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Reality TV regular Laura Carter films filler treatment


After Chantelle Houghton posted a video of herself getting lip injections done many people were wondering whether she was addicted to the treatment; now fellow Big Brother contestant Laura Carter has followed suit, supposedly in support of Chantelle, telling people ‘it does not need to look ridiculous.’

The 30-year-old reality star filmed herself getting lip filler injections from cosmetic surgeon Ian Morgan and shared the video on Twitter, along with the post ‘After reading about @chantellehought painful experience with lipfillers Chantelle, you shouldn’t be in pain – here is my journey…’

The clip shows the redhead reclining in the surgeons chair to have the treatment done and she barely flinches as the injections are administered. She added another caption claiming that the procedure was pain-free, even without the use of topical numbing gel and taking into account the fact that Laura, by her own admission, is ‘not the bravest.’

Immediately after the treatment was completed Laura added a short clip speaking to the camera, saying ‘here are my new lips. Having your lips done does not mean that it needs to be painful or look ridiculous.’


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