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Gangs arrested for counterfeit tooth whitening kits


Members of a gang suspected of selling counterfeit dental products have been arrested after raids in Merseyside led to the seizure of dozens of whitening products that contained high levels of hydrogen peroxide – which can cause health problems. Two men were held on suspicion of planning to sell the counterfeit merchandise at local markets and online, along with various other fake products and luxury fashion items.

Recently, cuts have been made to the level of hydrogen peroxide that can be used to whiten teeth, in order to make the treatment safer and reduce injuries to the teeth and soft tissue; counterfeit whitening kits are not likely to adhere to these standards. Fraudsters have jumped on the latest trends advertised by celebrities and started manufacturing the pirate products overseas, using substandard techniques and low quality – even dangerous – ingredients.

As well as the whitening kits, detectives discovered cosmetics, sunglasses, boots, handbags, and Liverpool Football Club merchandise at the Merseyside raid, where two men, aged 43 and 48 were arrested. Two shipping containers were found to be filled with the fake goods, along with unbranded electronic cigarette refills, which could pose a significant health risk to users. Detectives from the intellectual property crime unit coordinated the seizure, as part of the new countermeasures brought in to tackle the flood of counterfeit goods that enter Britain every year.

British Dental Health Foundation welcomes change to laws on tooth whitening


A new law has been passed to make it safer for consumers to undergo teeth whitening treatments, putting an end to illegal practitioners and untrained individuals providing similar services. The British Dental Health Foundation has welcomed the news that the European Council has ruled that whitening products containing or releasing between 0.1 and 6 per cent hydrogen peroxide can only be sold to a registered dental professional working from a clinic or surgery. This ruling should make the treatment process much more effective and improve safety standards substantially.

Dr Nigel Carter of the British Dental Health Foundation says that any type of bleaching carried out by beauticians could be dangerous to the health of the patient, adding that the procedure is often performed by individuals with no formal qualifications. The whitening gels used could also contain a much higher level of hydrogen peroxide, which can be bad for the teeth.

Dr Carter added that the treatments ‘may be cheaper but this comes at a real risk and a possibility of permanent damage to teeth and gums. Under the new law, our safety will no longer be jeopardised by illegal tooth whitening that can often leave lasting damage. By firmly outlawing tooth-whitening treatments carried out in beauty salons and whitening kiosks, we are no longer left confused by who can carry out the procedure. If you want your teeth whitened, you must now visit a dental practice.’

Tooth-whitening banned for under eighteens in Ireland


Tooth-whitening treatments that use peroxide to break down enamel stains are not allowed to be used on patients under the age of eighteen in Ireland, according to new rules from the EU. Fears have been growing recently that youngsters are damaging their teeth by undergoing this type of treatment in their teens.

Although the actual health risks are the same for older people, Dr Tom Feeney – of the Irish Dental Association – explains that under-eighteens have ‘younger gums and younger pores’, adding that ‘Hydrogen Peroxide can be very corrosive and too much of an irritant for young people. Some products that have been used for teeth whitening have up to thirty-five per cent food grade hydrogen peroxide, which can be very dangerous.’

Products on the market have also been restricted, so that consumers can only purchase whitening solution containing 0.1 per cent of the chemical. However, the IDA have warned that there are some products available online that have high levels of peroxide and can be very damaging to the teeth, so consumers need to be careful what they buy; taking advise from a dentist and getting the treatment done professionally is the best way to get positive results with a reduced risk factor.

It is thought that the new rules will make it safer for patients to undergo whitening treatment, as Dr Feeney explains ‘If someone wants to have their teeth whitened they will have to have a clinical exam and first treatment by a dentist.’

Patients warned about bogus tooth whitening firms


Patients warned about bogus tooth whitening firmsPeople who are looking to undergo tooth whitening have been told to ensure they visit a fully-licensed practitioner.

This warning comes after the New Zealand Ministry of Health launched an investigation into unregistered firms that are carrying out the procedure down under, TV NZ reports.

The decision to look into the existence of bogus or "cowboy" companies comes after a woman suffered burning gums, which had also turned partially white, after she visited an unlicensed establishment.

However, the person in question escaped punishment because they were not official health professionals, which has led to increased calls for the industry to be more tightly regulated.

The country's Environmental Risk Authority has discussed the possibility of banning the use of hydrogen peroxide that is stronger than 3.6 per cent by unregistered practitioners.

Meanwhile, a dentist in Bristol has warned those who are seeking teeth whitening services to avoid bogus firms, after an apparent surge in the number of unknown companies offering discount rates in the UK.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800497027-ADNFCR

Teeth whitening ‘is best done with a dentist’s advice’


: Teeth whitening might not be something to risk doing yourself.  People considering teeth whitening treatment may be better off seeking the professional help of a qualified dentist instead of doing it themselves.

