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Has Katie Price reignited feud with Victoria  Beckham?


It was thought that the bad blood between former model Katie Price and popstar Victoria Beckham was laid to rest years ago but it seems that the newest addition to the Loose Women panel is not ready to let things go that quickly. Katie was filming the most recent episode of the ITV chat show when she decided to insult the fashion star, citing her teeth as the reason Victoria does not smile in photographs.

Katie was speaking to fellow panellist Gloria Hunniford, about the world’s most famous WAG, and when Gloria mentioned that she wasn’t impressed that the 42-year-old Spice Girl fails to smile whenever a camera is pointed in her direction Katie was quick to interject with an insult, saying ‘That’s because she has horrible teeth’, then adding quickly ‘I’m sorry but she does.’

In an effort to perhaps take the sting out of her words, the mother-of-five added that she had never been confident about her own smile as she broke her teeth in a skateboarding accident when she was younger. Although she admitted that she had to ‘just pout’ as part of her job as a glamour model, rather than smiling and revealing her teeth. Katie added that she likes her teeth now but only because she ‘paid enough for them.’


Loose Women presenter Katie reveals Botox fears for children


After admitting that she encourages her husband Kieran to get Botox treatment, TV presenter Katie Price has explained that she doesn’t feel the same way about her young daughter and son getting cosmetic treatment when they are older. Katie, 37, told her fellow panellists that she would not be able to stop them but it would not be something she would encourage, despite her own penchant for the anti-wrinkle treatment.

Katie was asked by her co-presenters whether she would be open to daughter Princess, now eight, and son Junior, ten, having the cosmetic treatment to reduce the signs of aging, and she was hesitant about the idea but admitted that there would be no way to stop them if they reached the age of eighteen and decided they would like to try it.

Although she did add that she feels eighteen is ‘far too young’ to start with cosmetic injections, she pointed out that there is no way to control what an adult does and her children would be making their own choices at the age of eighteen.

The mother-of-five jokingly added that by the time the children reach her age, ‘you’ll probably have implants and everything in your face, the way things are going.’


Katie Price admits she would like husband to get Botox treatment



She is famed for her love of non-invasive surgery and now former glamour model Katie Price has decided that her nearest and dearest could benefit from a little cosmetic intervention as well; the mother-of-five has admitted that she encourages her 28-year-old husband Kieran to get facial injections, namely Botox, to stave off wrinkles and lines.

The 38-year-old TV presenter spoke on Loose Women about her love of the anti-aging treatment and said that she has asked her younger husband to get the injections too, mainly because he has developed some crow’s feet wrinkles at the sides of his eyes and she would like to see them smoothed out. However, Kieran seems to have put his foot down for now, saying that he won’t get injections into his face, although he has had it done into his armpits to stop over-sweating.

Apparently the former stripper is not a fan of injections into the face but is happy to get it done in the armpits for cosmetic reasons. As well as her husband, Katie shared with viewers that her father has also had Botox treatment in his armpits, as she explains ‘there is nothing worse than looking at a man with pit marks’ when they are sweating in warm weather.




Katie Price has Botox to stop underarm sweating


TV presenter Katie Price is always willing to talk about her love of Botox injections but it might surprise viewers to learn that the mother-of-five uses the anti-wrinkle treatment under her arms as well as on her face. Katie, 37, uses the injections to stop herself from sweating from the armpits.

A source close to the star told The Sun newspaper that she pays up to £500 for the treatment, where Botox is injected under the arms to freeze the sweat glands. The insiders said that the procedure is ‘quite weird’ but that Katie really like having it done as she has always been a fan of trying the latest beauty treatments. This procedure can also be provided on the NHS if the patient is suffering with extreme sweating, a condition known as Hyperhidrosis.

After she secured a lucrative presenting job on ITV’s Loose Women, the former glamour model decided that she didn’t want viewers to see her with sweat marks on television and she has even arranged for her new show Katie Price’s Pony Club, to show her having the treatment done. The source claims that ‘the injections will ensure she looks her best at all times.’



Katie Price photographed after further filler treatment?


Loose Women’s latest addition to the panel, Katie Price, has made no secret of her cosmetic treatments in the past and the 37-year-old was pictured this week arriving for filming at ITV with evidence that she has had yet more filler injections into her lips.

The former glamour model arrived without make-up to record the talk show and there was clearly some puncture marks around the outside of her mouth, revealing that she may have had further filler injections to plump up her pout – which comes after she claimed to have ‘never been so happy’ with the way her lips look only last week.

However, Katie denied that she has had any more  treatment, saying that she burned her lips while using the sunbed and the make-up team managed to cover it up before filming for the show began.

Katie’s fellow presenter Janet Street Porter has made her opinions known about the mother-of-five’s regular cosmetic treatment, audibly groaning when she revealed she was going to continue with dermal filler injections. Not to be deterred, Katie went on to say that she was having some more filler put into her lips the following day.


Loose Women’s Katie Price says she has ‘never been happier’ with her appearance


Former glamour model Katie Price has revealed the extent of her cosmetic treatments, including Botox, and told her audience that she thinks she has perfected her pout using non-invasive surgical procedures.

