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Rolling Stone Keith Richards shows off his dental work


He might have lived a life of rock and roll, but Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has certainly not let the lifestyle affect his dental health, as he shows off his teeth on an outing in New York this week. The rock legend, who turns 70 later this year, has spent most of his life smoking, taking drugs, and drinking alcohol, but he seems determined to maintain a healthy-looking smile and beamed for the cameras when he was pictured at a Broadway show at the Al Hirshfield Theatre on Wednesday night.

Dressed casually with a scarf around his head and a huge hoop earring through one ear, Richards was obviously comfortable in his rocker attire and flashed his youthful smile at waiting photographers. The bright, white teeth are a far cry from the rotten, brown smile that Richards sported during his youth, thanks to a hedonistic lifestyle that noticeably affected his dental health; band mate Ronnie Wood revealed that the rock star once repaired a broken tooth using superglue.

Although he didn’t seem too worried about his appearance in the past, Richards might be looking to work on dental problems as the band continue playing and entertaining crowds all over the world. The Rolling Stones are currently preparing for a 10-day series of concerts and events labelled British Summer Time, that will begin July 6th and attendance is expected to be around 500,000.

Ronnie Wood ‘has had cosmetic dentistry’


Ronnie Wood 'has had cosmetic dentistry'Musician Ronnie Wood has admitted to undergoing cosmetic dentistry to brighten his smile.

The 63-year-old Rolling Stones band member revealed he opted for the treatment to give his teeth a youthful glow, the Guardian reports.

Admitting in an interview that he has had tooth veneers fitted, the bass player revealed the dentists had given him slightly stained fittings to give the teeth a natural look.

He said: "I had them done a few years ago; they trimmed the actual teeth down a bit and put these veneers on top."

The British rocker also revealed his Rolling Stones bandmate Keith Richards had used superglue to attach a veneer back to his tooth – which would not be recommended by dental experts.

An increasing number of men are choosing to undergo cosmetic dentistry to improve their confidence through gaining whiter teeth.

Simon Cowell, Tom Cruise and David Beckham are just some of the celebrities rumoured to have had their teeth professionally whitened to improve their Hollywood smiles.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800512022-ADNFCR

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