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Former TOWIE cast-member Kirk reacts to rumours of lip injections


He might be known for loving his appearance but former The Only Way Is Essex regular Kirk Norcross has reacted furiously to suggestions that he might have had lip injections to plump up his pout. Kirk left TOWIE back in 2013 but has remained active in the media and social networking sites, as well as taking part in several more reality shows, such as Ex on the Beach.

Although he admits to going under the knife for a nose job, Kirk became extremely defensive after fans questioned whether he had had lip injections when he posted a picture online that was supposed to be showcasing his new haircut. The 28-year-old read comments about his picture asking why he had decided to get lip fillers and suggesting he should ‘lay off’ the treatment as he seemed to be overdoing it.

Kyle quickly retorted that he had never had lip injections, telling his fans and online followers ‘I have not nor will I ever get my lips done.’ He questioned fans about their suggestions, saying ‘People saying I’ve had my lips done!!!! Are you… serious!!!’ Fans did not necessarily believe his denials though, as some posted emoji’s winking back at Kirk following his reply.


TOWIE’s Kirk struggles with troublesome tooth


Living with X-Factor reject Frankie Cocozza in the Big Brother house for three weeks would probably be enough for anyone, but TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) regular Kirk Norcross can’t get enough of his new BFF. The two have been seen out on the town various times since they left the Channel 5 reality show, and the heavy partying seems to be taking its toll on Essex boy Kirk.

Frankie might be used to drinking all night, but Kirk has revealed he needs to slow it down a little, after developing a wisdom tooth infection. Wisdom teeth come through at the back of the mouth, behind our two molars, and can cause real problems if there is not enough room for them, or they become impacted under the gum line. The TOWIE celebrity is also going to have to lay off the booze for a few days, after being put on antibiotics to fight the infection. ‘Damn wisdom tooth!!!’ He tweeted, ‘Antibiotics for me now no drinking for awhile [sic]! Thanks mr dentist! X’

He was less jovial the next day, after a sleepless night with a painful tooth, telling his followers he was really suffering; ‘Omg I have never had a toothache this bad in my life, been up most of the night in so much pain!!!!’ He later begged ‘Get me 2 the dentist L’

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