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Kate Middleton’s new hairstyle dubbed the ‘Botox fringe’


The Duchess of Cambridge’s new hairdo has been getting her plenty of attention lately, with some people dubbing the bangs a ‘Botox fringe’, suggesting that the style is designed to hide lines and wrinkles on the forehead. This type of fringe has also been called ‘the new Botox’ as more and more people turn to their hair in order to try and hide the aging process, rather than halt it altogether.

Although it has not been suggested that the 33-year-old has had any sort of facial injections, there is speculation that this new hairdo is useful for women who don’t want to get Botox just yet or those that have already had a dose and it has started to wear off. The fringe can simply hide lines on the forehead and take years off the appearance.

Christian Shannon, Artistic Director at Brown Sugar, spoke to the Irish Independent about this phenomenon, saying that he sees a lot of women growing their hair while they are pregnant because they are not getting Botox injections at this time, so many of them grow a fringe to disguise the changes. Once they can get Botox again they tend to cut the fringe a little shorter to show off the results of their treatment. He added ‘If you’re using Botox regularly, it stretches the forehead and it looks very botox-y. People are using [a fringe] as an alternative so they don’t have to get their Botox all the time.’

More Irish dentists ‘providing Botox treatment’


More Irish dentists 'providing Botox treatment'Higher numbers of dental professionals in Ireland are adding Botox injections to the list of services offered to their patients, it has been revealed.

According to the Irish Independent, increasing demand for the anti-wrinkle procedure has encouraged dentists to provide the treatment to image-conscious individuals.

The procedure, which has recently caught on among Irish practitioners, has been provided throughout clinics in the UK and US for a number of years.

News of the rising trend comes after the Royal College of Surgeons launched a course to provide adequate training for doctors and dentists looking to provide the service.

Jack Kelly, secretary of the Irish Association of Plastic Surgeons, said: "A growing number of dental practices may be offering these treatments in order to diversify given the fall-off in dental work."

Last week, Botox manufacturer Allergan raised its earnings forecast following reports of a 2.7 per cent profit increase in the second quarter of 2011.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800693729-ADNFCR

Save-A-Tooth system launched


A new product could help people improve their future health.

A new product has been launched that could help people who have lost a tooth to protect their health in the future. save a tooth

The Save-A-Tooth system from Provia Laboratories enables a lost tooth to be stored cryogenically and then used up to 20 years later to help treat illnesses that a person might develop.

Wisdom and baby teeth are both good sources of stem cells, the product’s manufacturer noted.

“Four million baby teeth a year normally fall out and for a small cost and virtually no effort, each can have their stem cells stored for future medical use,” commented Dr. Paul Krasner, professor of endodontics at Temple University School of Dentistry.

The product works by immersing the tooth in a sterile solution allowing any degradation within the tooth to be stopped.

Elsewhere, the Irish Independent recently reported ensuring children brush their teeth regularly is an important part of maintaining oral health, although children under seven should be supervised by an adult.

False teeth ‘getting flushed’


Brits advised against losing false teeth.

Brits have been warned against accidentally flushing their false teeth down the toilet after it emerged three-quarters of sewer blockages are caused by items which should not be down there. false teeth

The Consumer Council for Water (CCW) noted valuables such as false teeth can be lost all the time and it can be very difficult to recover lost items once they get into the main sewer network.

Chief executive of the CCW Tony Smith said: “People who put things they shouldn’t down the loo could be flushing money away because the cost of having your own private drains unblocked can be expensive.”

Elsewhere, the Irish Independent recently reported Brits should take more care when brushing their teeth, as many people brush too hard and this can be one of the most damaging actions to oral health.

Furthermore, the article noted failing to brush properly can result in an increased chance of developing gum disease.

Flossing ‘key to staying healthy’


Flossing should be part of everyone’s oral health routine.

Brits have been advised that skipping flossing their teeth could be having a detrimental impact on their overall health. flossing
Flossing can help to remove plaque and bacterial build-up in the mouth in areas brushing alone cannot reach, Canadian publication Divine has asserted.

The consequences of not doing so can mean individuals are more likely to develop gum disease and decay, as this build-up will remain there unless a person uses floss to get rid of it.

By brushing and not flossing, a person is only cleaning two-thirds of the tooth surface, the resource noted.

Elsewhere, the Irish Independent recently reported over-brushing can be extremely bad for dental health, as it can cause the enamel on the teeth to be eroded.

The publication also noted brushing too soon after meals can also -rep be harmful, as the enamel is softer just after eating and can therefore be brushed away by vigorous brushing.

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