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Kerry Katona takes her new husband for matching dental veneers


Newlyweds Kerry Katona and George Kay have just recently cemented their relationship with matching tattoos and now the pair have decided to get his and hers dental veneers. Kerry and her new husband headed to a London dental clinic to have the treatment done this week and they took it in turns to sit in the dentist’s chair while their veneers were fitted.

Kerry, 34, and George got married in September after two years together and the birth of daughter Dylan-Jorge, now seven months old.

The newlyweds seemed pleased with the results of their dental work and they could be seen examining their new teeth closely in a mirror. As they left the Harley Street Smile Clinic, they couldn’t hide their big smiles and showed off their bright white teeth for the waiting photographers.

After going through some relationship trouble recently, the pair seems to be back on track with their marriage; Kerry told OK! Magazine that she has ‘fallen in love with George all over again’ following a Caribbean honeymoon last month.

Kerry Katona treats herself to post-pregnancy tooth whitening


Dentists advise pregnant patients to avoid tooth whitening until the baby is born, so Kerry Katona duly waited till she had given birth to return to the dental clinic for a tooth whitening procedure – and she seemed to be excited about the prospect.

The mum-of-five gave birth to baby daughter Dylan-Jorge three weeks ago and treated herself to a cosmetic dental treatment designed to improve the shade of tooth enamel. Heading out for some personal space without the family, Kerry shared a picture of herself during the treatment; the photograph showed the reality star sitting in the dentist’s chair, with a blue curing light shining onto her teeth to whiten them. She added the caption ‘Just having my teeth done with the lovely lot from @AbFabTeethWhite it’s killing me not being able to talk haha xxx.’

Apparently happy with the outcome of the treatment, the newly engaged singer later tweeted her thanks to the dental team, saying ‘What a lovely and fun day I’ve had with the team @AbFabTeethWhite thank you soooo much your all b***** stars xxxx.’

Kerry Katona denies DIY Botox treatment


ITV reality star Kerry Katona has never been one to hold back when it comes to personal information, she’s known for laying everything on the table for the entertainment of the public. In the past, Kerry has admitted to using dermal fillers and spoken about her desire for a boob job, among other cosmetic enhancements, but she’s recently been at the centre of rumours concerning at-home DIY injections.

Botox treatment is very popular with men and women, but surgeons are clear that you should go to a reputable clinic and not rely on cut-price DIY products. In small amounts, the toxin is highly effective, but could be potentially fatal in the hands of the inexperienced or unqualified. Reports earlier this month suggested that the 31-year-old had undergone a series of Botox injections administered by a friend at home. At the time, she made no comment to the public or the media, but she’s spoken to OK! magazine about the gossip.

‘A few weekly mags have also printed that I’ve been using cut-price Botox kits at home!’ She told the magazine, ‘I haven’t had Botox since last January and I certainly haven’t used any DIY kits at home.’ She later added that it was flattering to think that people considered her skin to be smooth and without wrinkles, but that journalists should check their facts before printing inaccurate stories.

Cosmetic dentistry ‘is now more accessible’


Cosmetic dentistry 'is now more accessible'More people are choosing to undergo cosmetic dentistry as a result of the procedures becoming more accessible to members of the public, it has been suggested.

Dr Pravesh Solanki from claimed the increasing popularity of the treatment may have emerged due to a reduction in prices.

The expert's comments were made after a high number of well known celebrities received cosmetic dentistry in a bid to improve their appearance and correct oral issues.

High profile figures including Kerry Katona, Tulisa Contostavlos, Cheryl Cole, Simon Cowell and Ronnie Wood have undergone the procedures to create a Hollywood smile.

Dr Solanki also suggested that the increased media attention to looking good and feeling better could have had a significant impact on the popularity of teeth whitening.

"Reality makeover shows are highlighting cosmetic dentistry procedures and the drop in price for these treatments has made them more accessible to everyone and not just celebrities," he added.  ADNFCR-2621-ID-800722747-ADNFCR

Kerry Katona undergoes teeth whitening treatment


Kerry Katona undergoes teeth whitening treatment Former singer Kerry Katona has undergone a teeth whitening procedure ahead of her rumoured stint as a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother, it has been revealed.

