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Julie Walters has problem with tooth whitening


Actress Julie Walters was left with toothache after trying to whiten her teeth following years of drinking green tea every day; the 64-year-old British star said that bleaching her teeth was painful and she had to stop after a few days. Julie tried the dental treatment after drinking green tea every day for twenty years left her with badly stained teeth.

The actress said ‘I drink tea and quite honestly if you drink tea all your life, which I’ve drunk now for nearly 20 years, your teeth do begin to look a bit like wood.’ She added that her dentist gave her something to whiten her teeth with at home but she thought ‘I can’t do this anymore – it’s too painful.’

Julie also went on to say that she does not want to move to Hollywood because of the way women are always trying to look younger. She told The Times ‘I’m not putting down anybody who has [cosmetic surgery], I just quite like to think I can grow old and that’s fine. If people don’t like me because I have wrinkles then I don’t particularly want to be with them either.’

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