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Ke$ha: I wear a tooth as an earring


Would you wear someone else's tooth as an earring?Pop star Ke$ha has revealed she has an unusual earring in the form of a fan's tooth.

The Blow singer told Rolling Stone magazine she was sent the item by an admirer and, rather than throw it away as most people would have done, decided to get it made into jewellery.

"Somebody sent me their tooth, which I now wear as an earring. It's a molar, I think. I love it when people send me body parts," she commented.

Hopefully the tooth fell out naturally or was removed during cosmetic dentistry, rather than being pulled out in the name of pleasing a famous person!

Ke$ha also said in the interview that she loves her new house in Nashville being on the edge of a wood, because she can run around naked among the trees in the middle of the night.

One fellow pop star who might have honoured Ke$ha's requests for more body parts is Lily Allen, who recently had her wisdom teeth removed.

Kelly Clarkson back at dentist after root canal treatment


Singer Kelly Clarkson may not be having much luck with her root canal treatment.Kelly Clarkson has had to return to her dentist following root canal treatment earlier this week.

The singer tweeted that she was in quite a lot of pain following the treatment, perhaps due to the infection that caused the emergency dentistry in the first place.

"This week has got to turn around at some point. I think I might be setting a record for how many shots I've had in a mouth in 3 days … not including alcohol," Perez Hilton quoted her as saying.

Clarkson put photos of herself at the dentist on Facebook earlier this week, commenting that she couldn't feel part of her face after being numbed.

This comes after Lily Allen revealed on Twitter last month that she had a 16-hour nosebleed after she had her wisdom teeth removed.

The celebrities don't seem to be having much luck with their emergency dentistry. However, anyone who needs treatment may be pleased to know that these kinds of problems are the exception rather than the rule, with most professionals able to make procedures relatively pain-free.


Lily Allen experiences nasal problems after wisdom teeth removal


Lily Allen's wisdom teeth removal did not go as smoothly as she hoped.Lily Allen has said she experienced nasal problems after having all her wisdom teeth removed under general anaesthetic.

The singer went under the knife on Thursday (January 20th 2011) but found the operation did not go as smoothly as she hoped.

In news that may encourage people to seek out private emergency dentistry practitioners, Allen said on her Twitter page that she had a 16-hour nosebleed because of the oxygen tubes that were put up her nose to help her to breathe.

"Chapped lips, mouthful of blood. Not a great start to the weekend. Oh, and hamster cheeks doesn't even cover it," she commented.

Wisdom teeth removal is usually done under local anaesthesia, which should still completely block any pain from the gums. However, those who struggle with anxiety may be offered a sedative to help them relax.

A dentist will be able to explain the most appropriate form of treatment depending on individual circumstances.

Lily Allen ‘is to have all her wisdom teeth out’


Wisdom teeth will no longer be causing problems for Lily Allen after this week. Lily Allen is to have all of her wisdom teeth removed to prevent further problems with them, according to a post on her Twitter account.

The Smile singer said she is to have a procedure on Thursday (January 20th 2011) in which all four will be taken out following a mouth infection last summer.

As may be expected, she did not appear to be looking forward to it.

"Having all 4 wisdoms out on Thurs. OUCH! General anaesthetic, yum," Allen wrote.

The pop star has been out of the media spotlight lately after taking a career break to have a baby and then miscarrying the child last year when she was six months pregnant.

This follows advice from American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons chair Louis Rafetto, who recently told that having wisdom teeth out could improve oral hygiene and prevent future dental complaints.

He explained that they are hard to clean due to their position at the back of the mouth and could also push other teeth out of line.

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