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Justin Timberlake educates fans about dental hygiene


Popstar Justin Timberlake is making his comeback to music after taking a break for six years to pursue acting, and as well releasing the single ‘Suit and Tie’ to promote new album ‘The 20/20 Experience’ the thirty-two year old is taking a stand on dental hygiene, by advising his fans and followers to floss regularly.

Exasperated dentists will be pleased to hear the superstar promoting dental hygiene to his young fans, who may not be completely convinced by professional advice and could be more inclined to listen to the former boyband member. In an interview with BBC Radio One, Justin admitted that he doesn’t use any anti-aging lotions to maintain his youth, joking ‘Do I age? Yes, every day.’ He then went on to say that he ‘doesn’t do anything in particular’ but does wash his face.

Justin – who recently wed starlet Jessica Biel – added that his main piece of advice would be ‘floss, it’s important!’ Dental hygiene is very important.’ He also commented ‘I know it’s a pain, you’re done washing your teeth and you just want to go to bed, but it only takes two seconds.’

When asked about his day-job collaborating with music mogul Jay-Z, Justin had nothing but praise, saying ‘it’s awesome working with Jay-Z, we have a lot in common. Jay’s a self-made man and I’m kind of the same way. We had a lot of fun together and we’ve done a lot of records together.’

Has Megan Fox had cosmetic surgery?


Transformers actress Megan Fox is in the headlines again after making a red-carpet appearance at the premier of her new film ‘Friends With Kids’, and as usual the media are focusing more on her ever-changing appearance, rather than her actual performance. was posting questions about Megan’s face within hours of the event, the blog said it wasn’t immediately clear what treatments the starlet had received, ‘other than lots of botox [sic] (which she’s denied before) and possible cheek implants.’

The author went on to say that Megan has looked ‘tweaked and cat-faced’ since last year, and added that they were ‘hoping that she’d go for a more natural look as part of her recent PR transformation.’

It seems Ms Fox is not a fan of natural beauty, and she has had to defend herself against rumours of Botox use in the past, despite the fact that she’s only in her early twenties. Fellow blogger DivineCaroline was in agreement, throwing socialites Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Biel into the mix, for good measure; ‘[celebrities] are looking pillow-faced and almost bursting with fillers like Restylane and Juvederm, not to mention sporting the lineless Botoxed foreheads of twenty-five-year-olds.’ Most surgeons would agree that this is not a good look for people so young; when used in moderation, the results can still be natural-looking and fresh, instead of swollen and ‘pillowy’.

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