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James Arthur shows off results of orthodontic work


X-factor contestant James Arthur has found himself in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons after winning the talent show two years ago, but now it seems that the 26-year-old is attempting to reinvent himself with a change of image.

His previous scruffy appearance might have won him some fans on the reality show but James told reporters that he has never liked his crooked teeth and immediately after his victory he began orthodontic treatment to straighten them out. As well as dealing with his misalignments, the singer stepped out this week with a new hair style and a striking tan that certainly got the attention of the viewers as he performed his new single on This Morning.

More noticeable than his hair do, his teeth were obviously without their braces and looking much straighter. James took to twitter to let his followers know that he was still undergoing dental treatment for the perfect smile, saying ‘I just got my top braces off which is nice. Looking forward to the dentist working on them now they are straight.’ This appeared to be one of his milder tweets, as the singer has become known for his controversial posts and disagreements with other famous twitter users, as well as fellow X-factor contestants. He has left the social networking site several times but has now been tempted back as he tries to re-establish himself on the music scene.

X-Factor winner reveals she wants to get her teeth fixed


Last year’s X-Factor champion James Arthur recently got braces to straighten out his misaligned teeth and now it seems that the latest victor has decided to follow suit. Newly crowned X-Factor winner Sam Bailey underwent a startling makeover to take part in the live shows, and now she has spoken to The Mirror about the presents she would like for Christmas this year, which includes an improvement to her signature gap-toothed smile.

Bailey – nicknamed ‘Screwbo’ in reference to her job as a prison officer and the Britain’s Got Talent runner-up Susan Boyle – said that although she was pleased with the changes to her hair and make-up, she had not ruled out seeing an orthodontist to get her teeth fixed. She said ‘I won’t be getting face lifts or plastic surgery. But I’ll probably get some teeth fixed. But that’s it; let nature take its course.’

As well as new champion Sam Bailey and last year’s winner James Arthur, X-Factor has done more than its fair share of advertising for dental work, with previous contestant Rylan Clark and former judges Cheryl Cole and Tulisa Contostavlos showing off the results of their veneer treatment in recent years. 

James Arthur adjusts to new fixed braces


When he won the talent show X-Factor last year one of the first things James Arthur said he would do with his pay cheque would be to fix his teeth, although his crooked smile didn’t stop him being crowned X-Factor champion, he said that he had always wanted to have nicer teeth and new found fame would help him achieve that goal. However, the 25-year-old singer has since found out that adjusting to orthodontic braces is no easy task.

James explained that the train tracks could occasionally affect his love life as the metal wires have cut his mouth and made kissing uncomfortable. He described one occasion where he was kissing a girl and his braces got in the way; ‘I was kissing a girl and had a little cut on my mouth and it kept getting caught. It wasn’t comfortable. So I had to stop kissing her.’

Although he might have some problems with them, James has found that there are some benefits to having fixed braces, including an improvement in his voice; he said ‘if anything they have made my singing better because I’m more focused on my diction.’ He went on to say that he could not wait until December when the braces are due to come off, then ‘have a bit of work done, and then have teeth that I’m happy with.’ 

X-Factor’s James Arthur buys his mum new teeth


James Arthur has not been having a bad year after winning the last series of talent show The X-Factor, and now he’s decided to thank his mum for her support by giving her £8,000 worth of cosmetic dentistry, as a gift for mother’s day. According to a source close to the singer, James has been keen to get his teeth fixed since winning the show, but didn’t have the time when Tracey Bell Clinic in Liverpool offered him free treatment; so he passed on the generous offer to his mother.

James’ mum Shirley has always been self-conscious about her teeth and a source said that ‘whenever Shirley was filmed or pictured during The X-Factor she was always conscious about showing her teeth as they were in a very poor state.’ They continued ‘James asked whether it was possible to pass on the freebie to his mum as he knows how much it would mean to her and would be the ultimate Mother’s Day present.’

