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Fan’s concern over Charlotte Crosby’s recent Instagram photo



Ex Geordie Shore star, Charlotte Crosby, has stirred up growing concern from her fan with her recent Instagram post. The celebrity posted an early morning selfie which has got everyone talking, not because of her lack of make-up, but for the size of her lips. It is clear from the photo that Charlotte has had extensive fillers in her lips, as they are more than double the size they used to be.

Fans have shared growing concern for their idol, and have urged Charlotte to revert back to a more natural pout. One fan’s comment read, “Please stop with the lips, you’re ruining yourself and your starting to look absolutely ridiculous!” another read, “Your lips would make a fish jealous. Think you should leave it there.” However, not everyone had negative things to say, as some fans commented on how great she looked.

Previously this year, Charlotte openly discussed her cosmetic surgery habits and admitted that she had lip fillers every five months. She also made a bold statement to the Daily Mail Australia that she does not consider lip fillers to be the ‘Kylie Jenner effect’ as she was getting them done way before Kylie was.



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Kylie Jenner sparks Botox rumours


Kylie Jenner has always been very open about having lip fillers, but now rumours have circulated as to whether the ‘Keeping up with Kardashians’ star has had Botox. Fans of the star noticed a difference in her face and skin following an Instagram selfie that the nineteen year old posted to promote home teeth whitening kits. Kylie has 75.3 million followers on social media, so it is inevitable she is going to be scrutinised.

Fans took to Instagram in response to her selfie, posting questions about the star’s smooth, plump face “Is it me or is Kylie starting to have that plastic surgery face?” another commented, “She can’t even smile anymore.” However, other fans were mesmerised by the stars beauty and posted positive comments on how gorgeous and beautiful she looked. Some fans have attributed the difference in her face to the fact that she has recently dyed her hair platinum blonde, and think that the new hair colour may have changed the overall look of her face.

Amongst all the speculation, Kylie was not perturbed by the negative attention she had received and took to Instagram again posting more selfies to promote herself and the teeth whitening products for all her fans to see.





Rise in cosmetic procedures to emulate Kylie Jenner’s look


Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, Kylie Jenner, has inspired a huge rise in cosmetic procedures, with fans wanting to copy her look. Not satisfied with just copying Kylie’s hair and makeup, fans are now requesting cosmetic procedures, such as, cheek and lip fillers to attempt to look more like their idol. Experts have revealed that there has been a huge spike in cosmetic procedure requests of this nature, which has been named, the ‘Kylie Effect’

Worryingly, the star seems to have made it acceptable for teenagers under the age of eighteen to have lip fillers. She has millions of followers on popular social media sites from all over the world, and it seems that whatever Kylie does, her fans want to copy her.

Apprentice winner, Dr. Leah Totton, says the popularity of fillers has risen sharply, which she accredits to the teenage star. Totton told Heat Magazine, “It used to be Kim Kardashian who everyone wanted to copy, but now the most common procedure I’m asked for is Kylie Jenner’s lips.”

The trend for ‘selfies’ has also risen dramatically over the last few years, and has inevitably made people much more focused on their appearance. It is becoming common place now that people are having cosmetic procedures for aesthetic reasons, rather than to fix or correct a specific problem.



MTV reality star films her getting lip fillers removed


After suffering a botched lip filler treatment, reality star Loren Green has decided to document the recovery process for her fans, starting with getting the lip fillers dissolved so that she can go back to her natural lips. After developing painful lumps in her lips following the injections, the Ex on the Beach star had to get the filler removed at a cosmetic surgery in the Midlands.

Loren, who appeared in series 2 of the MTV reality show, lived with the results of her botched treatment for eight months before deciding enough was enough and the filler had to be removed; she also decided to film the whole procedure, which was carried out by aesthetics surgeon Ian Morgan at Soul Care Aesthetics.

Loren told The Sun that she wanted to get the lip injections in the first place because she wanted ‘perfect lips’ like reality star Kylie Jenner; but instead of a plumper pout, she was left with ‘fish lips’, which were lumpy and painful. In the video, Loren can be seen having two injections administered to her lips; the treatment was completed in a matter of minutes. She later posted a follow-up video saying that the filler solution was ‘near enough all gone’ but she still has to visit the clinic again to have the remaining lumps removed.


Kylie Jenner superfan splashes thousands of pounds on lip fillers and Botox


A man who is obsessed with reality star Kylie Jenner has revealed his bill for plastic surgery has topped £21,000; with cosmetic procedures including lip fillers an Botox adding to that total. 22-year-old James Holt is so desperate to look like his idol that he has spent over ten thousand pounds on his lips alone. James, from Bury, Greater Manchester has also spent thousands on Botox and cheek fillers and even said he would go as far as having ribs removed to achieve the perfect hour glass figure, just like his idol.

James told Mailonline that he wants to be ‘really fake looking’ and explained that he started to get lip fillers because Kylie Jenner began getting the injections to plump up her lips last year. He boasts that his own pout is bigger than the 18-year-olds. Despite the fact James has had problems in the past with too much filler being injected into his lips, the student has not been deterred and continues to get his lips filled every two months to top up his pout. He is now planning a trip to Poland to have a nose job and says that he would also like chin implant and fat transferred to his behind to make it larger and more shapely.


