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Elvis’s crown hits the road for dental tour of UK


After announcing last month that a crown belonging to the late Elvis Presley is to go on a tour of dental clinics, the tooth restoration has finally taken to the road to raise awareness of mouth cancer, travelling across eleven locations throughout the UK to support the cause.

Dubbed The King’s Crown, the porcelain restoration will go on tour with Elvis lookalikes after it was arranged by Dr Michael Zuk, the Canadian dentist who purchased the crown. The King’s tooth was bought for £6,500 at an auction in 2013; Dr Zuk also purchased one of John Lennon’s extracted wisdom teeth to add to his collection.

The crown’s first stop will be in Malvern, Worcestershire, where dentist Karen Sutton called it ‘a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.’ She added ‘We are doing this as a way of raising awareness of mouth cancer which currently kills five people a day in the UK’ and encouraged patients to visit to see the crown and get their teeth checked out. After its stay in Malvern, the tooth will travel to ten other locations across the United Kingdom, including London, Glasgow and Edinburgh. It travels with five letters of authenticity, from the wife and sons of the dentist that Elvis visited, as well as confirmation from Joe Esposito, Presley’s road manager.

The King’s dental mould up for auction


A dental impression of Elvis Presley’s teeth is going up for auction later this month, and is expected to reach at least £10,000, as fans of the legendary singer raid their bank accounts to own what has been dubbed ‘the King’s Crown.’ The mould clearly shows both upper and lower jaws, and also has a spare crown over one of the front teeth, which Elvis kept handy in case he damaged one of his teeth while on tour.

Memphis dentist Henry J Weiss provided dental care for ‘The King’ until 1971 and he prepared the porcelain cap himself, after Elvis cracked his front tooth on a microphone while performing in Las Vegas. The mould comes complete with letters of authenticity from the family of Dr Weiss (his wife and sons) and Joe Esposito, who worked as Presley’s road manager. It is being kept in a glass display case until the auction on the 25th of February.

The auctioneers, Omega Auctions, are becoming regulars with celebrity dental items, after they sold John Lennon’s extracted molar at the end of last year, Paul Fairweather, of the Stockport firm, said that they were ‘extremely excited on the consignment of this truly unique item from the King of Rock and Roll. Whilst it is not a real tooth, as was the case with the Lennon tooth, it is the only one in existence and we expect there to be considerable interest in this.’

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