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Carol Vorderman’s stunning transformation


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Carol Vorderman's stunning transformationThis week there has been a media frenzy over what is behind Carol Vorderman’s stunning transformation? It is no secret that the ex Countdown star and brilliant mathematician has always looked good for her age but over recent years she appears to have had some help to look so amazing. New pictures have emerged of Carol looking even younger and everyone wants to know her secret.

Earlier this week the celeb was asked for ID while purchasing alcohol, which she tweeted to her many fans. This caught the attention of social media and has got everyone talking. One fan jovially posted a comment on the Twitter post. This read, ” The Botox is obviously working then. LOL.” The tweeter may not be far off the mark here, as it is rumoured that Carol has undergone anti-wrinkle treatment. Whether or not she has had the treatment remains to be seen. However, there are quite a few reputable plastic surgeons who think she has, and have voiced their opinion on many occasions. There is also rumours that she has undergone dermal filler treatment too.


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Peterhead dental professionals are on a mission


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Peterhead dental professionals are on a missionThree Peterhead dental professionals are on a mission to take much needed dental skills and supplies to Zambia. Two experienced dental nurses and a qualified dentist are hoping to make the trip next June. The mercy mission will last for two weeks. Whilst there they hope to treat as many people as possible inside the Itezhi Tezhi Hospital. They also plan to run outreach centres to save people the seventy four-mile walk to see a dentist.

The trio is aiming to raise around six thousand pounds to make the journey happen. This amount will also mean that dental supplies can be donated to people in need. To do this they are hosting an array of fundraisers.

Natalie Williamson, one of the dental nurses spoke to The Press and Journal. “We decided to take on this amazing opportunity as we have worked in dentistry for many years now and have experienced a lot of different situations and seen how much dentistry in our country is progressing. This made us realise that not everyone is as fortunate as ourselves so we looked into helping others in third world countries.”


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Botox is not just a pretty face


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Botox is not just a pretty faceDespite the positive and negative media attention, Botox is not just a pretty face. The anti-ageing substance is best known for smoothing out wrinkles and providing a more fresh-faced look. However, there are many other benefits to Botox that are worth noting.

Botox can be a life-changing treatment. Not only for those who lack confidence but also those who suffer from chronic conditions. These could range from depression, bladder issues, and teeth grinding, to migraines and voice disorders. Neurologist, Paul Darveniza gave his professional opinion to The Daily Telegraph. “Despite the fact it’s the most toxic biological substance known to mankind, it’s also a safe and straightforward treatment with few complications.”

As well as celebrities using the substance to smooth wrinkles, some have also undergone treatment for medical reasons. Allegedly, popular Coronation Street star and X-factor winner Shayne Ward received the treatment after he experienced issues with his voice box. If you are considering having Botox, cosmetically, or medically, ensure that you visit a reputable clinic to achieve the best possible results.


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Love Island’s Ellie visited Dr Esho before entering the villa


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Love Island's Ellie visited Dr Esho before entering the villaIt has been reported by The Sun that Love Island’s Ellie visited Dr Esho before entering the villa. It is said that the twenty year old Love Island star underwent Dermal Filler injections, amongst other treatments, in a bid to improve the look of her cheeks and lips.

The cosmetic guru Dr Esho has been a surgeon to the stars for some time and features on the E4 show, Body Fixers. He confirmed the treatment via Twitter after news broke that she had shared a kiss with her love match Dr Alex George. Dr Esho stated in the Tweet that he had treated Ellie before she entered the show. However, because of her age, she wanted to keep the treatment natural looking. Therefore, the experienced surgeon only administered small amounts of filler to her cheeks and lips.

Another source, close to Ellie, also spoke on the subject. “Ellie was going on TV to try to find love. She wanted to make sure she looked the best she possibly could and wasn’t afraid to have a helping hand.”


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Stem cell research could benefit dental implant procedures


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Stem cell research could benefit dental implant proceduresNew studies show stem cell research could benefit dental implant procedures. The research looked at the benefits of using stem cells that derive from periodontal ligament. These ligaments are connective tissues in the gum. Their function is to connect the tooth to the bone. They help to ensure the teeth remain in place firmly and safely.

During the research, the periodontal ligaments were used to create a cell sheet that was then attached to a titanium dental implant screw. The then implanted screw, combined with the cells, showed a promotion of the growth of the surrounding tissues. Therefore, the feasibility and success of the implant could be improved. This may also work to complement bone grafting procedures in the future. Better still it could, potentially, eradicate the need for the process altogether.

Professor John Fisher (Ph.D.) of the University of Maryland expressed his excitement at the research findings. “This truly innovative work combines traditional dental implants with stem cell sheet technology, thus creating a particularly relevant solution to a widespread problem in dental health care.”


