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Patients ‘should not worry about root canal treatment’


Patients 'should not worry about root canal treatment'People worrying about needing root canal treatment may be reassured by comments from a dental health expert.

Cosmetic dentist Thomas P Connelly urged prospective patients to remain calm before the procedure, as it is not as painful as most people think.

In an article for the Huffington Post, Dr Connelly stated that the treatment is the most effective method to stop pain from a damaged tooth.

The procedure usually involves drilling into the tooth in order to rid the mouth of infected pulp, with the dentist then drilling the nerves out of the root canal.

Dr Connelly warned patients that dental professionals often need to fit a crown to the tooth following the treatment in order to make it last as long as possible.

Bupa Healthcare states that the pulp in the teeth can be damaged by a number of factors which may lead to a person needing root canal treatment – including injury, gum disease and tooth decay.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800547250-ADNFCR

Occasional sweets are fine, but eating them all the time may result in emergency dentistry


Constant sweet snacks could result in a need for emergency dentistry.People should not feel too bad about eating sweets once every so often, even though snacking on them constantly could cause emergency dentistry.

Mark Helpin, an associate professor of paediatric dentistry at Temple University, told the Huffington Post that sugary treats change the pH of the mouth.

"If I eat a piece of candy now, the pH in my mouth will become acidic and it will take 30 to 60 minutes for it to become normal," he explained.

Consequently, people who continue to eat sweets all day will not allow their mouths to return to normal and will leave themselves open to attack from acids.

However, Professor Helpin said that eating one or two pieces every so often will not do any harm, provided the person is following a proper oral hygiene routine.

In October 2010, Dr Rick Coker told that it is the sour, fizzy sweets that do the most damage to teeth and result in emergency dentistry.

Teeth whitening ‘is usually effective because of hydrogen peroxide’


Teeth whitening is usually effective due to a particular chemical, an expert has said.The process of teeth whitening is usually effective because of the presence of hydrogen peroxide within the formulas used.

This according to Dr Thomas P Connelly, a cosmetic dentist who told the Huffington Post that the bleaching agent can "absolutely" help when it comes to brightening smiles.

He explained that professionals who use them will carry out a test on patients first to make sure they are not intolerant of hydrogen peroxide, in the same way a hairdresser would do a strand test on hair before colouring it.

"If you experience no side effects, then using hydrogen peroxide (in moderation) to help whiten teeth is probably OK," Dr Connelly commented.

The expert added that as hydrogen peroxide uses its effectiveness when stored, it is a good idea to visit a professional when having teeth whitened rather than a practice where the substance has been sitting on a shelf for two years.

Earlier this month, New York-based orthodontist Dr Jacqueline Fulop Goodling told that professional teeth whitening treatments are regulated and safe, as well as being more high-quality than DIY kits.

Pete Burns: Botox is like buying a new sofa


Getting Botox is like buying a new sofa for Pete Burns.Pete Burns has said he likes getting Botox and other treatments, likening the process to other people revamping their homes for a new season.

The Dead or Alive singer told Reveal magazine that his most recent "overhaul" was around a month ago, when he had his eyes slanted, Botox and a facial peel.

"It's something I'll always do. People redecorate their homes every few years and I see this as no different. Changing my face is like buying a new sofa," he commented.

Burns said he first had surgery in the 1980s when he began to rake in money as a pop star.

However, he insisted he is not addicted to it and explained that it will be another couple of years before he has anything else major done.

Last month, stylist Adrien Fields told the Huffington Post he elected to have Botox after becoming increasingly frustrated with the deep lines running from the nose to the outer corner of the lips.

He said he was thrilled with the result.


Botox patient: I’m thrilled with the results


Botox has helped a stylist get rid of his deep smile lines.A patient who recently had Botox has said he is really pleased with the results.

Stylist Adrien Fields of the Huffington Post said he was bothered by his "unusually deep" nasolabial fold lines (the smile lines running from the nose to the outer corner of the lips) and decided to have a non-invasive procedure to correct them.

He reported being pleasantly surprised that the Botox injections did not hurt much at all and pointed out that a little work now could prevent him from needing a facelift in future.

"A few days later, my small bruise fading, I'm thrilled with the results. I don't look older or young, just slightly better. You'd never know that I'd had anything done," Mr Fields remarked.

Earlier this month, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons reported that men had 14.5 per cent more Botox last year than in 2008, according to figures cited by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Children ‘must have good dental hygiene’


Children 'must have good dental hygiene'Children who suffer from tooth problems could require emergency dentistry for tooth loss, according to one publication.

Medical News Today has claimed tooth decay is the most common childhood disease and can have a significant effect on all aspects of a youngster’s life.

Being taught how to maintain a daily tooth cleaning routine that covers all aspects of oral health, such as brushing and flossing, is vital the paper explained.

It said that failure to maintain dental hygiene can have painful consequences and the child may find they become ill, cannot eat or sleep and in some cases it could even affect their growth.

Dr Ronald Smith, president of the Canadian Dental Association said: “A child with tooth decay can suffer from great pain and an inability to learn … children should not have to wait for urgently needed dental care.”

His comments came after the Wait Times Alliance (WTA) report card found that some children in Canada have to wait long periods of time for dental treatment.

Individuals were recently warned by Dr Thomas Connelly in the Huffington Post that nail biting can damage teeth.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19856039-ADNFCR

Nail biting ‘damages teeth’


Nail biting 'damages teeth'Damaged enamel and chipped, weakened teeth are some of the side effects of regular nail biting, according to one dental specialist.

Writing in the Huffington Post, dentist Dr Thomas Connelly stated that although not everyone will experience problems, he often observes patients displaying evidence of harm caused by the habit.

Dr Connelly explained that due to the number of clients he treats who want cosmetic dentistry to fix their smile, he has plenty of evidence to draw the conclusion that there is a direct link between tooth damage and chewing fingernails.

“I’ve seen too much first-hand to ignore this, in my mind – and professional opinion – it’s a fact that nail biting can hurt your teeth,” he said.

Meanwhile, industry professionals have reported a rise in the number of individuals seeking treatment for problems such as sensitive teeth and worn away enamel caused by teeth grinding, according to Medical News Today.

Smoking ‘can damage teeth’


People who smoke could be severely damaging their oral health.

Smokers have been warned that the habit could be damaging to their oral health. smoking teeth damage

Cosmetic Dentistry Guide reported New Jersey emergency dentistry professional Dr Sherzoy, who practices in Bergen County, said that smoking can cause both tooth and bone loss in the jaw.

He noted the habit causes bad breath, tooth discolouration, inflammation of saliva producing glands, increased build-up of plaque and increased risk of developing leukoplakia – white patches within your mouth.

Elsewhere, cosmetic dentist Dr Thomas Connelly told the Huffington Post that having poor oral health could be a reason many people fail to get a good night’s sleep.

He noted people could be unaware of the fact they suffer from bruxism – otherwise known as teeth grinding – and this could be causing them to miss out on a key phase of the sleep cycle.

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