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Happy Birthday to Botox


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This week the world says Happy Birthday to Botox. Fifteen years agoHappy Birthday to Botox this week, Botox was officially approved for use in combatting wrinkles by the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration). When Botox was first used many people would hide the fact they had undergone the procedure. Now it seems people are becoming more open about it. Famous Botox Doctor, Dr. Jules Nabet was quoted in the Mirror. “My clientele includes models, actors and TV personalities, but I am in confidence with them. However, attitudes to Botox, in general, are changing and people don’t seem to think they need to hide the fact like they did 10 years ago.”

Although some celebrities try to hide that they have had Botox, others are very open about it. Celebs like Katie Price, Simon Cowell, and Kim Kardashian all swear by the procedure. In fact, Kim was pictured on ‘At Home with the Kardashian’s’ receiving Botox.

At the end of the day having Botox is a very personal thing. It is up to the individual whether they want to talk about it or not. However, one thing is strikingly obvious, Botox is well and truly here to stay.


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Sam Bailey admits to having Botox


X Factor winner, Sam Bailey, has admitted to having Botox injections due to her fear of aging. Being in the media spotlight can take its toll on celebrities, with constant pressure to look their best and maintain a youthful appearance. Sam admitted she’s finally succumbed to cosmetic surgery to rid herself of wrinkles.

Talking to The Sun newspaper, the thirty nine year old talent show winner explained how a fear of looking old spurred her on to have the procedure. “Once you get to a certain age you start to become scared about how old you look. I’ve got massive lines on my forehead so I’ve had Baby Botox – tiny doses – there and above my cheekbones.”

Sam also explained how she was inspired by her friend Katie Price to take the plunge and have the treatment. “I’ve noticed the difference and I can see how addictive Botox can be.” Sam also disclosed to Closer magazine that she intends to have the treatment topped up and will definitely consider it again in the near future. However, Sam did add that she was fearful about being on television and not being able to move her face.



Lip fillers leave Katie Price in agony


Ex glamour model and loose women regular, Katie Price, has revealed that she is suffering in agony after her latest bout of lip fillers. During Katie’s recent appearance in Glasgow, she confessed that only hours earlier she had been to have lip fillers to plump up her signature pout, and expressed her dread at the procedure and the ensuing aftermath of pain and discomfort.

However, despite the agonising pain, Katie managed to take to Instagram to share photos and videos of her newly acquired pout, for all of her 1.2 million followers to see. The mother of five received an array of comments and attention following the uploads, with the vast majority of people having nothing but love for the star’s new lips.

Fans praised Katie for her honest approach, and for having the bravery to do what she wants, regardless of negative attention. One fan wrote, “You do what makes you feel happy! People will always judge! I wish I was brave enough to get my lips done!” another simply added, “Gorgeous.” Katie was clearly revelling in the positive attention, as she posted a further selfie captioned, “Enough about my lips lol.”




Katie Price reacts to botched cosmetic surgery gibes


Ex glamour model and successful business woman Katie Price has hit out at the Channel 5 reality show, ‘Botched Up Bodies’ for the second time this year. Price came under fire for the first time by the show back in January, when a cosmetic surgeon was quoted as saying, “Katie Price is a fantastic example of the negative consequences of oversized implants because you inevitably enter a spiral of continuing surgery to try and undo what has been done.”

Recently the show featured her again, discussing her surgery in a negative way. In true Katie Price style, she has hit back at her critics with a cutting tweet directly at Channel 5, “I hear I’m on @channel5_tv botched bodies! My body is not botched up thx prob cause I won’t go on show they slating me! My bod is amazing.”

Over the years, Katie has had a number of procedures performed and she has always been very open and honest about the topic. Within her six autobiographies, her newest one being released this year, she talks in detail about the work she has had done, with particular reference to her breast augmentations, lip fillers, veneers and Botox.




Katie Price arranges Botox treatment for women on her new reality show


She might be a fan of Botox treatment but the women on Katie Price’s new reality TV show are not necessarily in agreement; however, the TV presenter didn’t give them much of an option as she arranged for them to have the anti-wrinkle treatment live on air before her new show was filmed.

Ahead of the first episode of Katie Price’s Pony Club, the mother-of-five teams up with four women who also have children that enjoy horse riding and sets up a salon in her Sussex home for them to have Botox injections. The women – Jo, Dionne, Jane, and Louise were initially shocked when the former glamour model suggested they have the treatment done because they were ‘outdoor women’ and may appear ‘weathered’ but three of them took her up on the offer.

Katie, 38, had some work done herself, including eyelash tinting and eyebrow shaping, but her friend Jane, who only recently met the Loose Women presenter, turned it down, saying she has never even had a spray tan before. Jane added ‘I am an outdoor girl, I don’t do pampering.’ The other mothers were not surprised and they described Jane as ‘so horsey’ that she will ‘struggle with the glamour side’ more than the other women in the group.