The mother-of-five had treatment with the founder of Mac Aesthetics who spoke to OK! Online about Katie’s various procedures. Katie was shown having the injections done in several exclusive photographs, as she aimed for the ‘perfect pout’.  Rebecca, who performed Katie’s treatment, spoke to the publication, saying that it’s ok to have more than one treatment at a time, such as Botox injections and dermal fillers during one session.

The Manchester clinic offers a variety of cosmetic treatment and the 37-year-old also underwent a skin rejuvenation procedure earlier in the day; she posted live pictures of her time at the aesthetic clinic, along with comments, to keep her followers up-to-date with her cosmetic work.

Although she has had some cosmetic injections done in the past, Katie claimed that this was the best and that she now loves her lips more than ever before after getting the treatment.


Katie Price talks about ‘love’ of Botox injections


Former glamour model Katie Price is known for her love of cosmetic surgery and the mother-of-five has been speaking to Loose Women’s panellists about her reasons for getting regular Botox injections. Katie, 37, admitted that she ‘loves’ the way her face looks after getting Botox treatment and has actively encouraged her friends and family to do the same.

Katie admitted she ‘loves what it does to your face’ after she has had the Botox injections and told the daytime panel that ‘a group’ of her nearest and dearest enjoy the anti-aging treatment. She said ‘My mum, my dad’s had it. Kieran’s had it under his arms because it can stop you sweating.’

Talking about her reasons for getting regular anti-wrinkle injections, the business woman said ‘people have different reasons, but generally I like what it does to your face. I’d probably look about 90 if I didn’t have it.’

When it comes to invasive cosmetic surgery, Katie says that this is not something she is ready for yet – when it comes to her face anyway. She said that ‘you only get one face’, adding that it doesn’t always make people look younger, in fact they still look their age, albeit without many wrinkles. Finally, she said ‘Facelifts, I don’t know, maybe when I’m older and I’m haggard, who knows?’

Katie Price shows off make-up free complexion after Botox injections


Even though she claimed to have sworn off Botox and other facial injectables, former glamour model Katie Price seems to have decided that a little bit of cosmetic treatment won’t hurt; the 36-year-old tweeted a picture of herself straight after having Botox injections, wearing no make-up and looking fresh-faced.

The mother-of-five was pictured on website YouGossip, wearing no make-up, following a new round of Botox injections; she added the caption ‘Makeup off and just had Botox… a pop star went in the clinic after’.

It was only eighteen months ago that Katie admitted she quite liked the new wrinkles she had developed after deciding that Botox was not for her anymore; she said in one interview that she hadn’t had Botox injections for some time and she had actually started to see wrinkles and smile lines on her face, as well as movement around her eyebrows. However, it seems that she has now changed her mind about new lines and wrinkles and decided that Botox is something that she just can’t do without.

Katie also revealed in an interview with The Morning Show, on Australia’s Channel Seven, that she has ‘something big’ coming up in Australia and will be staying in the country for around three months.

Katie Price says she is ‘natural’


Model Katie Price has spoken to MailOnline about her new job as face of dye removal product ColourB4 and contrary to her appearance in recent years, the mother-of-four maintains that she has had Botox injections but other than that she is ‘natural’ – even going so far as to suggest that she does not like to wear a lot of make-up.

In the interview, which is part of the promotion around the hair product, Katie told the online publication ‘I’ve had Botox, everyone knows that, but I’m natural. I’ve never been one to wear make-up.’

Referring to her new role as the face of ColourB4, the 36-year-old said that changing the colour of your hair can make you look much younger than your natural age; Katie added ‘You don’t need surgery to make yourself look younger, just change your hair colour.’

As well as extolling the virtues of the product, the pregnant model said that dying your hair ‘can take years off you’ without the need for any type of surgery to get rid of lines and wrinkles on the complexion. Katie also recently admitted that she may have taken her previous cosmetic work too far and decided to leave more time between her Botox treatments in the future.

Katie Price talks Botox-use on her radio show


She is probably best known for her love of cosmetic surgery and make-up and now glamour-model Katie Price has finally admitted that she may have gone ‘too far’ with her use of filler injections and Botox in the past.

The 36-year-old spoke about the various procedures she has undergone in the past and told listeners at FUBAR Radio that she now knows that she overdid it slightly with facial injections. Speaking to her co-host Mark Dolan, Katie said ‘sometimes I’ve gone too far with it – my lips and face – but I recognise that’. She also explained her motivation behind facial injections, saying that it was not necessarily to try and cling onto her youth; it was more to ‘refresh’ her face.

After getting a negative reaction for her over-use of Botox and dermal fillers, Price said that she has ‘eased off’ lately and reacts with horror when she sees pictures of herself after having some cosmetic work done. She told listeners ‘when I look back at pictures, I think ‘Oh my god!’

Katie, who is currently pregnant with her fifth child, has said that she would love to have further treatment to improve her breasts after giving birth and she is hopeful that her figure will return after her child is born.

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