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Root canal treatment ‘will help to maintain a smile’


Root canal treatment should not be painful, according to one specialist.  People should not be afraid of having root canal treatments, because they can help to save teeth that would otherwise have to be taken out.

This is the advice of Dr Clara Spatafore from the American Association of Endodontists (AAE), who said patients avoid them because they fear potential pain, even though having root canal treatment will help them to sustain the ability to bite and chew.

"Many patients do not realise that, just like any other medical specialty, significant advances in technology have enabled endodontists to perform root canals safely and comfortably," she commented.

Dr Spatafore also cited AAE research which showed that patients who have had root canal treatment are likely to describe it as painless.

This follows similar advice from endodontics specialist Julian Webber, who told Medical News Today earlier this month that teeth fixed using this form of treatment can last for many years afterwards, sometimes even for a lifetime.

Root canal treatment ‘could save teeth’


Why you should see root canal treatment as a good thing.  Having root canal treatment could save people from being left with gaps in their mouths, one expert has pointed out.

In response to a recent Adult Dental Health Survey which showed that 30 per cent of adults are extremely anxious about having treatment involving drilling, endodontics specialist Julian Webber told Medical News Today that it may be best in the long run.

He explained that saving a tooth is better for the general health of a patient's mouth and a well-treated tooth can survive for many years afterwards, sometimes even for the rest of a person's life.

"Many patients will not want a gap in their mouth and will seek some form of replacement … Keeping your natural teeth is often more economical in the long term," Mr Webber added.

Naturopath Mim Beim recently said in an article for the Sydney Morning Herald that Rescue Remedy and belly breathing could help people with anxiety about visiting their dentist.


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