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Shane Warne angry about Bruno Tonioli Botox jibe


Aussie cricketer Shane Warne is said to be furious with Strictly Come Dancing judge Bruno Tonioli after he made a remark to England sportsman Michael Vaughan on the Saturday night show. The ballroom expert commented on Michael’s facial expression whilst he was performing the waltz, comparing it to Shane Warne – who is suspected of having Botox injections, although he has frequently denied it. Tonioli said that Vaughn’s wooden expression ‘looked like Shane Warne after the makeover.’

Ex-England cricket captain Vaughn told the media that he had spoken to Shane shortly after the programme and he wasn’t happy; ‘Warney was straight on the phone after that comment. He said, Pot, kettle, Bruno’s forehead hasn’t moved in seven years. I told him I’d relay the message. Shane is in Australia now but if I’m still here in November he’ll definitely come to watch the show. I’m going to ask production to position him right opposite Bruno so they can have a stare-out.’

Shane Warne and new love Liz Hurley have both publicly denied use of the anti-wrinkle drug and put the cricketers new look down to a better lifestyle, including weight loss and an improved diet – and the 41-year-old bowler spoke out, denying any facial enhancement, posting on Twitter that ‘Questions re facelift/Botox etc are absolute rubbish.’

Botox news: Is Liz Hurley tired of Shane Warne’s metrosexuality?


Botox news: Is Liz Hurley tired of Shane Warne's metrosexuality?Individuals considering having Botox treatment to improve their appearance and remove the signs of ageing could be interested in recent rumours about Liz Hurley and Shane Warne.

According to the Sunday Mirror, the model and actress is sick of her cricketer boyfriend's obsession with the injection and other cosmetic procedures.

Sources told the newspaper: "She loves the fact he's dropped a few pounds but now it's all getting a little crazy and she's wondering what he's going to do next."

In addition, friends of the couple have claimed the newly image-conscious sportsman has sought advice on moisturisers and skin peels, as well as researching juice diets.

The retired star was formerly well-known for his love of alcohol and poor diet, as well as his fiery temper until he formed his relationship with the British star.

Hurley, 46, is set to play Dallinferno in upcoming film High Midnight alongside Rachael Leigh Cook and Billy Baldwin.

She is currently in New York filming scenes for her upcoming role in popular US drama Gossip Girl.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800699315-ADNFCR

Liz Hurley quashes Shane Warne Botox rumours


Liz Hurley quashes Shane Warne Botox rumoursBritish actress Elizabeth Hurley has fiercely denied claims that her cricketer boyfriend Shane Warne has received Botox injections.

The stunning 46-year-old took to her profile on social networking website Twitter to refute the reports he had undergone cosmetic surgery.

Rumours of Warne's beauty regime, which included an eye liner tattoo, came after the sportsman was spotted looking increasingly youthful in recent months.

He wowed onlookers with his attractive appearance when he attended Elton John's white tie and tiara ball alongside his girlfriend last month.

The Rajasthan Royals star claimed his healthy eating regime and use of a "good moisturiser" were responsible for his change of appearance.

Hurley and Warne separated briefly earlier this year when he was reportedly exposed for sending explicit text messages to an Australian business woman.

In 2008, Hurley's infamous Versace safety pin dress was voted the most iconic gown to be worn by a female celebrity.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800627988-ADNFCR

Has Billy Bob Thornton had Botox?


Do you think Billy Bob Thornton has had Botox?It has been speculated that Hollywood megastar Billy Bob Thornton has had Botox due to a recent public appearance.

According to the Daily Mail, the Bad Santa actor looked line-free and much younger than his 55 years as he posed next to girlfriend Connie Angland at the LA premiere of his new film Faster.

Georgina Littlejohn pointed out that his face was less jowly, his jawline was tighter and his forehead was totally smooth.

"Either Billy Bob Thornton has a very, very good makeup artist or he and Mr Botox have recently become good friends," she speculated.

The actor said on the red carpet that he would consider doing a sequel to Bad Santa if the opportunity arose, so he may soon be hiding his smooth jawline with a full beard!

Last month, the same newspaper suggested that Liz Hurley may have had Botox after she too was spotted looking remarkably line-free for her age.

Has Liz Hurley had help from Botox to prevent ageing?


Has Liz Hurley had Botox?A newspaper has speculated that Liz Hurley has received anti-ageing help in the form of Botox and cosmetic surgery.

The 45-year-old was photographed over the weekend sporting a tight, grey-coloured bandage dress that had the Daily Mail wondering whether her figure and striking good looks were entirely natural.

Indeed, it was suggested that Hurley may have had Botox to halt wrinkles on her face and a breast augmentation to prevent her cleavage from sagging.

The Estee Lauder model has always denied having had work done to enhance her natural assets, but this week's photographs may add more fuel to the rumour mill.

Hurley is well-known for her ability to make an entrance at showbiz parties. The infamous Versace safety pin dress she wore in 1994 was voted as the best red carpet gown ever two years ago.

It was recently widely speculated that both Miley Cyrus and Megan Fox have had Botox, although the rumours were not officially confirmed.

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