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Possible breakthrough in enamel regeneration


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Possible breakthrough in enamel regenerationA possible breakthrough in enamel regeneration has been reported in the Shropshire Star. Enamel damage is responsible for around fifty percent of tooth loss cases worldwide. However, the study featured in the science journal Nature Communications shows promising results.

Due to the fact that enamel is unable to re-grow, it has always been of vital importance to preserve it as much as possible. However, for some people, they may still find themselves with weakened enamel. These new results could be a step towards regenerating lost or damaged enamel and restoring teeth back to health. Not only can this material restore enamel but it can also help to prevent tooth decay and sensitivity.

The researchers involved say that they have discovered a protein that can trigger a similar process to how enamel is initially developed as the body grows. This process is said to be able to fully re-grow hard tissues like enamel or bone. Such a breakthrough could not only be beneficial to dental practises, but also for medical procedures. The lead author of the paper, Professor Alvaro Mata, has referred to the finding as a ‘key discovery’.


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Mouth guards could help protect London cyclists


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Mouth guards could help protect London cyclistsA doctor has spoken out following a traumatic accident on his bike. Dr Geraint Lee advises that mouth guards could help protect London cyclists from suffering extensive damage to their teeth and mouth due to potholes and heavy traffic. Although his accident did not happen on London streets he still sees this as a major concern. He believes that wearing a mouth guard could be key to avoiding extensive dental trauma following an accident.


Dr Lee spoke to The Evening Standard. “After my accident, I felt really vulnerable. Your teeth are really important, and it is so easy to fall off your bike.” Luckily for Dr Lee, medics and dental professionals were able to successfully save his teeth, however, he now wears a specially fitted mouth guard while cycling the streets of London from his home in West Norwood. Ms. Djemal, chair of the charity Dental Trauma UK, also spoke to The Evening Standard on the topic. “I would urge cyclists — and anyone involved in contact sports — to get a mouthguard professionally fitted by their dentist.”


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Acupuncture could help dental anxiety sufferers


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Acupuncture could help dental anxiety sufferersA new study has revealed that acupuncture could help dental anxiety sufferers. Dental anxiety affects about a quarter of the UK population and can make trips to the dentist unbearable. The use of dental sedation has helped many people access the dental care they need. However, there could now be another possible option available for patients in the future.

Before, during, and after the study, dental anxiety levels among patients who had no treatment and those who had acupuncture were compared. The results showed an interesting reduction of anxiety on the patients who had received acupuncture. Professor MacPherson, Professor of Acupuncture of the University of York, spoke to Science Daily. “These are interesting findings, but we need more trials that measure the impact of acupuncture on anxiety before going to the dentist, during treatment, and after treatment.”

Together, acupuncture, in conjunction with dental sedation, could improve the overall patient experience. More research in this area is certainly needed. However, the results so far are very promising and could make a difference to many.


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Revolutionary Vivera treatment that will hit the UK this autumn


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Revolutionary Vivera treatment that will hit the UK this autumnVivera Retainers, created by the world-renowned Invisalign, have developed a new product that will help with the treatment of more complex bite issues. Never before will Invisalign and Vivera have been able to treat and maintain more complex orthodontic issues than this. The bite ramps will be added to create a revolutionary Vivera treatment that will hit the UK this autumn.

The new bite ramps will make Vivera the first retainer to provide this additional benefit. This will be extremely useful in treating patients with deep bite malocclusions. Something that retainers have never been able to tackle previously. The treatment has already successfully launched in North America and Asia. Therefore, the UK and Europe can expect to follow suit shortly.

One North American practitioner already using the technology discussed the benefits with “Now that I can select Precision Bite Ramps on both Invisalign clear aligners and Vivera retainers, I can provide both a great outcome for my patients with deep bite, and an effective way to maintain their beautiful smile for years to come.”


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Jersey Shore cast topped up on Botox ahead of their big reunion


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Jersey Shore cast topped up on Botox ahead of their big reunionThe Jersey Shore cast topped up on Botox ahead of their big reunion in South Florida. Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi was specifically in the limelight due to her extremely open nature when it comes to cosmetic procedures. The star is always upfront about the work she has had performed. Marnie Simpson also shared videos of her Botox experience with her fans. The vids showed her happy and smiling receiving her treatment.

Some of the guys also indulged in some Bro-Tox, which has become very popular over recent years. It is reported that Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino has spent over eight hundred dollars on Botox before the big reunion show took place. Well-known surgeon Dr. John Paul Tutela spoke about the increasing phenomenon of Bro-Tox. “Usually you just kind of do less of it. Most men don’t want that whole glazed-over look. You shouldn’t be able to see good plastic surgery, but bad plastic surgery you can see from across the room.” The reunion aired on Thursday, which saw the cast looking fresh-faced and gorgeous.


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