundred and ten percent, with treatments such as Botox and fillers becoming more popular with the male population. It is estimated by BAAPS (The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) that nearly five thousand men had cosmetic surgery just last year.




Sports dentistry really takes off


Sports dentistry is fast becoming recognised as a vital aspect of professional sport. Good oral health and hygiene is now starting to be seen as an essential part of an athlete’s overall health and wellbeing, which could also have a bearing on their performance.

The issue was first highlighted, on a larger scale, from the London 2012 Olympics, where an abundance of athletes demonstrated poor oral health. This became a hot topic for discussion which clearly needed addressing. Following this, a study was undertaken which investigated the overall dental and oral health of Olympic athletes, with revealed shocking results. Over 300 of the athletes in the study were found to have poor dental hygiene, an abundance of cavities and decay, tooth erosion and periodontal disease. This was seen to not only be impacting on their general health and quality of life, but also, potentially, on their performance.

Following this study, the UCL Eastman Centre for Oral Health and Performance, situated in London, was established to address the growing issue. As the centre has grown and developed, more networks have been set up to provide people with information on the subject of sports dentistry and for people who have an interest in getting into a career in the field.




Chantelle Houghton is photographed with swollen lips



She has admitted to going under-the-knife in the past and now it seems that reality star Chantelle Houghton is dabbling in cosmetic treatment again, as the mother-of-one was seen out and about with painfully swollen lips. The 32-year-old was pictured outside a London coffee shop and her lips appeared swollen and much larger than their normal appearance.

Chantelle was spotted enjoying the sunshine at the end of last week and while she grabbed a coffee she was also seen examining her plumper pout in a compact mirror. The Celebrity Big Brother winner didn’t seem to be her usually bubbly self and did not raise a smile for the photographers; instead she ignored the cameras and checked her appearance in the mirror regularly. Foregoing any make-up, the reality star enjoyed her coffee break with a natural look on display for the cameras.

Although she calls her previous breast augmentation her ‘biggest regret’ Chantelle is still a fan of lip fillers and has been for regular treatments at the salon belonging to her friend and fellow reality star Amy Childs. She recently posted a video showing her having the treatment done in great detail and she didn’t seem to be too uncomfortable, only flinching occasionally after the needle was inserted into her lips.


Richard III’s teeth could prove he did not murder the princes in the tower


A leading historian claims that the skull of Richard the Third proves that he did not murder the Princes in the Tower. Dr John Ashdown-Hill MBE says that tests carried out on the ‘bones in the urn’ found under the stairs at the Tower of London showed that they were unlikely to have been related to the last Plantagenet King.

The bones showed evidence of hypodontia – congenital tooth loss – which is a genetic anomaly not shared with the remains of Richard the Third, strongly suggesting that the two sets of bones were from unrelated persons. Dr Ashdown-Hill said that the bones, which were long-believed to belong to princes Edward and Richard, were not related to Richard the Third and were ‘more likely to be Anglo Saxon remains.’ He went on to say that this is a good indication that the late King had nothing to do with the deaths of his young nephews, adding ‘It is exciting that finding Richard could be instrumental in helping solve another of the most intriguing historical mysteries.’

Dr Ashdown-Hill is now asking for the bones of Richard III to be disinterred from Westminster Abbey so that they can undergo DNA testing in order to definitively answer the question about the remains found at the Tower of London.


Statistics show that 24million Brits do not brush their teeth at least once a day


According to new research, a shocking number of Britons do not take their oral health seriously and fail to brush their teeth at least once a day. The report suggests that over 24 million people in Britain fail to brush regularly, despite the fact that around four in ten admit to feeling self-conscious about the way their teeth look.

Brits between the ages of 26 and 34 were the worst culprits for neglecting their dental health, with over half of respondents admitting that they did not brush at least once a day. People over the age of 55 were the most conscious brushers, with 68% brushing at least once during the day. The counties with the best oral hygiene turned out to be the north east, the south east, and East Anglia. The worst offenders were London, Northern Ireland, and Wales.

The research involved a survey of 2,000 adults in the UK, to find out how Brits feel about their teeth and also the teeth of others around them. Almost a quarter of those asked said that they were ashamed by the condition of their teeth and a shocking 40% said that they would never show their teeth while smiling.


Apprentice winner Leah Totton opens new Botox clinic



Leah Totton has been going from strength to strength in the business world ever since she came out on top in 2013’s The Apprentice final and the 28-year-old has shown no signs of slowing down when it comes to building her empire. Leah is now set to open her second clinic after Lord Sugar invested £250,000 in her Botox business following her victory on the BBC reality show.

The entrepreneur, a former doctor, already runs a successful clinic in central London and she took to Twitter to announce the launch of her second business in Loughton, Essex. The new clinic offers many treatments, including hair transplants, skin peels, laser treatments, and facial injections.

Leah is currently thought to be on her way to earning her first million and she recently spoke to MailOnline about how new entrepreneurs can get investment for starting in the world of business. She told the paper that if you have an idea you feel passionate about you have to ‘make others see your vision’ in order to secure investment to build a business. She also spoke about tighter regulations surrounding cosmetic procedures, saying she felt there was ‘a huge need’ for the entire sector to be better controlled in order to put ‘patient safety over and above profitability.’


Woman speaks out about unregulated fillers after going blind following treatment


A woman from Leeds who suffered permanent blindness in one eye after botched dermal filler treatment has decided to talk about her experiences in order to warn others about the dangers of unregulated filler injections. Meiska Mamajeski went blind in her left eye after the filler treatment went wrong back in 2011.

Meiska, 53, was admitted to A&E after she underwent the procedure at a London cosmetic clinic and became the first British woman to be blinded by botched dermal filler injections; although she is one of 98 known cases in the world, according to the World Congress of Dermatology. Meiska decided to speak out about her situation after she realised that fillers were entirely unregulated in Britain, leaving many people at risk of complications. She spoke to the Daily Mail about her harrowing ordeal in a bid to warn others about the risks of treatment at the hands of untrained providers.

After struggling to overcome the debilitating injury, Meiska managed to get back some of her independence and she was awarded a five figure sum after launching legal proceedings against the doctor that carried out the treatment. Despite the pay-out, Mieska is adamant that ‘it was never about the money’ because she just wanted the negligence of the doctor to be recognised.

More middle-aged men than ever are getting Botox treatment


According to new figures released by, men aged between 45 and 55 are the least likely to tell a wife or partner that they are getting Botox injections to get rid of wrinkles, even though the number of men in this age group undergoing the treatment has risen sharply. Around 10% of those getting Botox treatment in Britain are male, and reasons for this range from looking younger for a mistress to keeping up with a partner who has started cosmetic treatment.

It was also revealed that 21% of men who have this treatment don’t tell anyone about it, with 11% paying in cash so that the procedure does not show up on bank statements. The research showed that city men were more likely to go for Botox treatment, with those living in Manchester, Edinburgh, and London, the most likely to visit a clinic.

Dr Ganesh Rao, of, said that this was no longer a female treatment, asking ‘Women have widely adopted the procedure, so why shouldn’t men enjoy the benefits to their self-esteem too?’ He added that this treatment isn’t just for vanity, it is ‘a great confidence booster’ and went on to say that ‘The Botox boom over the last five years shows no signs of slowing down. More than one million procedures a year are carried out in the UK.’

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