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Zoom teeth whitening gathers media attention


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Zoom teeth whitening gathers media attentionZoom teeth whitening gathers media attention this month and is fast becoming the seasons new must have. A white smile is so iconic as part of the fashion ‘must-haves’ that it has overtaken the little black dress. Teeth whitening is now the most requested cosmetic treatment on the market. It is rare that you see a celebrity on the red carpet without a white smile.

In an over-saturated market, it can be hard to know which will deliver the best results. However, Zoom whitening has been praised by the media for delivering instant results and is the perfect complement to your winter wardrobe. Zoom is an effective treatment for food and drink stains, as well as tobacco yellowing, tooth ageing, and some discolouration from medications.

The reason why Zoom is so effective is due to the way that the bleach is activated. This is achieved by using a LED light to help the bleach penetrate deeper into the tooth enamel. If you would like a whiter smile for the party season why not give Zoom a try yourself.


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Laser teeth whitening ‘can make smiles look younger’


Laser teeth whitening could make your teeth appear younger.Anyone who has noticed that their smile is looking a little discoloured as they age could benefit from laser teeth whitening.

This is the opinion of Round Town News, which points out that it is normal for things like tea, coffee and tobacco to affect the teeth through microscopic pores over the years and decades.

However, the article states that laser teeth whitening will restore the teeth to a natural, younger-looking colour in no time.

“Laser tooth whitening is fast, safe, affordable and totally painless … The effect will last between 18 and 24 months,” Round Town News said.

Earlier this month, advised anyone with a discoloured smile that laser teeth whitening is the best way to achieve a dazzling look again.

Meanwhile, a recent poll by Saga suggested that teeth whitening could be popular among baby boomers, as 62 per cent of women over 50 think appearance is more important now than it was in the past.

Laser teeth whitening ‘makes for a brighter smile’


Laser teeth whitening 'makes for a brighter smile'Having laser teeth whitening treatment is the best way people can ensure they dazzle with their smile.

According to an article on, even those who have a strict dental hygiene routine can suffer from discolouration, which gets darker as the months and years pass.

This process, which occurs when food and drink stains build up on the teeth, is “impossible to avoid”, meaning that the need for laser teeth whitening becomes more pertinent as people get older.

However, while some may mistakenly believe that such a procedure costs the earth, it is actually far cheaper than many expect, the piece claimed.

Laser teeth whitening usually takes around an hour – and the consultation can even take place on the same day.

“All celebrities now have bright white teeth and this has made the point to people on the street that a whiter smile looks a million dollars – but doesn’t have to cost that much,” the column asserted.

Earlier this month, Dr Catrise Austin, owner of VIP Smiles, told the news provider that actor Mathew Morison and CSI Miami star Eva LaRue have particularly desirable smiles.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800069007-ADNFCR

Laser teeth whitening ‘can do so much’


Laser teeth whitening is a big leap in technology, according to an expert.Laser teeth whitening is a huge leap forward when it comes to cosmetic dentistry.

This is according to Dr Joseph Lim, president of Dr Smile in the US, who told the Inquirer that he much prefers it to the traditional methods because it is quicker and easier.

“It is one machine that can do everything. This new technology can do so much to help improve the life of many patients,” he enthused.

The dentist added that anyone who tries laser teeth whitening is unlikely to want to go back to the old style of lightening.

Last month, cosmetic dentistry expert Jennifer Jablow told Elle magazine that laser teeth whitening can improve the look of teeth in less than an hour.

She pointed out that if it is done professionally, patients should manage to achieve a hue eight to ten shades lighter than their natural appearance, depending on their original porosity.

Laser teeth whitening ‘is a great alternative to traditional methods’


Laser teeth whitening could achieve good results.Laser teeth whitening has been praised by one healthcare practitioner, who said it is a great alternative to traditional methods.

Dr Timothy Kosinski, who practices dentistry in Michigan in the US, told laser tools can lighten the teeth in a matter of minutes.

“This amazing technology is a very safe product with less sensitivity, a greatly reduced time for the procedure and highly effective whitening. And you can do individual teeth,” he explained.

Dr Kosinksi said laser teeth whitening can be performed in one appointment and the effects will be visible immediately, as well as lasting much longer than old methods.

The expert also called the procedure “far, far superior” to DIY teeth bleaching methods.

