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Has Brandi Glanville overdone cosmetic surgery?


Reality star Brandi Glanville was seen out and about in New York this week and her surprisingly smooth complexion has raised more than a few eyebrows. The Real Housewives regular was spotted leaving the Big Morning Buzz Life studios on Tuesday and waiting photographers were shocked by the apparent change in Brandi’s appearance.

Back in February, Radar reported that Brandi had admitted to getting cosmetic surgery and said that she ‘had some Botox and bad fillers’. She also added that she has ‘overdone it at times’ but cited her age as the reason for her cosmetic treatments.  In another interview, Brandi added that she had spent $30,000 on surgery since her nose was broken in 2009.

The mother-of-two told Life&Style magazine that she has been getting facial injections since she was 25-years-old. Brandi said ‘I had Botox back in 2002. I… only do Botox twice a year now. I have that hollow area (in cheeks) injected with fillers. And I have acne scars filled sometimes.

Fans of the show may be surprised to hear of the amount money the reality star has been spending on her facial treatments, given that she has recently been complaining that she is struggling to pay her rent.

Teen Mom star admits to lip injections


Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has never been shy about her love of cosmetic treatments but now the 22-year-old has been forced to admit that she has in fact undergone lip enhancement surgery after posting a picture of herself that appeared to show that her lips had definitely been altered.

The photo, posted on Farrah’s Twitter page, showed the reality star smiling from the passenger seat of a car, with her lips apparently plumped up much more than usual. Farrah added the caption ‘#Selfie Wednesday #HappyTime J’ The image quickly led to speculation from fans and media outlets that the mother-of-one had had some more work done, after she admitted to a breast augmentation and chin implant earlier in the year.

Farrah confirmed the speculation herself in this week’s issue of Life & Style, explaining that she was experimenting with different cosmetic procedures to improve herself. She told the publication ‘I’m trying out collagen injections, something fun and it’s not permanent.’

The young mother recently came under fire for her parenting skills when she admitted on talk-show Bethenny that she had waxed her four-year-old daughter’s eyebrows while she slept – with one audience member labelling her ‘insane’.

Jenny McCarthy is not ashamed of Botox use


Plenty of Hollywood stars have a had a little nip and tuck but there’s not many that like to admit it, so it seems that American actress Jenny McCarthy is a different breed of celebrity; the 39-year-old is not only honest about her use of anti-aging drug Botox, she’s decided to tell anyone who will listen.

With her bleached blonde hair and perfect teeth, the mother of one is every inch the Playboy model and she spoke to Life & Style magazine about the secret of her youthful appearance; ‘I’m an obvious Botox user.’ She says, ‘I tell everyone.’ McCarthy also pointed out that it was better to use in moderation, to avoid the frozen look that many other members of the Hollywood elite have fallen victim to.

The actress continued; ‘I get Botox in my forehead. I just have my doctor do a little shot.’ As well as facial in injections, McCarthy maintained that she takes good care of herself and watches what she eats, and she has another secret weapon in the form of cosmetics; ‘Having your sister be your professional make-up artist helps.’ She joked.

The beauty regime seems to have paid off as Jenny has just landed herself a new man in the form of NFL player Brian Urlacher, and although she’s not saying much about the relationship just yet, she has admitted to being ‘giddy’ about it.

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