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Does Miley’s tongue indicate health problems?


After her controversial VMA performance, Miley Cyrus has constantly been in the headlines with her antics and her favourite pose for the paparazzi is currently to stick her tongue out; however, this has led some experts and music industry colleagues to question whether the appearance of Miley’s tongue indicates some health problems. Singing legend Cher recently voiced her opinion, saying ‘Chick, don’t stick out your tongue if it’s coated.’

The co-founder of Shabir Daya also weighed in on the issue, commenting that ‘your tongue is a window into what’s happening in your body; colour, coating, and cracks are all indicators of the state of your health.’

Miley might not think sticking her tongue out reveals much about her health and eating habits, but Daya added that ‘a healthy tongue has a thin, white and moist coating and any deviation from this indicates possible problems.’ He added that ‘small protrusions in the tongue can harbour food allowing bacteria and fungi to thrive and this results in a whitish tongue. Stress, particularly on-going stress, can cause deeper cracks in the tongue since stress releases inflammatory hormones.’ Some Twitter followers have suggested that Miley’s break-up with Australian actor Liam Hemsworth could be a factor in her poor oral health of late – not to mention her smoking.

Daya also gave some advice on how the singer could improve her oral health, recommending that she uses an herbal mouthwash twice a day to improve gum and mouth problems.

Has Miley Cyrus had ‘break-up Botox’?


Has Miley Cyrus had Botox?Speculation is rife that Miley Cyrus has had Botox treatment to cheer her up after her split with first serious boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.

After a paparazzi photograph was published of the teenager on Tuesday (August 31st 2010) night, celebrity gossip websites began to suggest that her immaculate appearance was down to more than just good makeup.

The singer’s skin indeed looked flawless and it was rumoured that she had opted for ‘break-up Botox‘ to heal her heartbreak after her split with Hemsworth last week.

Other sources also suggested the 17-year-old has had dermal fillers for her lips, but Cyrus has denied she uses cosmetic surgery.

This follows a report from the American Society of Plastic Surgery last month, which showed that 12,000 teenagers in the US had treatment with Botox last year.

However, some of the treatments were for medical reasons such as headaches and excessive sweating as well as cosmetic purposes.

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