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Emergency dentistry news: Flossing ‘best method to ensure a healthy smile’


Emergency dentistry news: Flossing 'best method to ensure a healthy smile'Emergency dentistry patients could improve their overall oral health by flossing regularly and using the correct methods.

Using the method to remove bacteria and food from between the teeth after every meal offers a number of benefits to people who want to maintain a healthy smile.

Ensuring that the floss used is strong and new is an effective way to ensure all debris is removed from the teeth, as the product is weakened after it becomes brittle.

UK News Reporter advises people to carry out the process in a cautious and gentle manner in order to avoid damaging fragile gums.

Flossing at least once a day could also be useful for patients who want to ensure they have healthy teeth and gums in a bid to prevent emergency dentistry.

People who floss regularly could also be preventing the development of a number of wider health risks.

Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health revealed that flossing regularly could reduce the risk of contracting pancreatic cancer.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800552141-ADNFCR

Advice for a healthier smile


Individuals have been advised on how to achieve a healthier smile.

People planning to have a healthier smile should stop smoking and ensure they brush their teeth properly, it has been advised.

MSN Health has reported that smoking can be particularly harmful to the teeth and gums, while flossing daily and not brushing too vigorously can help people to keep a perfect smile for longer.

Indeed, people should “perfect their stroke” by ensuring they brush at a 45-degree angle to the gum line and use gentle, circular motions.

“Smokers get periodontal disease at two to three times the rate of non-smokers,” Sally Cram, a periodontist in Washington, told the website.

Elsewhere, individuals who suffer from diabetes have been warned that their condition puts them at a higher risk of dental health problems, but there are a number of ways they can minimise this danger.

People should ensure they keep themselves well hydrated, as this will ensure they suffer less from dry mouth, a condition that can lead to increased risk of gum disease, according to Perth EMC.

Regular brushing ‘key to healthy smile’


Daily brushing is key to a healthy smile.

Ensuring teeth are brushed daily is key to helping teeth stay healthy and a person’s smile stays bright, it has been claimed.
regular brushing
Fiji Village reported dental officer Dr Maher Angez as saying that as people reach their 20s and no longer have their parents telling them to brush regularly, they can let their oral health routines fall by the wayside and this can lead to health problems in the future.

She noted failure to brush twice a day and the increased consumption of sugary snacks has meant oral health in general has declined in recent years. Dr Angez therefore noted, it is time for young people to get to grips with dentistry and ensure they have a healthy smile for years to come.

Elsewhere, the Hindu Times recently reported sensitive teeth do not have to be a problem for sufferers.

The publication claimed there is a simple and effective way for those afflicted by sensitive teeth to get relief and that is by using desensitising toothpaste.

Fruit juices ‘bad for teeth’


Fruit juices could harm tooth enamel.

People should not drink too much fruit juice as it could harm their teeth, it has been claimed. fruit juices

The Muslim News reported the pH of many fruit juices can be quite low and this can lead to the erosion of tooth enamel, which in turn could result in a problem with cavities or decay.

According to the publication, there are a number of simple rules that can help a person maintain a healthy smile.

These include not drinking too many fizzy, carbonated drinks and being careful about eating acidic foods – such as citrus fruits or sour apples.

They should also wait 40 minutes after eating before brushing their teeth and chew sugar-free chewing gum to help boost saliva production.

Elsewhere, recently reported Dr John Ruby at the University of Alabama School of Dentistry has called for people to reduce the amount of sour candies they eat, as when tested, these sweets can create pH levels in the mouth that are almost the equivalent of battery acid.

Options revealed for a healthy smile


Brits have had a number of options revealed to them on how best to look after their teeth and maintain a bright and healthy smile.

According to the American Dental Association, using teeth whitening toothpastes can help keep teeth pearly white, although they can be more expensive than regular brands and do not always guarantee results, especially if a person smokes or drinks regularly.

Indeed, for a more powerful teeth whitening solution, consumers have been advised to turn to over-the-counter strips or teeth whitening kits, which a person can use at home to improve the brightness of their smile.

Elsewhere, cosmetic dentist Elisa Mello recently told WCBS that anyone suffering from bad breath could easily tackle the problem by chewing sugar-free gum and ensuring they keep themselves well hydrated.

Ms Mello noted that the action of chewing and having lots of water in the system means saliva production is increased, which can help regulate the levels of bacteria in the mouth.

‘Kids should learn good oral health’ to avoid emergency dentist


'Kids should learn good oral health' to avoid emergency dentistFailing to look after teeth could result in a trip to the emergency dentist and one oral health professional has stated it is a habit that should be taught young.

On the blog MyDentalOffice, it noted poor lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits can lead to enamel decaying.

As well as possibly leading to unpleasant breath, it might lead to molars, canines or incisors being pulled and replaced with a dental implant.

However, the blog asserted if oral health remains a priority, there is less risk of such medical problems, adding people should learn to look after their mouths early on in life.

"Teaching children to brush and floss their teeth regularly and to visit the dentist twice a year is something they’ll remember throughout life," stated the writer.

In a post earlier this month, the blogger outlined the best way to brush gnashers for a healthy smile.

It was suggested two minutes is the ideal time to spend on the activity and advised people not to use too much pressure, as short and gentle strokes with the toothbrush are more effective.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19366718-ADNFCR

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