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Professional whitening more effective than DIY kits



An increased demand for whiter teeth has seen people trying many different methods to achieve the perfect smile. Shop shelves are awash with bleaching kits, whitening strips, toothpastes, and LED light kits, all promising to give you brilliantly white teeth. However, having your teeth whitened professionally, by your dentist or other qualified practitioners, is still by far the best way of achieving favourable results.

The American Dental Association (ADA) have recently released statistics that show a rapid rise in teeth whitening over the past ten years, with it now being the most requested dental procedure bar none. The ADAalso say that people using do it yourself kits could be putting themselves at risk of issues such as hypersensitivity, gum irritation, uneven whitening,enamel damage or worse.

Home whitening kits can often contain chemicals and other ingredients that are extremely harmful to teeth, with some people having severe reactions to the products. It is also said that some shop bought kits contain abrasive ingredients that are intended to erase surface stains, but instead can result in a weakened tooth surface. As professional whitening is administered by trained dental staff, not only is it more effective, it is also markedly safer.




Laser teeth whitening ‘is the best way to improve smile’


Laser teeth whitening 'is the best way to improve smile'People contemplating cosmetic dentistry could opt for laser teeth whitening in a bid to improve their smile.

The procedure is a fast and effective way to make natural teeth dazzle as well as improve people's confidence.

Using both a protective spray and gel during the process, the procedure uses LED laser lights to brighten the teeth.

The light is then left in place for 15 minutes and the process is completed several more times in order to achieve the best results, the Mayo Advertiser points out.

Removal of stains from the teeth is one of the primary reasons patients opt to receive the treatment.

An increase in the number of celebrities choosing to have their teeth whitened has also resulted in a significant rise in its popularity.

Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole and Zac Efron are among the people who favour this method of cosmetic dentistry in order to perfect their Hollywood smiles. ADNFCR-2621-ID-800531549-ADNFCR

Could dental fad become as popular as teeth whitening?


Would you prefer teeth whitening or neon gnashers?A fad from Japan could become the partygoers' equivalent to teeth whitening if it catches on in the UK and US.

Inventors created LED fronts a little like mouthguards as an experiment, but they were snapped up by a Japanese retailer to publicise a winter sale.

The products are fitted on to the teeth and light up in different colours when the wearer smiles.

They caught on with teenagers and young adults and are now being sported all over the country, with the manufacturers describing them as a "party in your mouth".

It is possible they could pop up in schoolyards in this country, presenting an alternative to teeth whitening for extroverts, but traditional cosmetic dentistry is likely to remain more popular in the long term.

This is not the first time a tooth-related trend has hit the headlines – cosmetic dentistry practitioners recently criticised Kanye West for having all his bottom teeth at the front replaced with diamonds.

Light-activated teeth whitening ‘less cumbersome’


Light-activated teeth whitening can be easier for patients and less cumbersome and time consuming, it has been noted.

The use of light-activated teeth whitening systems is less cumbersome for the patient and could provide faster results, it has been argued. light activated teeth whitening

Big News reported the introduction of LED light-activated treatments has made it easier for dentists to do away with peroxide trays to whiten teeth.

Instead, they can apply a gel to the teeth and activate it to gain greater control over the whitening process and ultimately provide the patient with better results.

The publication claimed: “Historically, the use of trays for whitening trays appeared on the scene in early 1900 … Initially, it was used only for stained and discoloured teeth by the dentists’ in-office.”

Elsewhere, Teeth Laser Whitening Group recently launched a number of new products and claimed its treatments can be effective at removing stains with a number of causes, ranging from smoking and coffee through to simple wear and tear with age.

Furthermore, the firm claimed its treatments can help lighten the colour of teeth by up to eight shades in a single sitting.

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