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Nasal spray ‘to replace needles’


A new form of anaesthesia could replace needles for dentists.

Brits undergoing cosmetic dentistry procedures will soon be able to undergo local anaesthesia that does not entail large needles, it has been revealed.

According to an article in the American Chemical Society’s bi-monthly journal Molecular Pharmaceutics, researchers have found that the use of a nasal spray or drops in place of injections could be equally effective for anaesthetising patients who are undergoing treatments.

Dr William H Frey and his colleagues at Regions Hospital in St Paul, Minnesota, found that nasal sprays of lidocaine are extremely effective at acting on the trigeminal nerve – the nerve responsible for sensation in the face.

As such, the days of large needles to numb the teeth and gums could soon be coming to an end.

Elsewhere, US dentist Dr Joel Miller of Aesthetic Dentistry of Valencia recently told Homestation News that those suffering from bad breath should visit their dentist, as they can often provide stronger mouthwash that could tackle the problem effectively.

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