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Kim Kardashian reveals her main turn-offs include bad teeth


Given that she already has two failed marriages under her belt by the age of thirty-one, you might think that reality star Kim Kardashian would go against type and try and be a bit less superficial when it comes to finding real love, but no – the second eldest of the Kardashian clan is still all about appearances, according to a recent interview with Tatler magazine.

Whilst many of us would be turned off by things like bad teeth or dirty fingernails, Kim goes one further and suggests that big ears are also a problem for her, saying ‘Anything to do with bad hygiene (is a turn off), like teeth or nails or big ears. I’m really weird about stuff like that.’ Bad teeth probably aren’t a positive thing for most people, but Kim also added that size does matter – admitting that she wouldn’t be seen stepping out with a man who was shorter than her.

The rest of the interview focuses on Kim’s relationship with the many men she has dated over the years, as she opens up about her marriages and latest partner rapper Kanye West, who it seems is much more than a boyfriend to the reality star; Kim says ‘It’s so nice to have a best friend in this game who understands everything you’re going through. Being with someone I’ve known for so many years is comforting.’

Kim Kardashian facing hefty dentist’s bill


According to gossip website, reality start Kim Kardashian is being chased through court by a dentist who says she didn’t pay for dental treatment carried out almost ten years ago. Craig Gordon has apparently obtained a court judgement that demands payment from Ms Kardashian and her ex-husband Damon Thomas after the pair failed to pay for services totalling £1,047.

The bill has grown to £2,075 over the past decade as both Kim and her ex have ignored the dentists demands; now Mr Gordon is hoping that Kim’s upcoming divorce settlement will see the judge force the socialite to hand over the cash. He has filed papers to recover the debt from any money Kim gets from her split from basketball player Kris Humphries – although it is reported that the famous Kardashian makes more money than her former husband, so it’s anyone’s guess where this payment is going to come from.

A source close to the TV star said that Kim was adamant she had nothing to do with the dental treatment and it was all undertaken by her then husband, whom she was married to from 2002 until 2004. Her latest union lasted just 72 days after she and Kris Humphries were wed in August 2011 and the breakdown of the marriage was documented as part of the reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Kim Kardashian talks about plastic surgery in the future


Reality TV veteran Kim Kardashian is not known for her discretion when it comes to the media; she even aired her ill-fated wedding to Kris Humphries in a two hour E! special – now, she’s talking about her plans for cosmetic surgery, saying she may go under the knife if she has a midlife crisis in a couple of years.

The thirty-one-year-old has spoken to Now magazine about her plans for facial enhancement, following in the footsteps of her mother Kris Jenner, who had a facelift before Kim’s big day last year. Although she has no plans to go under the knife just yet, Kim said that people don’t always believe she has gone without surgery; ‘I know they always say, ‘she did her butt, she did her nose’, and all that stuff, but I haven’t.’ Despite the denials, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star maintained that she was not against surgery in principal; she just wasn’t ready for it yet.

Kim – who split from Humphries after just 72 days of marriage – talked about her Botox use, saying that she didn’t like the results, but would consider it again at some point in the future; ‘I didn’t like having Botox at the corner of my eyes and I still don’t think I need it there, but I’d have it in my forehead – in fact, I have since, just right there in the middle of my eyebrows. I’m not against it at all, it was just I didn’t need it in the corner of my eyes at the time.’

Kim Kardashian spotted at Botox salon in LA


Reality star Kim Kardashian is no stranger to controversy, and the 31-year-old always makes sure she looks good when she’s caught in the spotlight; however, she was recently spotted leaving an LA Botox salon looking less than her best. The second-eldest daughter of clan Kardashian was photographed leaving the clinic with red blotchy skin, shortly before an appearance at the Valentino party, where she wowed crowds in a black and white ensemble.

It’s still unclear whether Kim underwent Botox treatment, but it has been suggested that it was merely a flare-up of her on-going skin condition, psoriasis; however, the salon she was seen leaving does specialise in Botox therapy. The TV celebrity is very image conscious, spending a lot of time in the public eye at fashion events and Hollywood premieres, and she has admitted to dabbling in cosmetic enhancements in the past. The treatment ended badly for poor Kim, as she suffered a rare allergic reaction to the toxin, which left her skin swollen and bruised. ‘I’m never doing this again…’ Kim told her family, adding ‘at least not until I’m forty.’

Although she’s not shy about her use of Botox, Kim is adamant that she has not gone under the knife to keep her good looks intact, telling nightline last year that she was ‘totally not against plastic surgery… [Botox] is the only thing that I’ve done.’

Glee star gets wisdom teeth removed


TV star Lea Michele has had to undergo dental surgery to have her wisdom teeth removed, as the pain of the condition was having an impact on her performance at work. Wisdom teeth can be unpredictable at best, there’s no telling when they’ll break through or what sort of position they will be in when they do, and their changeable nature can make life very difficult – especially if you’re a singer and actress in one of the highest rated TV shows in the US.

Michele, who plays Rachel Berry in hit show Glee, told her followers on Twitter that she was relieved to be home from the dentist’s, saying ‘Feeling all better from my surgery! So happy it’s over and done with!’ she also seemed to be excited about returning to work after a few days recovery, as she tweeted ‘Back to work tomorrow!’. Earlier in the week, Lea had informed followers that she was not looking forward to the procedure, ‘Off of work now for the rest of the week because I’m having my wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow!’ she posted, adding that she was feeling ‘so nervous!’

