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Hearing aid ‘uses teeth’


A new gearing aid has been designed that uses the teeth to pass signals to the ear. A hearing aid has been developed that uses the teeth to send signals to the inner ear for processing. The SoundBite is a new form of hearing aid that is surgical implanted into a person’s ear, Inhabitat reports. It is able to detect sounds and then uses a piezoelectric motor to send vibrations through the jaw to the teeth, where these vibrations are picked up by a sensor and then wirelessly sent to a receiver in the inner ear.  Field tests have shown that patients reported 80 to 100 per cent hearing restoration when using the technology. The device is now undergoing Food and Drug Administration approval in the US and is likely to be available next summer with a price tag of $6,000 (£4,167). Elsewhere, a new tooth implant has been developed that is capable of holding a person’s entire dental history. The I-Denti-Fied chip is accessed using a scanner, which then sends the records to a computer so they can be read. It was designed and patented by dentist Kevin Brunski.

Medical history on new tooth implant


A new chip could help solve the problem of not having dental records.

A new device that can be implanted into a tooth could help to save time and hassle for dental professionals.

The new I-Denti-Fied chip – designed by dentist Kevin Brunski – can be inserted into a tooth during a routine procedure and can be set to contain a person’s entire dental history.

In this way, a simple scan of a person’s mouth could provide dental professionals with their complete medical history, including any oral health problems, treatments they have received in the past, as well as their personal details.

Elsewhere, Cambridge dentist Dr Brian Swann recently claimed that he is on a mission to stamp out tooth decay and to educate people about good oral health so they can avoid painful trips to the emergency dentist.

He commented: “I’m proud that I’ve been able to do work that’s made a difference in people’s lives around the world.”

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