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Acupuncture could help dental anxiety sufferers


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Acupuncture could help dental anxiety sufferersA new study has revealed that acupuncture could help dental anxiety sufferers. Dental anxiety affects about a quarter of the UK population and can make trips to the dentist unbearable. The use of dental sedation has helped many people access the dental care they need. However, there could now be another possible option available for patients in the future.

Before, during, and after the study, dental anxiety levels among patients who had no treatment and those who had acupuncture were compared. The results showed an interesting reduction of anxiety on the patients who had received acupuncture. Professor MacPherson, Professor of Acupuncture of the University of York, spoke to Science Daily. “These are interesting findings, but we need more trials that measure the impact of acupuncture on anxiety before going to the dentist, during treatment, and after treatment.”

Together, acupuncture, in conjunction with dental sedation, could improve the overall patient experience. More research in this area is certainly needed. However, the results so far are very promising and could make a difference to many.


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High-tech tools ‘help dentists diagnose problems’


New technologies are making it easier for dentists to diagnose. The use of new technologies can help dentists to diagnose problems more easily, it has been stated. Suncoast News reports that US dentist Dr Garland Forbes believes the introduction of digital imaging technology can help dental professionals see problems in greater detail and this, in turn, allows them to better fix issues that patients might be having with their teeth.  He said: “Simply stated, with 3D X-rays, we will be able to diagnosis and treat patients earlier and help people keep their own teeth.” Elsewhere, cosmetic dentist Dr Scott Greenhalgh recently stated that individuals who have high levels of anxiety in regard to dentistry procedures could benefit from embracing IV sedation procedures. He noted it can help people who have chronic pain issues regarding their teeth and who need extensive or multiple procedures carried out in a single sitting.

Conscious sedation ‘eliminates stress’


People could reduce their stress by having conscious sedation in place of anaesthesia.

Conscious sedation could be a better choice for people undergoing emergency or cosmetic dentistry treatments if they find being put to sleep too stressful, it has been claimed.

According to Dr Sultan Sherzoy, a dentist from New Jersey, 30 per cent of people who undergo treatments are afraid of anaesthesia and this can result in them putting off visiting their dentist and any problems they have with their teeth getting worse.

However, there is a solution to this issue, he claimed, sedation dentistry, which is where a person is given a pill to put them almost out, but not quite.

Dr Sherzoy argued: “The amazing thing about this is that unlike anaesthesia where a patient is completely unconscious, asleep or unable to respond, patients under conscious sedation are able to respond to commands and breathe on their own.”

Elsewhere, news provider Oromo Index recently reported that there are a range of options available to those looking to sharpen up their smile. These include contouring or reshaping of misshapen teeth, teeth whitening treatments, bonding, dental veneers, bridges and gum lifts.

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