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Simon Cowell accused of going ‘too far’ with his facial treatments


X-Factor boss Simon Cowell is well known for his vanity and he has made no secret of his beauty regime; not only does he splash out on Botox injections twice a year, the music mogul also undergoes resurfacing treatments and dermal filler jabs. Experts estimate that Cowell has spent over £100,000 on his appearance, taking into account possible facelifts, liposuction, hair dye, and veneers for his teeth.

Cowell, 54, debuted his new look at the X Factor finalists party in LA this week, where onlookers were shocked by the obvious changes in his appearance. Industry experts were quick to weigh in with their opinion; Lesley Reynolds, of the Harley Street Skin Clinic, told the Daily Star ‘It looks like he has a Hollywood smile, teeth whitening and too much Botox in his forehead, as his eyes look hooded. His brows and eyes have very little movement, typical of Botox once again, and his neck is very tight, which is an indication of a possible neck lift.’

TV psychologist Jo Hemmings also weighed in on the debate, suggesting that the TV judge could be suffering with Body Dysmorphic Disorder because ‘he doesn’t seem to know when to stop. Simon just goes on and on with the Botox and the teeth whitening until he looks like a bit of a parody of himself.’ She also added that ‘he needs someone to reach out to him who is not just a lackey to tell him it’s gone too far.’

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