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Abbey Crouch supports her footballer husband after dentist visit


Following a trip to the dentist to repair his broken teeth, Peter Crouch has had to rely on his wife Abbey for help and support, especially since he was looking slightly queasy after exiting the clinic. The 31-year-old was involved in a collision on the pitch that resulted in severe dental damage and left him needing braces.

At the time of the accident, Peter admitted that Abbey had been very supportive, saying ‘I’ve had a lot of sympathy from her but I said when I had them knocked out it’s a good job I’m married, otherwise I’d be struggling!’ He also said that he was nervous about wearing braces, adding ‘I’ve never had to wear a brace before, not even when I was a teenager.’

Abbey and her footballer husband were seen leaving the dentist’s office on Wednesday after getting treatment for the broken teeth, although she also sparked rumours that she was having some work done herself at the clinic by appearing with a scarf covering the bottom half of her face. Speculation in gossip magazines suggests that the 26-year-old was hiding her plumped-up lips, which were attracting attention last week for all the wrong reasons. The model may be trying to obtain a more mature appearance after suffering the embarrassment of getting turned away from the Playground nightclub at Liverpool’s Hilton Hotel.

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