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Jess Wright denies getting plastic surgery


The Only Way is Essex star Jessica Wright is apparently so sick of the plastic surgery rumours surrounding her that she has decided to talk to the press about it and put the gossip to rest; the 30-year-old spoke to OK! Online about the topic and ‘categorically’ denied having any work done to fight the signs of aging.

Mark Wright’s sister was asked what the craziest beauty rumour was about her and she said that some people were spreading it round that she had fillers done to make herself look younger. Jess was quick to deny the allegations, saying ‘I categorically never have had’ although she doesn’t judge those that would like to get dermal filler injections. The TOWIE regular added ‘each to their own’  but admitted that she would not like to ‘overdo’ cosmetic treatments or get ‘the over-the-top look’ as it is not something she aspires to.

Talking about her skin care regime, Jess went on to say that she prefers the natural look when it comes to make-up, she told the online magazine that she doesn’t like ‘going too OTT on make-up’ although she added that she was guilty of this in the past.

Jess Wright admits to Botox injections but isn’t sure about fillers


TV reality regular Jess Wright has spoken to New! magazine about her cosmetic treatments and admits that she is nervous about lip fillers because she thinks it is ‘risky’ compared to Botox treatment.

The 29-year-old told the publication that fillers are not something she would consider at the moment, saying ‘They’ve never appealed to me. I just think it’s a bit risky to touch your face in that way.’ She went on to talk about the possible side effects of filler treatment, saying ‘what if it goes wrong?’ Although she has admitted going under the knife to enlarge her chest, the TOWIE regular says she would not touch her lips because they are ‘quite a nice size anyway’.

Although she claims she has never had fillers, Jess is a fan of Botox injections and has had several treatments in the past. It is debated whether or not Botox can stop any facial lines from occurring with age, but Jess said that she uses Botox injections to try and stop wrinkles from developing as she gets older; explaining ‘I’m 29 now and they say that if you get it earlier it’s better.’

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