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Botox ‘should not be available through prize draws’


Botox 'should not be available through prize draws'Health experts have spoken out against competitions that offer cosmetic procedures such as Botox as a prize.

The Independent Healthcare Advisory Services (IHAS) and the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons are unhappy that surgery is being advertised in this way, BBC News reports.

Sally Taber of IHAS said prize draws and loyalty card schemes could encourage young people to sign up for treatments they do not need, without properly considering the consequences.

"They're enticing people to have cosmetic surgery who may not have even thought about it," Ms Taber told the news provider.

"It's important people make an informed decision in the right environment," she added.

A recent event known as My Big Fat Plastic Surgery Prize Draw offered ticket holders the chance to win plastic surgery worth £4,000.

This comes after plastic surgeon Peter Paterson told the Lancashire Telegraph that a growing number of British men are opting for Botox injections and other facial procedures to keep them looking "young, energetic and vibrant".ADNFCR-2621-ID-800602747-ADNFCR

Illegal botox deals ‘to be banned’


Illegal botox deals 'to be banned'People looking to have botox in order to turn the years back are likely to head to a reputable clinic in London.

This is after the Independent Healthcare Advisory Services (IHAS) established its register of safe practitioners called Treatments You Can Trust so that people who want a wrinkle-free forehead can know whether their clinic is safe or not.

Launching the register today (September 13th 2010), Dr Andrew Vallance-Owen told the Daily Mirror: “We want to stamp out the cowboy providers.”

It is hoped that the register will discourage people from visiting backstreet botox dealers, who are often untrained and unskilled.

The doctor added that “almost anyone can administer botox and facial filler treatments”.

However, thousands of people every year are left with scars as a result of being treated from one of these “cowboys”.

According to BBC News, Sally Taber, director of IHAS, advised patients against having treatment done at a botox party, a nail bar or even a garden shed.

She said it can cause “permanent damage” if the practitioner is not qualified. ADNFCR-2621-ID-800062160-ADNFCR

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