The 25-year-old American actress is not the only celebrity to take to Twitter in recent weeks, and the social-networking site is still the most popular online portal for spreading instant news from the world of the rich and famous. Actor Stephen Fry and reality star Kim Kardashian have also been seen trending on the web-site about their dental treatment.

Cheers actress asks fans for advice


Kirstie Alley is joining the long list of celebrities who are having dental problems of late, she’s in the company of Kim Kardashian, Hulk Hogan, and The Saturday’s member Una Healey, but the actress has decided to pursue an alternative route to recovery, by asking her fans for advice on how to proceed with treatment.

After finding out she needed a root canal filling, the 61-year-old – who celebrated her birthday just last week – took to her Twitter page to ask her followers if they knew a good dentist, or if they could provide her with any tips for avoiding an extraction. Kirstie seemed anxious to avoid any kind of surgical treatment and could even be called slightly hysterical, as she tweeted ‘Good Morning!!!! Who needs a root canal??? I do!! I do!!…ugh. Hey!! Any great dentists on here with advice?? Pros and Cons of root canals… and other solutions?? Love an alternative…Not extraction.’

Unfortunately for the Cheers star, dental decay has taken hold on one of her teeth, with a large cavity opening up and causing her problems, and it’s likely that she won’t be able to avoid that dentist’s drill, especially since she’s not enthusiastic about having the offending tooth pulled out. Her followers were at a loss to give her helpful pointers, as a root canal is often a last resort before extraction, to prevent infection spreading to the rest of the teeth.

Kardashian sister doesn’t like visiting the dentist


You might think Kim Kardashian would be used to people primping and preening her for the adoring public, but as it turns out, she’s not a fan of the dentist’s chair, whether it’s for cosmetic enhancement or more common procedures like fillings. The 31-year-old reality star just hasn’t stopped since she filed for divorce from her husband of 72 days, Kris Humphries, she’s been out and about shopping, partying, and promoting the family brand like there’s no tomorrow. However, it seems the heavy work load has left her with less time to look after her teeth.

Several hours ago, the second eldest of the Kardashian clan, posted on her Twitter page that she hadn’t enjoyed her time at the clinic, but also tweeted her thanks to the dentist, saying; ‘A day at the dentist is never fun! Well unless its with Dr. Kevin Sands! Love you doc but fillings suck. #halfmyfaceisnumb.’

Dental issues are likely to be the least of Kim’s problems at the moment, as she is currently embroiled in a lawsuit with Old Navy parent company The Gap, over use of a look-a-like model in their latest advertising campaign. The Kardashian franchise are hoping to pocket over $20million if they can prove that Kim’s image has been tarnished as a result of the commercial, which allegedly confused people in the marketplace and deliberately promoted the product using her likeness.

Has Lindsay Lohan had Botox injections?


Has Lindsay Lohan had Botox injections?Individuals contemplating Botox treatment to smooth out the emergence of wrinkles could be interested in recent rumours regarding Lindsay Lohan.

Online gossip column Wizbang Pop! has criticised the 25-year-old actress after she was photographed looking extremely different before Kim Kardashian's recent wedding.

The former red-head's lips appeared larger than previous times, while her cheeks also looked firmer and slightly puffy, fuelling rumours she has undergone a cosmetic procedure.

Despite neither confirming or denying receiving the anti-wrinkle injection, the starlet's appearance has undeniably changed since she burst onto the scene in The Parent Trap.

Earlier this year, the troubled I Know Who Killed Me star was forced to carry out a period of house arrest after pleading no contest to stealing a necklace from a jewellery shop in Venice, California.

She was rumoured to be starring in upcoming film Mob Street, which focuses on the Mafia's involvement on Wall Street in the 1990s.  ADNFCR-2621-ID-800708424-ADNFCR

Kim Kardashian ‘does not use Botox’


Kim Kardashian 'does not use Botox'TV personality Kim Kardashian has quashed rumours she regularly uses Botox treatments in a bid to improve the appearance of her complexion.

In a recent interview with Hello! magazine, the stunning starlet revealed she had tried the anti-wrinkle injection, but was not impressed with its effects.

"I'm totally not against plastic surgery. I tried Botox and wasn't impressed," she remarked.

Her comments come after she was filmed undergoing the treatment for her reality programme Keeping Up with the Kardashians last year.

Preferring more natural methods of maintaining her clear complexion, the beauty also revealed she would be sticking to anti-ageing cream for the foreseeable future.

The 30-year-old was recently shocked to hear she was suffering from autoimmune disorder psoriasis during filming for the hugely popular E! show.

News of the condition comes after she was spotted enjoying her bachelorette party over the weekend, ahead of her marriage to basketball star Kris Humphries.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800635409-ADNFCR

Megan Fox quashes Botox rumours


Megan Fox quashes Botox rumoursFormer Transformers actress Megan Fox has spoken out against rumours she has undergone Botox treatment to improve her appearance.

The stunning actress posted an album entitled Things You Can't Do With Your Face When You Have Botox on her Facebook profile yesterday (June 7th).

In the photographs, the dazzling 25-year-old beauty showed off expression lines in a forehead while pulling a range of faces to prove her muscles can move.

Rumours of the treatment emerged after the actress was spotted with fuller looking lips and an enviable smooth complexion during a series of appearances last year.

However, the Jennifer's Body starlet did her best to silence critics who had claimed the procedure could have a negative effect on her gorgeous face.

A number of other young celebrities have reportedly sought the anti-wrinkle injection in a bid to reduce the appearance of ageing signs.

Last year, Kim Kardashian received the treatment in front of the cameras on reality TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. ADNFCR-2621-ID-800615838-ADNFCR

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