The 25-year-old even managed to arrange for the £8,000 dentures to be fitted early so that his mum could accompany him to the Brit awards, without having to worry about smiling for the photographers. The source also added that James is still going to get his teeth fixed when he gets chances and that the Liverpool dentist has suggested clear braces instead of veneers ‘because they change the way your mouth moves which could affect his singing voice.’

X Factor winner James Arthur is feeling down in the mouth – because he believes he’s ‘pretty ugly.’


X Factor winner James Arthur is feeling down in the mouth – because he believes he’s ‘pretty ugly.’

And he is convinced that the only action that will make it all white on the night is by having dental treatment.

Having returned to the top of of the singles chart a week after missing out on the Christmas number one spot to the Hillsborough disaster tribute single He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother, by the Justice Collective, he has decided that in order to obtain that winning smile worthy of such success he really needs to get his teeth into the problem.

The Middlesbrough singer’s scorchingly successful single may be Impossible but that is not how James views the task of transforming his currently grim grin into something more in keeping with the sparkling smile of an A-List performer.

He is therefore determined to have his crooked teeth straightened and whitened so that when he opens his mouth to sing it will be smiles better than ever before.

Whether or not it makes him any more desirable in the eyes of his many female fans is open to debate. They may well love him just as he is.

But James, with maybe just a little touch of vanity, has always wanted to do something about his teeth and now he feels is the time to go ahead with a scintillating celebrity make-over.

Andy why not? After all, the sales of Impossible mean that he is the most successful X Factor winner since Alexandra Burke in 2008.

So watch out for some gleaming James Arthur gnashers in the not too distant future.

The transformation may not help him to sing any better, but if it makes him feel better than surely that can be no bad thing.

It could even give him the X-Factor. Oh, sorry, he’s got that already!

X-Factor winner hopes to improve teeth after TV show triumph


After scooping the X-Factor title last weekend James Arthur is already getting into the swing of fame by opting for a Hollywood makeover to improve his teeth. James’ story captured the nation’s attention after he auditioned for the talent show whilst living in a £200 a month bedsit and surviving on very little income; now that he has more money he has decided to get his crooked teeth fixed to try and put the past behind him.

‘I am going to get my teeth sorted out and whitened,’ The singer explained, ‘not for vain reasons – I have always wanted to get them done.’ He added that he felt the appearance of his teeth may affect his confidence on stage, saying ‘I’m a singer. I don’t want to open my mouth and have these crooked teeth going on. It’s just a thing, everyone has their hang-ups. I’ve always though I’m pretty ugly.’

Fans might be worrying that James is about to go overboard with the Hollywood smile and end up looking like Simon Cowell or Joey Essex but he assured the public that he only wants them straighter and ‘maybe whitened a bit’, so it looks like bright white veneers are not on the cards for the twenty-four year old. He also said that he was planning to lose some weight, commenting that he ‘got proper fat since being on the show’ because his diet improved dramatically.

X-Factor finalists get the ultimate make over


They might have the talent but producers of reality show The X-Factor still need to get their finalists ready for the big night next week, when they will perform live for the first time. The twelve finalists and four wild-card entrants have all been given a makeover to make sure they are looking their best in time for their first performances for the ITV talent competition. The first thing to be improved upon is their teeth – all the finalists have been for their teeth whitening – although that didn’t stop solo singer James Arthur from enjoying a cigarette whilst making his way to the London clinic.

Some of the other contestants seemed more excited to be getting their teeth bleached, with members of boy band GMD3 seen arriving at the clinic sporting huge smiles for the waiting photographers. Wildcard entry Amy Mottard was also seen chatting to James outside the dentists, looking pleased to be receiving some attention in the run up to the live shows.

Not everyone seemed so thrilled with the idea though, members of groups United J kept their faces out of view as they arrived for their appointment, some even pulled their hoods over their heads to hide from paparazzi. Wild card band member Staz Nair didn’t appear too pleased with the waiting photographers and rushed past with his fellow band members to get into the surgery without having his picture taken.

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