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Teeth whitening ‘should be done by a professional’


Make sure teeth whitening treatments are carried out by a professionalPeople who want a teeth whitening procedure in London may well be reminded of the importance of finding a qualified cosmetic dentist after hearing the following news.

A beauty therapist, who was not registered as an oral healthcare provider, in Melbourne has been fined $2,000 (£1,098) for carrying out teeth whitening treatments, reported

The case was brought to court after a customer suffered from gum ulcerations, chemical burns and marbled enamel as a result of the procedure in the summer of 2007, the website added.

According to the news provider, it was judged that "teeth whitening was an invasive and irreversible procedure and should only be performed by [a] registered dental care provider".

People living in the capital who find a reputable oral health professional to carry out the treatment might be pleased to hear of the benefits it can bring.

In an article for Health Key, Andrea Markowitz said teeth whitening can make a person look younger. ADNFCR-2621-ID-19389077-ADNFCR

Intrinsic tooth whitening ‘should be done at dentist’


Intrinsic tooth whitening 'should be done at dentist'People with yellowing teeth could benefit from London tooth whitening.

According to Dr Jonathan Levine, who offered a series of oral health tips to US talk show host Oprah Winfrey, some stains are genetic.

These should be dealt with by a dental professional, the website states.

"Some tooth stains are intrinsic – they are created internally by genetics," the website cites Dr Levine as suggesting.

"These stains need a true whitener, done in a dentist’s office."

A series of tips was also offered in order to improve dental health and avoid the need for emergency dentistry.

When it comes to brushing, people were advised to use a round-ended brush twice a day, for 30 seconds in each quadrant.

Flossing helps to clean the extra 40 per cent of each tooth that brushing can miss, while contributing to good gum health.

Mouthwash, chewing gum and eating a healthy diet were also suggested. The latter point is essential in creating a healthy pH balance in the mouth, which can help protect teeth.

According to Andrea Markowitz, of Health Key, said tooth whitening can help people appear younger.

Teeth whitening can result in ‘a lovely smile’


A lovely smile could be achieved with teeth whiteningEveryone wants a lovely smile and teeth whitening could help people achieve this, it has been asserted.

A post on noted celebrities have made such cosmetic dentistry procedures more mainstream.

It said individuals want a remedy that is not costly and does not hurt, adding that laser teeth whitening can be a way of getting a "sparkling" set of gnashers.

"This treatment is suitable for all from young to old and does help a great deal in changing the way you look," the article stated.

"People really do have a good time getting this treatment and the results are amazing."

Recently, Andrea Markowitz wrote a piece for Health Key and explained teeth whitening can help individuals look younger.

She noted enamel discolouration was a common problem of aging but a simple cosmetic dentistry procedure could help reserve this.

If people want to help keep their smile pearly and bright, they might want to avoid drinks such as coffee, tea and red wine, as these are well known for tarnishing the tooth’s surface.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19375788-ADNFCR

London dental veneers ‘may be better option than crowns’


London dental veneers 'may be better option than crowns'If patients in London need a crown, they might like to consider getting a porcelain dental veneer instead.

Lane Ends Aesthetic & Implant Centre noted the latter option could be a better choice for people.

This is because dental veneers can achieve a more desired colour, size or shape than crowns, the practice explained.

"Porcelain veneers are an excellent alternative to crowns in many situations," it stated.

As well as disguising fillings that may have become discoloured in front teeth, they also mask other undesirable defects such as staining.

The practice also pointed out this cosmetic dentistry treatment can last for many years.

Individuals with chipped or worn teeth, as well as those with gaps, might also like to consider porcelain dental veneers as a procedure, the centre concluded.

Meanwhile, those who are considering cosmetic dentistry may want to opt for teeth whitening.

A recent article on the Health Key website stated this treatment can make people look younger. ADNFCR-2621-ID-19366623-ADNFCR

Tooth whitening ‘can make you look younger’


Tooth whitening can give a youthful lookTooth whitening is often chosen by people of all ages – but it gives a younger-looking appearance, according to one expert.

As people get older, their teeth can start to darken due to years of drinking tea and coffee, fluoride exposure and tobacco, advised Andrea Markowitz for Health Key.

However, visiting the dentist to find out whether teeth whitening is a suitable option can roll back the years and avoid them looking "downright dull".

"If you’re a candidate for teeth whitening your dentist can tell you how much whitening you can expect and help you choose the best technique for your teeth – and wallet," Ms Markowitz explained.

Veneers or crowns may also be considerations, depending on how much money is available for the chosen procedure.

Of course, cutting back on drinks and smoking are some of the first things people worried about their dental health can do. Check-ups every six months as well as flossing and brushing twice a day are also crucial.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19364335-ADNFCR

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