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Footballer suffers dental trauma after attempting a tackle head first


A young Argentinos Juniors midfielder has been left with three broken teeth after he attempted to tackle an opponent with his head rather than his feet; 19-year-old Gaspar Iniguez lost his footing as he went in to tackle Boca Juniors’ Cristian Erbes and found himself flying face first at the other midfielders feet. To add insult to injury, Iniguez was then booked for a professional foul while he lay helpless on the ground as Erbes sped towards the goal unscathed.

Despite the obvious advantage, Erbes failed to score and the Inicial Championship game ended in a 0-0 draw. A statement on the Argentinos website put the tackle down to commitment rather than an accident, saying ‘In a gesture of impressive bravery… (Iniguez) dived head first to cut out a counter-attack… He crashed into (Erbes’) boot and suffered three broken teeth.’

The Argentinos Juniors player received much praise for his dedication from fans via Twitter and the team’s manager commented that he was very sorry about what had happened but said that Iniguez gave everything against a team that was superior and in the end he prevented a goal. He added that this was a ‘test of courage’ and not everyone would do what he did, for which he should be congratulated.

Iniguez was due to have surgery on Monday, according to the club.

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