According to the Surrey Herald, the ex-Atomic Kitten songstress attended an appointment at Portmore Dental Office in Monument Hill to make improvements to her pearly whites earlier this week.

The star, whose previous substance abuse issues received extensive media coverage, claimed the treatment would boost her confidence before entering the house tonight (August 18th).

She also revealed she had lost almost a stone in weight in one week after taking part in a gruelling military-style work-out in a bid to get in shape.

"I am both nervous and excited about going into the Big Brother house. But knowing I have nice, white teeth that I can dazzle the audience with will boost my confidence," she remarked.

Among the other celebrities rumoured to be featuring are former Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson, The Only Way Is Essex's Amy Childs and Sally Bercow.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800703802-ADNFCR

Kerry Katona ‘is pleased with the results of her Botox’


A source has said Kerry Katona is liking the results of her Botox.  Kerry Katona has had Botox and is happy with the way it has turned out, according to one source.

An unnamed pal of the 30-year-old former singer told Now magazine she is determined to stay slim and well-groomed after she recently lost weight and completely overhauled her lifestyle.

"She's having regular mesotherapy facials … and she's really pleased with the results of her Botox, so she wants to keep that up too," the source commented.

Katona is reportedly in talks regarding a new TV show following her success on Dancing on Ice.

In January this year, she told the Sun she had been having a great time skating on the game show, but would need Botox to cope with all the wrinkles she had developed from laughing so much.

Meanwhile, it was rumoured earlier this month that Katona is keen to land a part in a West End show, with Chicago top of her list.

Kerry Katona: I’ll need Botox from laughing so much


Will Kerry Katona have Botox? Kerry Katona has said that she has been laughing so much lately that she will need Botox to cope with all the wrinkles.

The Dancing on Ice contestant, who has turned her life around in 12 months after ditching her drug habit and splitting from husband Mark Croft, told the Sun she is having a great time on the game show.

Posing for publicity shots in her skating costume, the 30-year-old said she is loving being able to try out something new with screen partner Daniel Whiston.

"I'll need Botox after this from all the laughter wrinkles," Katona commented.

Speaking to OK! magazine, she promised she will never again let herself get "that manipulated and that controlled" as she was with Croft.

Last month, pictures of Gwyneth Paltrow getting a star on the Hollywood Boulevard led to speculation that she had had Botox treatment, as she looked wrinkle-free on her eyes and forehead.

Kerry Katona: I’ve had Botox on my forehead


Botox may have kept Kerry Katona looking young. Kerry Katona has revealed that she recently had Botox on her forehead in a bid to battle the ageing process and keep her looking young.

The former Atomic Kitten – who this week unveiled a new short haircut – said in her OK magazine column that she also had some skin-tightening treatment on her stomach.

"I got some Botox on my forehead at the same time, then I had fillers in my cheeks and stuff in my upper lip to make my lips look thicker," Katona commented.

The celebrity also discussed her one-time friend Katie Price, whom she said has had too much cosmetic surgery in her opinion and could "end up looking like Jackie Stallone" if she does not hold back.

Price was pictured last month at LAX airport having jetted off to the US to have a host of beauty treatments, including hair extensions and the anti-wrinkle solution Botox.


Kylie ‘giving up Botox’


Kylie Minogue has said she has given up Botox. Kylie Minogue has said she plans to give up having Botox treatments, instead preferring to “grow old gracefully”. The singer and style icon has admitted to using a range of cosmetic treatments in the past, including Botox, but now says she wants to put all that behind her and move into the next phase of her life with a clean slate. She commented: “Yes, I’ve used Botox, but not any more … I’m embracing my age.” Ms Minogue added that she is body confident at present and feels she does not need to artificially improve her looks and denied having a face-lift. Elsewhere, former Atomic Kitten and reality TV star Kerry Katona has said she has used Botox also. She told Now magazine: “I’ve had a bit on my forehead. I was worried sick about having it as I didn’t want to look weird.”

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