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Lauren Goodger has lip fillers removed


Former reality star Lauren Goodger has decided to remove lip fillers after having the treatment done for many years, and she has gone back to the natural look, for the moment at least. The 29-year-old described the experience as ‘liberating’ and she revealed her new look to MailOnline in a series of pictures.

The former The Only Way Is Essex regular had regular lip injections for five years but decided it was time to have the filler solution removed so that she could embrace the natural look. She told the paper that she had been undergoing ‘constant top-ups’ for the past five years but chose to have the fillers removed so that she could go with the natural look, as she has embraced a positive body image and improved her health with a new fitness regime.

Lauren’s surgeon, Dr Esho, said that Lauren had overdone the filler injections and this meant that there was a build-up of the solution in her lips that had to be removed. He added that she would have to fight the temptation to go back and have more filler treatment but she should try to maintain the natural look because she has youthful lips that are a great shape as they are.


Former TOWIE star Lauren Goodger denies further surgery


Reality regular Lauren Goodger recently admitted to having a breast augmentation for ‘personal’ reasons but the former TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) cast member has denied any further plastic surgery and she has addressed the rumours in her recent New! magazine column.

The 28-year-old has said that she does not want to have Botox or liposuction any time soon and doesn’t feel that she needs it right now. Lauren says in her column ‘There was a story last week claiming I want more surgery, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. If I did want lipo, I could have it done, but I want to do things the healthy way.’

Lauren has struggled with her weight after her time on TOWIE forced her appearance into the spotlight of reality TV; although she seems to have been working hard lately to improve her health. She writes ‘I feel a lot slimmer this week. I’ve noticed my stomach looks a lot flatter. I’ve stuck to my diet.’

Thanks to her hard work and surgically enhanced bust, Lauren is feeling much more confident in her appearance and has denied that she has undergone facial injections to improve her complexion, saying ‘I’ve never had Botox and I don’t think I need it. I feel confident in myself.’

TOWIE’s Lauren shows off her latest pout


Reality star Lauren Goodger has never been shy about her use of cosmetic surgery, and she’s been showing off her latest pout to her Twitter followers – most of who were surprised to see the dramatic change in her appearance. The 25-year-old unveiled her swollen lips on her way to London Fashion Week, sparking suggestions that she had over done it with dermal fillers in an attempt to plump her lips up.

Lauren tweeted a photograph of her new look as she made her way to The Collection in London, keeping a pout fixed firmly on her face as she posed with friends at the fashion event. It remains to be seen whether the reality TV star will try to get her face trending as she did a couple of weeks ago, using the phrase ‘LGFamousCarPout’, referring to her habit of posting pictures from the back of the cab on the way to her latest event.

Despite evidence on social networking sites to the contrary, the Essex native has recently admitted that she felt body conscious next to her fellow cast members, saying ‘I felt under so much pressure. Most of the girls on TOWIE are quite skinny… Next to the others, I’d be panicking over whether my arms looked fat or how big I’d look if I was sitting down. I’d even beg producers to let me sit at a table so I could hide my legs underneath.’

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