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Joey Essex posts pictures following dental surgery




Joey Essex is not known for his brains, but the 25-year-old former TOWIE regular is now claiming that having his wisdom teeth removed has actually made him smarter. Joey posted several pictures on Instagram before and after his dental surgery, which involved the removal of all four wisdom teeth.

Joey took a selfie of him wearing a chilling face mask after the teeth were removed – designed to reduced pain and swelling after the extractions – and added the caption ‘Good morning everyone !!! Since having my wisdom teeth taken out… I’m sure iv started to become even more cleverer !!! No joke [sic].’

He also posted a picture of himself recovering in bed after the operation, alongside his dental team, with a caption thanking all of his followers for their well-wishes. He captioned the snap ‘Lots of love out there for the fans. Love you all. Appreciate your support on my journeys I always do thank you !!’ It wasn’t just the dentists taking care of the reality star though, his Nan popped in to check on him and even brought Cup A Soup to cheer her grandson up. Joey posted a picture of the two, with the caption ‘My nanny always looks after me.’


Made in Chelsea beats TOWIE for best dental work


They might both be reality TV regulars but Alexandra ‘Binky’ Felstead and Joey Essex could not be more different when it comes to dental health; the two have opted for dental treatment at opposite ends of the spectrum. Binky, who is a regular on Made in Chelsea, has a much more natural smile than her TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) counterpart Joey, who went for a bright white set of teeth that are hard to miss.

Dr Druian, of Mervyn Druian’s London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry, treated Binky recently when she chipped her front tooth and he spoke to The Daily Mail about his views on veneers, saying that he prefers the natural look compared to the favoured ‘Essex’ veneers that are obviously fake. Dr Druian said that the people on TOWIE tend to choose teeth that mirror their ‘bigger, more brash personalities’, which means having ‘the whitest teeth possible.’

With regards to his own patients, Dr Druian said that he would never let a patient leave his clinic ‘looking foolish’ and added that the surgery has turned people away who want veneers for the wrong reasons. When it comes to appearances, Dr Druian says that natural is best; he explains that his ‘perfect veneers’ look just like the real thing and cannot be identified as synthetic just by looking. He added that ‘I want my patients to be told they look really well. I don’t want them to be asked what work they’ve had done.’

X-Factor winner hopes to improve teeth after TV show triumph


After scooping the X-Factor title last weekend James Arthur is already getting into the swing of fame by opting for a Hollywood makeover to improve his teeth. James’ story captured the nation’s attention after he auditioned for the talent show whilst living in a £200 a month bedsit and surviving on very little income; now that he has more money he has decided to get his crooked teeth fixed to try and put the past behind him.

‘I am going to get my teeth sorted out and whitened,’ The singer explained, ‘not for vain reasons – I have always wanted to get them done.’ He added that he felt the appearance of his teeth may affect his confidence on stage, saying ‘I’m a singer. I don’t want to open my mouth and have these crooked teeth going on. It’s just a thing, everyone has their hang-ups. I’ve always though I’m pretty ugly.’

Fans might be worrying that James is about to go overboard with the Hollywood smile and end up looking like Simon Cowell or Joey Essex but he assured the public that he only wants them straighter and ‘maybe whitened a bit’, so it looks like bright white veneers are not on the cards for the twenty-four year old. He also said that he was planning to lose some weight, commenting that he ‘got proper fat since being on the show’ because his diet improved dramatically.

TOWIE personality shows off new veneers


The cast members of hit reality show The Only Way Is Essex are recognisable by their neon-orange tans, hairs extensions, cosmetic enhancements, and incredibly white veneers, and it seems Joey Essex is not one to be left out of the action. The twenty-one-year-old had his teeth done before Christmas, but has only recently stepped out to show the tabloids the results of his dental work, and he might be duly worried that he’s overdone it, if the reaction to his bright new smile is anything to go by.

Joey flashed is blinding gnashers at the paparazzi during a night out at the Aura Club in London, and then later attempted to divert attention from his pearly whites by leaving his Brentwood home the next morning in a red all-in-one with his name printed in big letters on the back. Unfortunately, even this fashion faux-pas wasn’t enough to disguise his enhanced smile; let’s hope he wasn’t going for the natural look.

Joey spoke to Now magazine in December, saying he planned on getting veneers fitted in time for the TOWIE Christmas special, ‘so they’ll be bright and white’. He splashed out more than £4,000 on dental improvements, but wasn’t keen on the idea of having his teeth reshaped, he ‘I’m not having them cut down or anything – that would hurt way too much.’ He then thanked The Hospital Group via Twitter, saying ‘Thanks to @hospitalgroupuk for my new Reem smile!’

TOWIE celebrity gets a new smile for Christmas


TV star Joey Essex – well-known for his stint in hit reality show The Only Way Is Essex – has decided to join the rest of the cast of the over-the-top show by investing in a set of dental veneers worth around £4,300. The ‘Essex look’ is based on all things manufactured, so there’s no way the 21-year-old wanted to be left out for the TOWIE Christmas special.

‘I’m getting my teeth done.’ He admitted last week, adding ‘I’m not having them cut down or anything – that would hurt way too much.’ Joey went on to say that he was thinking about popping into the new salon belonging to fellow reality star Amy Childs, but confessed that getting lots of treatment wasn’t really his style, ‘Botox is too girly for me, and I hate pedicures, I might get a massage,’ he said.

Last night, the Essex celebrity was pictured outside favourite cast hang out Mahiki, with a suspiciously altered smile, which he later confirmed was the result of dental surgery, saying on Twitter ‘Thanks to @hospitalgroupuk for my new Reem smile!’ (Reem being Essex slang for gorgeous).

However, the news might be difficult for his TOWIE colleague Arg to swallow, as he was himself considering the procedure, but balked at the thought of spending thousands of pounds on his teeth. When it came to it, the reality star decided not to go for the ‘big teeth, big lips’ appearance and kept it natural, whilst admitting that he might change his mind in the future.

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