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Loose Women’s Andrea Mclean shows off new braces live on TV show


TV presenter Andrea Mclean has debuted a new set of fixed braces on ITV talk show Loose Women; the 46-year-old presented the chat show at the end of last week and was seen wearing the orthodontic appliance after confessing that she has always needed braces but was too embarrassed to get them before now.

Viewers were slightly confused to begin with and suggested that Andrea had perhaps had her lips done, but the presenter explained that she has just started orthodontic treatment after feeling too embarrassed to do so when she was a teenager. The mother-of-two explained that she suffered with acne as a teenager and had a perm as well, so she didn’t want to add braces into the mix.

She added that her 14-year-old son has also started treatment using braces and she decided that she would go for it as well; she said ‘I was saying you’re so brave and I though you’re such a hypocrite because you never did it. So I did it! And we’re brace-face together!’ Fans on social media sites were quick to lend their support to Andrea, as she joins other celebrities, such as Tom Cruise and Gwen Stefani, in getting orthodontic treatment.


Has Ant McPartlin had dental veneers fitted?


He is well-known as one half of ITV’s presenting duo Ant and Dec, so it’s perhaps not surprising that viewers were quick to spot that Ant Mcpartlin may have had some dental work done to improve his smile. The famous Geordie appeared on ITV, hosting reality show Britain’s Got Talent and fans began speculating on Twitter almost immediately that his teeth were less than natural.

The jokes were coming thick and fast, as the 39-year-old presented the semi-final of the talent show, with one user even joking that Ant must have borrowed his teeth from TV judge Simon Cowell – who is known to have had dental veneers fitted. Compared to previous appearances, the presenter’s teeth seem to have undergone a marked improvement; looking straighter, whiter, and healthier than his previous photographs would suggest.

Other Twitter users posted jokes comparing Ant’s new teeth to former X-Factor contestant Rylan Clarkes new bright whiter veneers, whilst others were unsure whether any work had actually taken place or if the teeth had just been whitened.

Ant hasn’t confirmed or denied the rumours so far and no word has been forthcoming from representatives of the TV host.

‘Britain’s vainest man’ returns to reality TV amid Botox debt row


A plastic surgery addict dubbed ‘Britain’s vainest man’ is set to appear on reality TV again to seek resolution over a Botox loan given to him by a friend. Sam Barton will be featured in an upcoming episode of ITV’s Judge Rinder as he attempts to resolve the argument with friend Fiona Gilbert.

The dispute centres on £200 which Ms Gilbert claims she leant Mr Barton and never received back. Barton, 22, of Sutton Coldfield claims he thought the money was a gift for his Botox treatment, rather than a loan. Fiona said that Sam used to be ‘a really good friend’ until the dispute surfaced and she was never repaid the money.

Sam said that he was ‘shocked’ to find out some time after his treatment that Fiona wanted the money back and was turning to a TV judge to make him pay the debt. The wannabe-presenter said that Fiona had made more than £200 in tips at her lap dancing job and the two friends were discussing Botox treatment; Sam claims that he said he would love to get Botox injections and ‘she offered to pay for it.’

As well as facing Judge Rinder in court this week, Sam may have to declare himself bankrupt after he spent a small fortune on Botox, nose surgery, and dental veneers, leaving him in a lot of debt.

Jeremy Kyle guest gets £10,000 of dental treatment


A woman who garnered a lot of attention on social media site Twitter for her unique dental condition has reportedly been given dental work amounting to £10,000 thanks to The Jeremy Kyle Show, the TV programme that exposed her to a lot of cruel taunts about her teeth.  The woman in question told papers that she suffered dental trauma when she was younger and could do nothing about the way her teeth looked, but producers of the ITV show have supposedly stepped in to help after Twitter went wild with jokes and comments about the guest’s appearance.

A source at Mirror Online has said that a camera crew visited the woman at her home and the whole treatment was filmed, with the patient remaining awake throughout. According to the insider, the guest will reappear on The Jeremy Kyle Show later in the week, to show off the results of her free treatment.

A picture has also been posted online supposedly showing the woman after her dental work has been completed – the difference is clear to see; her front two teeth are no longer protruding from her mouth and they do not look noticeably larger than her other teeth any more.

TV host Jeremy Kyle admits to Botox use


Chat show host Jeremy Kyle has revealed to his audience that he has undergone Botox treatment in order to try and maintain a more youthful appearance on screen. Mr Kyle, who fronts his own talk show on ITV, opened up about the procedure, commenting that it may be ‘vain’ or ‘silly’ but insisted that he would never lie about cosmetic surgery.

Kyle allowed cameras to film him having the Botox injections applied during an episode of his new TV series the Kyle Files. The 49-year-old said that he gave the decision ‘a lot of thought’ but said that he has no regrets about the treatment after looking at pictures of himself before getting the injections done. He explained ‘I see pictures of myself BB – before Botox – and I see the ones after and I am happy.’

The TV host added that he chose to go ahead with the cosmetic treatment to try and make himself look better in preparation for this on-screen appearances, which exceed 1,500 a year, it is estimated. Kyle questioned the procedure himself, saying ‘Is that vanity? Some will say that. Is it silly? Some will say it is.’ He later added that ‘I’m not going to lie about it. Why would I?’

