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Helen Flanagan’s ‘obsessive’ dental hygiene leads to problems with her teeth


I’m A Celebrity contestant Helen Flanagan has admitted that she brushes her teeth more often than necessary and was surprised to find that this is actually doing more harm than good. Due to her smoking, the former Coronation Street actress is said to be ‘obsessed’ with keeping her teeth clean so that they don’t become yellow from the nicotine – apparently she brushes up to ten times a day, according to The Sun newspaper.

The 22-year-old always carries a toothbrush and toothpaste with her wherever she goes but does not attend regular dental appointments due to fear of the dentist; she tweeted last week ‘Just been to the dentist I dragged myself there been avoiding it for ages as I get too scared can’t bear it. And because im obsessed with brushing my teeth its made them too sensitive as I’ve attacked my enamel and I’ve still got two baby teeth. (sic)’

A source confirmed the news, telling The Sun; ‘Helen is paranoid. She is always scrubbing away – sometimes up to ten times a day. She was stunned to be told she’s causing more harm than good.’

The enamel on our teeth can be damaged by tooth paste that contains harsh abrasives – as many whitening products do – and Helen could be causing irreversible problems if she brushes too soon after eating as well – this is when the enamel is most vulnerable and can easily be worn down with over-brushing. To improve the shade of teeth, professional teeth whitening or dental veneers could be carried out which are far more effective than over-brushing.


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I’m A Celebrity contestant opens up about Botox use


She hasn’t been very popular with the public so far – after being voted to carry out several bushtucker trials already – but Tory MP Nadine Dorries hasn’t let it knock her confidence. The 55-year-old I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! contestant opened up to fellow trial regular Helen Flanagan about her cosmetic treatment, admitting that she has dabbled in Botox and plastic surgery.

‘I haven’t had a lot’, Dorries told the ex-Coronation Street actress, ‘I’ve never said [to surgeons] make me look younger, I’ve always said stop me looking older.’ She also advised the younger contestants to avoid cosmetic surgery until they were at least in their thirties, saying it wasn’t a good idea to be meddling with nature before then. When asked about Nadine’s beauty regime, a spokesperson for the MP admitted to knowing little about it, saying ‘This is news to me’.

Although Nadine has escaped the upcoming task, her decision to give Helen a pep talk before she headed off into the jungle for her third consecutive trial didn’t go down too well with campmate Brian Connelly, who found the politicians encouragement to be insincere. The comedian told the Bush Telegraph that ‘It was a bit condescending. Don’t give her that pressure. Someone is trying to get in there because they thing ‘oh this is when the nation will watch because they all want to know who gives a pep talk to Helen. I would hate that.’

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