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Bonding ‘is a great way to improve a smile’


Bonding 'is a great way to improve a smile'Bonding has been recommended by one expert as an ideal way to restore teeth that have been damaged.

Writing for Round Town News, Karen Gardner explained how cosmetic dentistry techniques can transform a person’s smile.

She described bonding as a good way to disguise teeth that are not straight and to fill gaps between teeth or areas where they have worn away.

The dentist stated that the treatment is painless and requires no injections to produce a natural effect.

“Bonding is an established restorative technique that is increasingly popular. It is quite quick and painless, with superb results in just one visit,” Ms Gardner said.

She claimed that the procedure can also help to lighten gum lines that have not responded well to teeth whitening.

Dr Seah Yang How recently commented that seeking treatment for root canal problems as soon as possible can be beneficial in preventing pain later on, Asia One Health reported.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19873624-ADNFCR

Laser teeth whitening ‘helps restore a smile’


laser teeth whitening could make a person’s smile brighter.

Anyone who feels that their smile is past its best might like to consider laser teeth whitening. laser teeth whitening

Teeth Laser Whitening Group has launched a number of new products designed to bring the dazzle back to a person’s pearly whites, with the firm claiming its treatments can help lighten the colour of teeth by up to eight shades in a single sitting.

Furthermore, the firm said its treatments can be effective at removing stains from a number of causes, ranging from smoking and coffee through to simple wear and tear with age.

“Having whiter teeth is an easy way for almost anyone to boost their confidence and brighten their smile,” noted Teeth Laser Whitening Group.

Elsewhere, Karen Gardner recently wrote in an opinion piece for RTN that professional teeth whitening treatments could be the answer to their prayers when it comes to getting a brighter smile.

However, Ms Gardner noted that overdoing the treatment can be off-putting, as an unnaturally white smile can make a person look foolish.

Simon Cowell dedicates award to dentist


Dentist gets credit for Simon Cowell’s win.

Simon Cowell’s X Factor won the award for Most Popular Talent Show at the National Television Awards last night (January 20th) and as part of his speech, he thanked his dentist. simon cowell veneers

He dedicated the prize to his dentist Rob Neil, but fellow emergency dentistry professional Edinburgh-based Biju Krishnan noted mainly people do not wish to have quite the same level of dazzle as Cowell’s famous pearly whites.

“Being someone in the public eye, Simon naturally cares a lot about his appearance. His mixing with the Hollywood set means it’s important for him to sport a showbiz gleam,” commented Dr Krishnan.

Elsewhere, Karen Gardner wrote in an opinion piece for Round Town News that many Brits could benefit from teeth whitening treatments, as the procedure could help to boost their confidence.

She noted a person’s smile is how they greet the world and when that is looking its best, people can feel their best.

Why have teeth whitening carried out?


Teeth whitening can help to boost confidence for a person.

People worried about the brightness of their smile have been advised that professional teeth whitening treatments could be the answer to their prayers. laser teeth whitening

Karen Gardner wrote in an opinion piece for RTN that teeth whitening is not just about caring for your teeth, but can also play an important part in boosting a person’s confidence and ensuing they feel at their best.

She noted: “That all-important grin is how you greet the world and your loved ones every day. Of course, it’s also a big part of the first impressions you make.”

Ms Gardner added, however, that overdoing the treatment can be off-putting, as an unnaturally white smile can make a person look foolish.

Elsewhere, MSN Health recently reported there are a number of foods that are bad for the teeth and will in fact darken tooth enamel over time.

In order to gain whiter teeth in a natural way, the website urged eating less acidic or sugary foods and also to consider drinking through a straw, in order to minimise the amount of time teeth are exposed to acids.

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