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Why Jane Seymour has said no to cosmetic surgery


Sixty four year old actress, Jane Seymour, appeared on last week’s ITV show, Lorraine, looking absolutely fantastic for her age. Her hair and dress were elegant and really showed off her great figure and radiant complexion. On the show she spoke openly about her youthful appearance and made a point of saying, “My skin is a little bigger. I’m all about ageing naturally, I still have my own face.”  Her reason for not wanting to have cosmetic work is that she thinks it is important, as an actress, that all her muscles move as they should to allow her to play her roles expressively.

The actress did admit that she does work on maintaining her appearance, but she is not obsessed with it, and has not had any surgery or cosmetic procedures. Lorraine also voiced her concerns over celebrities having too much surgery, saying that there is a danger that everyone will look the same.

Jane is best known for her part as the Bond Girl in Live and Let Die, where there was immense pressure to look good; However, this has not been a mantra that she has felt pressured by in her personal life and maintains her youthfulness by taking care of herself, rather than going under the knife.




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