Amanda Holden says she gave up Botox after the birth of her daughter


TV presenter and talent judge Amanda Holden has claimed that she decided to give up Botox injections after the difficult birth of her daughter Hollie in 2012. The actress has previously admitted to having Botox facial injections to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles but admitted that the traumatic event left her without the desire to go ‘under the knife’ or go through cosmetic treatment.

The 43-year-old voiced her opinion on the treatment during a heated discussion as a guest presenter on ITV’s This Morning. Ms Holden was speaking to therapist Louise Van Der Velde during the segment about plastic surgery and the controversial guest claimed that women in their forties should have cosmetic treatment to stop their husbands from straying. The 41-year-old asked Ms Holden if she had ever had facial injections, to which she replied ‘Everybody knows that in the past, yes, I’ve talked about having Botox. Since spending too much time in intensive care after nearly losing a baby, I’ve not gone under the knife or had any injections.’

Body image campaigner Natasha Devon joined the conversation and said that ‘every woman is beautiful in her own way, there’s always someone who will be conventionally more beautiful than you, but we’re putting ourselves in this global hierarchy.’


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Sheridan Smith uses false teeth to perfect Cilla’s Scouse accent


Actress Sheridan Smith has spoken to The Mirror about her new role as iconic entertainer Cilla Black and she cites false teeth as helping her perfect the singers Scouse accent. The 33-year-old was born in Lincolnshire and had to work for months to get the voice just right for her role in a new drama about Cilla’s life and career.

Sheridan has recorded all of her own vocals for the three part series and found that her set of false ‘Cilla’ teeth helped her to get the right inflection to mimic the pop stars voice perfectly. She said in an interview that she just had to put her false teeth in and start singing with a Liverpool accent. Sheridan said ‘I just had to whack my teeth in and I was away. I sang with them in because they change the shape of your mouth and it really helps with the accent and the way Cilla speaks.’

She added that Cilla ‘has two voices’ when she sings; describing ‘a really soft voice’ and then ‘a singing voice from the back of the throat when she does those big ballads.’

The drama, called Cilla, will be shown on ITV, starting September 15th.

Hull dentist takes centre stage in new Sensodyne advert


A Cottingham dentist who has offered his dental skills abroad for charity has been chosen to promote a new Sensodyne toothpaste; Chris Branfield was selected out of more than 39,000 applicants to appear in the campaign and he spoke to the Hull Daily Mail about his experience.

Chris, 44, said that he was ‘a bit surprised’ to hear he had been chosen out of the thousands who applied, adding that the filming was relatively relaxed; ‘There was no scripting at all – it was just like having a chat, I would have refused to do a catchphrase. I’ve got my integrity to look after.’

Chris was chosen for the role after he was spotted by a Sensodyne scout at the British Dental Association conference, after he was approached he told the paper that he was not sure he was the man for the job, saying ‘At first, I said I didn’t think I was posh enough for them, but they liked how I approached things in a down-to-earth way and they said they were looking for something different. They said I came across quite naturally.

The filming took place at his Castle Road clinic in Cottingham and this helped Chris to feel more at home, he said ‘I was a bit nervous at first but I was at work, in my four walls, talking about something I’m comfortable with.’ The advert first aired on ITV yesterday and Chris was happy with the results, saying ‘I’m happy they’ve captured who I am. It doesn’t look contrived. It’s just natural.’

Rylan Clark hits back at critics about new teeth


He has had his fair share of criticism after debuting his new set of blindingly white veneers on Channel 5 reality show Big Brother’s Bit On The Side, but now singer-turned-presenter Rylan Clark has hit back at his critics, claiming that ‘half of them haven’t even got a tooth in their heads.’

The new TV host spoke to the ladies on ITV show Loose Women and said that he had suffered ‘a lot of stick’ about his teeth in the past and was feeling more confident with his new veneers, especially since they have become so popular they now have their own Twitter page.

Rylan looked like a completely different person at the Specsavers’ Spectacle Wearer of the Year Awards this week and certainly turned heads on the carpet. Although the photographers were keen to get pictures of the over-the-top dental work, Clark defended the appearance of his teeth, saying ‘They are white but you know what… it’s something I wanted done. I was in a position to get them done. I like them and at the end of the day, the people that have been piping up about my teeth, half of them haven’t even got a tooth in their heads!’ He also mentioned the confidence boost the Twitter page has given him, saying ‘I know I’ve done well as my teeth have got their own Twitter page! Cheers for that, guys! I appreciate it.’

Simon Cowell’s appearance raises further questions about cosmetic surgery


X Factor judge Simon Cowell has never been shy about having cosmetic treatments before, but he might not be too happy with the latest stories regarding his appearance; the talent mogul was recently snapped out and about in LA, looking every inch his fifty-three years – prompting some industry insiders to question whether he should be heading back to the clinic for a top-up.

Cowell is well known for investing a lot of time in his appearance and normally boasts a perfectly square jaw – something that was decidedly absent in the photographs, taken as he drove around LA in his Ferrari, viewing three expensive properties in the area.

In the past, the TV judge has spoken about his Botox use and casually compared it to brushing his teeth, but he also explained that it was important to use in moderation, saying ‘I think you’ve got to be very careful, as a guy in particular, you can end up looking really really weird.’

Cowell might have more worry lines to get rid of if the viewing figures of this year’s X-Factor are anything to go by; the ITV talent show is suffering its lowest numbers since it began, as just eight million people tuned in to watch – compared to an average of almost fourteen million in 2010. It has been beaten in the ratings by rival BBC show Strictly Come Dancing for the past four weeks.

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