Kylie Jenner admits overdoing lip filler injections


The youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kylie Jenner, shocked many when she revealed she had decided to get filler injections into her lips at the age of seventeen and now the teenager has admitted that she maybe went too far with the treatment. The 18-year-old told Allure magazine that she may have had too much filler injected and made her lips too big.

Kylie was interviewed by her big sister Kim Kardashian and Kim didn’t hold back when asking about Kylie’s beauty mistakes; the teenager admitted immediately that she ‘definitely’ went overboard with filler treatment and made her lips look ‘a little too big at one point.’ After plumping up her lips to try and address her insecurities surrounding her appearance, Kylie said she ‘got excited’ and felt that she needed to keep doing the treatment over and over. She added that her sisters saw her overdoing it and advised her to ‘chill’ and lay off the procedure for a while.

Kylie told her sister how she had to go and have her lips fixed because of having too much filler injected; she called the repair work ‘a crazy process’ and admitted she was thankful that she didn’t end up on surgery show Botched, which documents people who have had disasters with cosmetic treatment.



Made In Chelsea’s Binky denies lip injections


After questions about her altered appearance began to circulate on social media sites, Made In Chelsea’s Binky Felstead has taken to Instagram to address the rumours, denying that she has had lip fillers to plump up her pout. Fans online were suggesting that the 25-year-old was getting cosmetic treatment, based on several new pictures that had been posted online.

After posing for a fashion shoot, Binky posted a selfie showing a close-up of her lips, which quickly began getting attention from followers on Instagram, as some questioned the reality star about her status regarding cosmetic injections. Fans questioned whether Binky’s appearance was completely natural and many were saying that she looks very different now compared to how she looks normally.

Binky was casual about the suggestions but addressed the rumours in her next post which was a caption on a picture, with the hashtag #liplinernotinjected. Despite her denials, followers were not immediately convinced and several reminded the Made In Chelsea star that American starlet Kylie Jenner used to say the same thing, before admitting to getting lip injections at the tender age of seventeen.


TV’s Charlotte Crosby reveals dramatically different appearance at clothing launch


She has made it known that she is a big fan of cosmetic injections and Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby is certainly showing off the extent of her dermal filler use; the 25-year-old was posing up a storm for photographers at The Style clothing launch in London this week.

Charlotte, who is best known for her raucous behaviour on the MTV reality show, has previously admitted that she has been having the filler injections into her lips for some time and even joked that Kylie Jenner copied off her when she spoke about her own cosmetic treatment recently. The MTV star was happy to show off the results of her treatment as she poses for photographers, revealing very plump lips compared to her natural appearance.

The Sunderland native was joined at the event by other reality stars that have joined The Style with their own clothing lines; Charlottes own collection is called Nostalgia, whilst TOWIE regular Billy Faiers and Made In Chelsea cast member Binky Felstead also have their own ranges launching this week. The ladies were happy to pose for photographers and Charlotte was also supported by her Geordie Shore cast mate Holly Hagan.


Geordie Shore’s Charlotte says she was having lip fillers long before Kylie Jenner


Reality star Charlotte Crosby recently debuted her brand new nose on social media and the Geordie Shore regular has now decided to share all of her cosmetic surgery secrets with the world, by claiming in an interview with Daily Mail Australia that she was having filler injections into her lips long before starlet Kylie Jenner made the procedure famous.

Charlotte said that the 18-year-old sister of Kim Kardashian may have brought the surgery into the limelight but she was having it done years ago, in order to keep her lips looking plump. The 25-year-old told the publication that she goes back to have further filler injections every five months to make sure the effects don’t wear off. She explained ‘I’ve been getting my lips done for about two years now’, mainly because she felt that her top lip was too thin and she wanted to have a better pout. She joked that this wasn’t the ‘Kylie Jenner effect’ as she was already a fan of the treatment before the young reality star ‘got trendy’.

Charlotte has undergone quite the transformation in the past year; as well as filler injections, she has had Botox treatment, a rhino-plasty, and dropped four dress sizes in order to film her best-selling fitness DVD’s.


Dermatologist suggests Kylie Jenner has had numerous surgical procedures


A New York-based dermatologist has claimed that Kim Kardashian’s youngest sister Kylie has had numerous cosmetic treatments to maintain a smooth, wrinkle-free complexion, and may have even gone under the knife recently. The 18-year-old only admitted to having lip fillers in the last few months, something she previously denied; putting her plump pout down to well-practiced make-up application.

Dr Tabasum Mir spoke to talk show host Rob Shuter for and she compared Kylie Jenner’s appearance to that of the oldest Kardashian sister, Kim, saying that Kylie already looks like she has over-indulged in cosmetic treatment. Dr Mir said that the teenager looked like someone who has had ‘too much work done’, despite her young age. Furthermore, she added that both sisters had gone under the knife to achieve their hourglass figures, possibly having their waists and hips surgically altered to achieve their idea of beauty.

She said in the interview that Kylie ‘is really young’ and suggested that the reality star, who started having lip fillers at the tender age of 17, has probably had Botox and skin peels as well, in a bid to retain a flawless appearance just like her older sisters. Dr Mir has not treated any of the family but added that she thought Kylie was the ‘number one’ example of too much too soon when it comes to cosmetic treatment.


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