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Invisalign braces growing in popularity, new figures show


The popularity of Invisalign Braces appears to be continuing.New figures from the makers of Invisalign braces have shown that the aligners are continuing to grow in popularity.

According to Align Technology – which manufactures the plastic alternative to traditional metal braces – there was a 17.2 per cent increase in shipments in the year to September 2010.

This equated to a gross profit margin of 78.1 per cent, 3.7 per cent higher than in the third quarter of 2009.

The company partly credited the increase to the growth in Invisalign Teen braces, but president Thomas M Prescott admitted that sales have been slower than usual due to the economic downturn.

Once the effects of the recession have faded, more Invisalign braces could therefore be sold.

In August 2010, Align Technology announced the launch of its next generation dental technology, Invisalign G3.

Myleene Klass is among the celebrities known to wear invisible braces to straighten out her smile with maximum disruption.

Invisalign braces to get even better thanks to new technology


Invisalign braces are to get some new features.Anyone who needs to get Invisalign braces next year may be pleased to know that they are to become even better thanks to new developments in technology.

The company has announced that its G3 range, set to be launched internationally in 2011, will feature new aligners and a precision cuts option, as well as the ability to treat bicuspids, lower anteriors and upper anteriors.

It is thought that the new adaptations will make it easier for Class II and Class III patients – as well as those performing cosmetic dentistry – by increasing the predictability of tooth movement.

Sheila Tan, spokesperson for the company that creates Invisalign, said: “Invisalign G3 represents a tremendous leap forward in innovation and demonstrates how we leverage our technology to deliver the clinical outcomes doctors expect.”

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Invisalign had teamed up with Twilight’s Booboo Stewart to raise thousands of dollars for the charity America’s Toothfairy.

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