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Kelly Osbourne enjoys day off from dental hygiene


She’s famous for passing judgement on her peers in the fashion world, but maybe Kelly Osbourne should take a look at her own attitude towards personal hygiene, before criticising others; the 27-year-old tweeted yesterday that she was enjoying spending the whole day in bed, without bothering to pick up her toothbrush and clean her teeth.

The ‘Fashion Police’ regular spent all day lounging around and wasn’t shy about letting her Twitter followers know what she was up to; ‘I hope everyone is having an amazing lazy Sunday! Love to ALL!’ she tweeted, before adding ‘I have a confession… I have spend [sic] the whole day in bed! I have not even brushed my teeth today and I’m bloody loving it!’, and finishing off with ‘#IloveLazyDays’.

When one of her fans later suggested that she should maybe consider giving her teeth a quick brush, to avoid gum disease and plaque building up, Kelly assured them that she would find the time at some point, saying ‘hahaha I’m going to I promise! [sic]’

It seems that the daughter of rocker Ozzy Osbourne earned a day off as she spend Saturday hard at work, also struggling to find the time to eat in the middle of her busy schedule, as she posted ‘Yaaaaaaay dinner has arrived! I have not eaten all day I was having to [sic] much at work and forgot to eat. I’m starving!’

Kelly Osbourne ‘hates poor dental hygiene’


Poor dental hygiene is Kelly Osbourne’s pet peeve.

Kelly Osbourne has claimed that one of her biggest pet peeves is people not having good oral hygiene.

The 25-year-old relayed a story of being in a London taxi and having to hold back her rage as the driver incessantly sucked and licked his teeth throughout the journey.

She tweeted: “In a taxi and the driver keeps licking and sucking his teeth and it’s making me SICK and putting me in the worst mood.”

The reality TV and pop sensation made her comments while back in London last week – although she spends most of her time living in Los Angeles.

Elsewhere, it was recently revealed that Lady Gaga has commissioned a set of gold teeth to promote her new single.

The pop star has splashed out on a set of false teeth made of solid gold, which she will use during her stage show while performing her new song Teeth.

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