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Laser teeth whitening costs revealed


The costs of laser teeth whitening and other treatments has been discussed.Laser teeth whitening treatments differ greatly in cost depending on where people have the treatment carried out, but the results can often be worth the cost, it has been claimed. laser teeth whitening cost


WorlDental reported that while laser teeth whitening treatments are on the whole more expensive than take-home teeth whitening kits, the improvement in results is often worth the extra expense.

The publication noted it can cost up to $600 (£400) per laser teeth whitening session at some surgeries in the US, while take-home kits normally cost anywhere between $20 and $50.

Elsewhere, in a new book entitled We Won the Lottery by Danny Buckland, the unusual stories of what some winners spent their millions on have been revealed – with teeth whitening one of the top choices.

The author claimed one winner paid for all his friends and family to have their teeth whitened.

Patients ‘should be educated about treatments’


Dentists should take the time to talk to their patients about treatments.

Dentists should take the time to talk to their patients about what elective and emergency dentistry treatments entail before they are carried out, it has been noted. dental education

Dentistry IQ reported no one likes surprises when it comes to health issues and it is therefore important for dental professionals to be open with their patients about recovery times, the likelihood of pain and other issues surrounding cosmetic dentistry.

The news provider noted: “Good communication is the foundation that fosters the relationships we as dentists maintain with our patients, as they entrust us with the dental health and wellbeing of their families.”

Elsewhere, Big News recently reported professional teeth whitening treatments will often deliver better results than those achieved through over the counter or take-home teeth whitening kits.

However, it is important to remember the professional method uses stronger chemicals to whiten the teeth and as a result, there can be a greater chance of side effects.

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