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Hormone replacement therapy could reduce the risk of gum disease


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A new study has shown that hormone replacement therapy could reduce the risk of gum disease. Also known as HRT, hormone replacement therapy is usually prescribed to combat common symptoms of the menopause. However, now scientists are suggesting that there could be oral health benefits to the medication too. During the menopause, women can become more susceptible to oral health problems. This is due to a decrease in oestrogen levels. The new research has shown that HRT can help to protect women from these issues developing.

Researchers on the project studied four hundred and ninety-two women. The age range spanned from fifty to eighty-seven. The scientists discovered that gum disease was less prevalent in the one hundred and thirteen women who were undergoing HRT. There was a forty-four percent decrease in the disease in this group. These women were receiving HRT for osteoporosis.

Dr JoAnn Pinkerton, executive of the American Moenopause Society, released a statement. This explained how osteoporosis can have a knock-on effect on the whole body. One of these issues is a weakening of the jaw bone. As a result of this, women can suffer from increased risk of gum disease. However, going forward, hormone replacement therapy could reduce the risk of gum disease in this age range. This could be a valuable discovery for women’s oral health.


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Ann Robinson confesses to Botox



The steely Weakest Link presenter, Ann Robinson, admits that she is ‘fanatical about how she looks’ and will go to great lengths to keep herself looking younger. The seventy-two-year-old has confessed to visiting a German health farm at least twice a year to give her body an ‘MOT’.

Despite her standoffish persona Ann has admitted that she really does care about how she looks and has undergone many procedures over the years. Speaking on a BBC documentary, Ann told of her obsession with looking good, “How I look matters to me, it always has. I have my hair cut and highlighted once a month. I have manicures, pedicures, facial peels, HRT implants. I had a face lift 12 years ago. I’m fanatical about how I look.”

Ann disclosed that she spends an annual £20,000 on Botox, and other procedures, in an attempt to retain a younger appearance. The confession was prompted whilst presenting a BBC documentary about Britain’s fixation on beauty. She was featured on the show visiting the Bodensee health farm to receive an enema. Obviously this was not shown, but the presenter was heard screaming out in pain from behind a closed door. This is a good demonstration of the lengths people will go to in the name of vanity.





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