Katie Price posts real-time pictures of her Botox treatment


As with most things in her life, Katie Price is happy to share the details of her most recent cosmetic treatment with viewers and online fans; the mother-of-five posted several pictures of herself pre Botox treatment on Instagram, to show followers what she has to go through in her pursuit of the perfect appearance.

Katie’s photograph showed a close-up of her face with numbing cream around the edges of her eyes and on the upper cheeks, as well as around her mouth – presumably so that she does not feel any discomfort whilst getting lip injections. The photo had the caption ‘Hey what am I up to’, leaving fans to conclude that she has been back to the surgeon for yet more filler and Botox treatment.

Later on in the week, the model-turned-TV-presenter was seen out and about with husband Kieran Hayler proudly showing off the results of her cosmetic work; which is thought to have included Botox, lip fillers, and also 3D liposuction – all in one day! The 38-year-old might not have looked dramatically different but she appeared to be feeling much more confident as she headed out for a night on the town sporting a cheery smile.


Has Katie Price reignited feud with Victoria  Beckham?


It was thought that the bad blood between former model Katie Price and popstar Victoria Beckham was laid to rest years ago but it seems that the newest addition to the Loose Women panel is not ready to let things go that quickly. Katie was filming the most recent episode of the ITV chat show when she decided to insult the fashion star, citing her teeth as the reason Victoria does not smile in photographs.

Katie was speaking to fellow panellist Gloria Hunniford, about the world’s most famous WAG, and when Gloria mentioned that she wasn’t impressed that the 42-year-old Spice Girl fails to smile whenever a camera is pointed in her direction Katie was quick to interject with an insult, saying ‘That’s because she has horrible teeth’, then adding quickly ‘I’m sorry but she does.’

In an effort to perhaps take the sting out of her words, the mother-of-five added that she had never been confident about her own smile as she broke her teeth in a skateboarding accident when she was younger. Although she admitted that she had to ‘just pout’ as part of her job as a glamour model, rather than smiling and revealing her teeth. Katie added that she likes her teeth now but only because she ‘paid enough for them.’


Loose Women presenter Katie reveals Botox fears for children


After admitting that she encourages her husband Kieran to get Botox treatment, TV presenter Katie Price has explained that she doesn’t feel the same way about her young daughter and son getting cosmetic treatment when they are older. Katie, 37, told her fellow panellists that she would not be able to stop them but it would not be something she would encourage, despite her own penchant for the anti-wrinkle treatment.

Katie was asked by her co-presenters whether she would be open to daughter Princess, now eight, and son Junior, ten, having the cosmetic treatment to reduce the signs of aging, and she was hesitant about the idea but admitted that there would be no way to stop them if they reached the age of eighteen and decided they would like to try it.

Although she did add that she feels eighteen is ‘far too young’ to start with cosmetic injections, she pointed out that there is no way to control what an adult does and her children would be making their own choices at the age of eighteen.

The mother-of-five jokingly added that by the time the children reach her age, ‘you’ll probably have implants and everything in your face, the way things are going.’


Katie Price admits she would like husband to get Botox treatment



She is famed for her love of non-invasive surgery and now former glamour model Katie Price has decided that her nearest and dearest could benefit from a little cosmetic intervention as well; the mother-of-five has admitted that she encourages her 28-year-old husband Kieran to get facial injections, namely Botox, to stave off wrinkles and lines.

The 38-year-old TV presenter spoke on Loose Women about her love of the anti-aging treatment and said that she has asked her younger husband to get the injections too, mainly because he has developed some crow’s feet wrinkles at the sides of his eyes and she would like to see them smoothed out. However, Kieran seems to have put his foot down for now, saying that he won’t get injections into his face, although he has had it done into his armpits to stop over-sweating.

Apparently the former stripper is not a fan of injections into the face but is happy to get it done in the armpits for cosmetic reasons. As well as her husband, Katie shared with viewers that her father has also had Botox treatment in his armpits, as she explains ‘there is nothing worse than looking at a man with pit marks’ when they are sweating in warm weather.




Katie Price has Botox to stop underarm sweating


TV presenter Katie Price is always willing to talk about her love of Botox injections but it might surprise viewers to learn that the mother-of-five uses the anti-wrinkle treatment under her arms as well as on her face. Katie, 37, uses the injections to stop herself from sweating from the armpits.

A source close to the star told The Sun newspaper that she pays up to £500 for the treatment, where Botox is injected under the arms to freeze the sweat glands. The insiders said that the procedure is ‘quite weird’ but that Katie really like having it done as she has always been a fan of trying the latest beauty treatments. This procedure can also be provided on the NHS if the patient is suffering with extreme sweating, a condition known as Hyperhidrosis.

After she secured a lucrative presenting job on ITV’s Loose Women, the former glamour model decided that she didn’t want viewers to see her with sweat marks on television and she has even arranged for her new show Katie Price’s Pony Club, to show her having the treatment done. The source claims that ‘the injections will ensure she looks her best at all times.’



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