This is the opinion of Dr Chetan, writing for, who pointed out that the process involves the use of chemicals that can be harmful if not used correctly.

He also said that teeth whitening can rub away the protective layer on the teeth if it is performed too often.

"It's always advised to visit a dentist before trying out any teeth whitening products," the expert commented.

Although DIY kits may be used safely, they can also cause dental damage and even stomach upsets if used in the wrong concentration.

In January, East Riding of Yorkshire Council trading standards officials issued a warning after finding that some whitening products being used in the area by beauticians and other healthcare practitioners contained a massive 360 times the permitted level of hydrogen peroxide.

Teeth whitening ‘is usually effective because of hydrogen peroxide’


Teeth whitening is usually effective due to a particular chemical, an expert has said.The process of teeth whitening is usually effective because of the presence of hydrogen peroxide within the formulas used.

This according to Dr Thomas P Connelly, a cosmetic dentist who told the Huffington Post that the bleaching agent can "absolutely" help when it comes to brightening smiles.

He explained that professionals who use them will carry out a test on patients first to make sure they are not intolerant of hydrogen peroxide, in the same way a hairdresser would do a strand test on hair before colouring it.

"If you experience no side effects, then using hydrogen peroxide (in moderation) to help whiten teeth is probably OK," Dr Connelly commented.

The expert added that as hydrogen peroxide uses its effectiveness when stored, it is a good idea to visit a professional when having teeth whitened rather than a practice where the substance has been sitting on a shelf for two years.

Earlier this month, New York-based orthodontist Dr Jacqueline Fulop Goodling told that professional teeth whitening treatments are regulated and safe, as well as being more high-quality than DIY kits.

Teeth whitening ‘is best done by a dentist’


Teeth whitening will be best done by a dentist.People who want teeth whitening treatment may be better off having it done by a real dentist.

This is the advice of an unnamed author at The Paper magazine, writing in response to a reader query asking if the process is safe.

The expert pointed out that dentists will have access to better teeth whitening solutions than those available over the counter, as well as being able to apply them safely and more effectively.

"As such, a professional job in your dentist's office will be more effective and last longer," the writer commented.

It was also underlined that people who try to brighten their teeth at home could be at greater risk of burning their gums or swallowing hydrogen peroxide than those who go to a professional.

Earlier this month, an article on suggested that proper teeth whitening treatments may be better for oral health than toothpastes claiming to do the same thing.


Teeth whitening headset unveiled


A new device for teeth whitening has been unveiled.

A new teeth whitening device has been unveiled that uses light to brighten a person’s smile.

The Beaming White Forever White Teeth Whitening Headset works by activating a hydrogen peroxide gel that the patient applies to their teeth. They then sit back and allow the 2.5 W LED-powered kit to do its work.

It presently costs $40 (£27.70) and this includes a 16 per cent hydrogen peroxide gel and the headset.

Furthermore, the headset comes equipped with a pair of earphones so users can listen to their favourite music while the treatment is carried out.

Elsewhere, Jim Arnold of recently stated that more people will be looking to have teeth whitening treatments carried out this summer, as the hot weather will see many out to look their best and a beaming white smile can help to achieve this.

He added that the most popular choice for many will be to have professional teeth whitening treatments.

Could hydrogen peroxide harm tooth enamel?


Hydrogen peroxide should be monitored for teeth whitening.

Individuals planning on having teeth whitening treatments carried out by a dental professionals have been reassured that the level of hydrogen peroxide found in such treatments will not harm their teeth.

A study carried out in the US has shown that the average levels of hydrogen peroxide in teeth whitening treatments is 38 per cent and at this level, even after repeated procedures, the structure of the enamel of the tooth will be unaffected.

However, when used in higher concentrations, the study showed that hydrogen peroxide could in fact increase how porous the enamel is, which in turn could lead to an increased likelihood of decay or infection.

Elsewhere, the Dixie Sun recently reported that for individuals hoping to maintain a set of pearly whites, sometimes brushing alone will not achieve this.

The paper advised having regular check-ups in order to maintain good oral health, while ensuring a person is using the right toothpaste can also have a bearing on the colour of their teeth.

Teeth whitening ‘helps a person be more confident’


People who are worried about the appearance of their teeth could increase their confidence by undergoing a teeth whitening treatment, it has been claimed.

The American Dentists Association noted people can be happier about themselves when they are not worried about their smile and there are presently a number of ways to achieve this.

It noted there are a number of take-home kits that are now available which enable people to whiten their teeth themselves, although these are often not as effective as having a dental professional carry out the procedure.

The organisation noted that in many cases, store bought kits will not give as long-lasting results or make teeth as bright.

Elsewhere, Colonial Dental Group recently noted more people are becoming interested in teeth whitening.

However, the fact that the active ingredient in many kits is hydrogen peroxide means those looking for dazzling pearly whites might be better advised to see a professional rather than carry out the procedure themselves.

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