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Invisalign is the new must have for over sixties


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Invisalign is the new must have for over sixtiesYou are only as old as you feel and this is why Invisalign is the new must have for over sixties. More and more people are opting for discreet teeth straightening and the older generations are getting in on the action. Sixty-four-year-old Karen Nazor Hill is an advocate for the process and wants to show that it is available to anyone in spite of age.

Recently, due to age related shifting, Karen and her orthodontist decided that something needed to be done. Therefore, Invisalign treatment was explored, and both agreed that this would be the best way forward.

Karen was published in The Times Free Press. “Some people may question why I’m choosing to have this done so late in life. It’s a simple answer. I smile a lot, and my teeth are important to me. In the last couple of years, though, they are becoming crowded and, as a result, shifting. Also, my daughter, Karah, 40, got Invisalign about a year ago. The result is one of the most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen”. Karen is due to start her treatment in the near future.

This story just goes to show that you are never too old to make a positive change and we wish Karen all the best through her Invisalign journey.


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New vibrating device ‘could complement invisible braces’


Could a vibrating device revolutionise cosmetic dentistry?A revolutionary new device could be combined with invisible braces to help straighten patients’ teeth more quickly.

The AcceleDent was released for testing in October 2009 and has now been rolled out to dental professionals across the country after achieving significant success.

It is a removable device that patients wear for just 20 minutes a day to produce a gentle vibrational force that enhances the pressure provided by invisible braces.

Some people have found it could cut treatment time by more than 50 per cent.

“The pulsing feels like a gentle massage for my teeth and gums – and I look forward to it every evening,” one patient who used the device commented.

Earlier this week, Connie Allfrey of the London Evening Standard wrote about her positive experience with invisible braces, explaining that she found them relatively unobtrusive and found her teeth to be much straighter after six weeks’ treatment.


Invisalign braces ‘available for special circumstances’


Some people may prefer Invisalign bracesWhile small precision stainless steel braces are the “gold standard” in cosmetic dentistry, some patients may prefer Invisalign models to improve their teeth.

This is the opinion of US-based orthodontist Dr Dan Murphy, who told the Union of Grass Valley newspaper that certain people need specialist equipment.

“In very select cases even appliances such as Invisalign, a sequential series of clear aligning trays designed to move teeth [are available],” he said.

Last month, Dr Majed Moawad noted in an article for the Woodinville Weekly that Invisalign braces are typically worn for between 20 and 22 hours a day to ensure optimal realignment.

However, Dr Murphy admitted this is not as common as precision steel braces, which are generally all that is needed to ensure an individual’s teeth remain straight and well-placed.

Made out of hi-tech metal alloys, braces are able to exert micro-forces on teeth that gradually move them into their proper positions, he explained.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19898769-ADNFCR

Men ‘interested in Invisalign braces’


More men are having treatments involving Invisalign braces.

More men are becoming interested in having Invisalign brace treatments to straighten their teeth, it has been revealed.

Figures from the Hospital Group have shown there was a 700 per cent rise in the number of Invisalign procedures carried out between 2007 and 2009 in the UK, with men being the group seeing the greatest increase in procedures.

Indeed, the number of women also rose by 52 per cent during the course of the study.

Teeth whitening was also found to be a boom procedure over the last 12 months, with male teeth whitening treatments rising by 150 per cent during the course of the year.

Meanwhile, Olympic medallist Rebecca Romero has announced she used Invisalign braces to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

She said: “I am so happy with the results, I feel happier with the appearance of my teeth and I am more confident about smiling now.”

Make A Wish gives teenager Invisalign braces


Invisalign braces given to sick child.

A terminally ill child in Greece who wanted to have Invisalign braces fitted has had her wish come true through the actions of the Make A Wish Foundation. invisible braces

Teenager Samantha really wanted to have Invisalign braces fitted and as a result, the company donated the braces to the charity and Samantha was driven in a limousine to a local dentist’s office where the braces were fitted for free.

Karen Buckels of the Make-A-Wish Foundation commented: “These kids never stop smiling. Despite it all they will tell you that they will be fine.”

She added children who are facing such adversity are encouraged to think big when making a wish.

Elsewhere, North Bay Today recently reported the Canadian Dental Association has recommended that anyone taking part in a sporting activity should wear a mouthguard.

The organisation noted all athletes should use these devices to ensure that the rough and tumble of sport does not impact on their oral health.

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