Last month, cosmetic dentistry expert Jennifer Jablow told Elle magazine teeth whitening can lighten teeth significantly, often in less than an hour.

She said patients may be able to achieve eight to ten shades lighter than their natural colour, depending on their teeth to start with.


Laser teeth whitening can provide “excellent” results


Laser teeth whitening can provide Laser teeth whitening has been recommended as an effective and safe way to gain a fresher smile.

Experts at WorlDental advised people to consider the treatment in order to achieve a brighter look within an hour.

The news publication stated individuals would need to consult with a dentist before undergoing the simple and pain-free procedure and would find the process provided “excellent” results.

It suggested the technology may even be suitable for people with sensitive teeth as it requires them to be exposed to the bleaching agent only once.

“…A laser is thought to be one of the best ways to whiten teeth quickly … and is especially beneficial for those people whose teeth have been discoloured through coffee drinking or smoking,” the news source remarked.

Cosmetic dentistry expert Jennifer Jablow recently described how professional teeth whitening is more beneficial and offers a better outcome than over-the-counter products, Elle magazine reported.

Expert tips for a whiter smile


Expert tips for a whiter smileTo get a whiter smile it is important to first have your teeth whitened and then follow a strict regime of a healthy diet and dental hygiene, a US dental expert has claimed.

Dr Laura Torrado told that teeth-whitening products would have no effect unless teeth have initially been professionally whitened.

The cosmetic dentist, whose clients include Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively, explained that avoiding food and drinks such as coffee, wine and berries would help to reduce staining, while chewing gum throughout the day would combat the build-up of plaque between meal times.

She advised that although mouthwash is good for combating bad breath it would not remove stains and instead people should ensure they brush their teeth twice a day and floss regularly.

The positive effects of laser teeth whitening were recently reported by the Daily Mail, which stated that people who had received the treatment found their teeth to be up to six shades brighter after one application.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19819976-ADNFCR

Laser teeth whitening ‘could help make smiles brighter’


A growing number of people are seeking out brighter smiles and laser teeth whitening could be a great solution for many, it has been claimed.

The Daily Mail reported that the treatment works by applying a bleaching agent to the teeth, which is then activated using a laser.

Results for the treatment are often very good, with many being able to improve teeth colour by up to six shades in a single sitting.

According to the publication: “Traditional laser whitening uses one laser across all the teeth at the same time, but the latest treatment from Canada uses a tiny laser to treat each tooth individually.”

Elsewhere, the Beaming White Forever White Teeth Whitening Headset was recently unveiled costing $40 (£27.70), but boasting a take-home teeth whitening kit that also includes headphones to allow users to listen to music while they brighten their smile.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19804954-ADNFCR

Smiles ‘can be enhanced’ with cosmetic dentistry


Cosmetic dentistry can have a positive impact on a person’s smile.

Anyone worried about the appearance of their smile has been reassured that there are treatments available that can help them solve this problem.

Daily Breaking News reported that cosmetic dentistry has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years and there is now a procedure to help even the most difficult of issues.

For example, missing teeth can be replaced using permanent dental implants, meaning people no longer have to rely on dentures, while those with extremely stained and discoloured teeth – be it through smoking or drinking large amounts of coffee – can have their smile brightened using the latest teeth whitening techniques.

Meanwhile, this month is National Smile Month in the UK and, as such, Dr Nigel Carter, chief executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, has said that Brits should be doing all they can to keep their teeth healthy and clean.

Indeed, in order to further this message, the organisation has launched its new Teeth4Life campaign.

Stained teeth explained


The issues that can result is stained teeth have been highlighted.

Many people falsely assume that stained teeth come about as a result of poor oral health and this is not always the case, it has been stated.

C Health reported that over time, stains can build up under the surface of the teeth and these are best tackled through laser teeth whitening treatments, rather than bleaching.

Indeed, the other factors which can increase the likelihood of stains include smoking, bad diets, drinking large amounts of coffee or red wine and in general, failing to brush regularly.

The publication noted: “Besides being an instant bad breath cure, quitting smoking can improve the appearance of your teeth. For many people, tooth staining is one of the most common side effects of smoking.”

Elsewhere, recently published advice aimed at individuals with sensitive teeth. It noted that they should remember four easy ways to reduce their problem.

These are ensuring they maintain a good oral health routine – ie brushing regularly – avoiding acidic foods, brushing with a soft-bristled toothbrush and using a desensitising toothpaste.

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