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Harry Potter star was under contract not to have dental work


Actor Matthew Lewis, best known for playing teenage wizard Neville Longbottom, has explained that he was under contract not to fix his teeth while filming his part in the blockbuster film franchise Harry Potter. Matthew, now 24, was 11 when he first won the role and had to maintain his crooked smile for the duration of filming, in order to star completely in character.

Lewis told The Independent that he had to go for ten years without having anything done to fix his bad teeth and it hit his confidence hard. He explained that he had grown taller and thinner by the time they reached the third film and the producers decided that ‘they were uncomfortable with that, and thought, ‘No, we need to make him a bit geeky looking’, or geekier, I should say, so they put me in a fat suit and false teeth.’

As he got older, Matthew became so miserable with the costume that he asked the director of the last four films, David Yates, if he could get rid of the false teeth; he agreed but the young actor was still made to wear the fat suit. Lewis told the paper ‘Looking back on it, it doesn’t really bother me at all, but at the time, when you’re going through puberty and you’re on a film set with a lot attractive girls anyway, and then back at school as well, and you have to wear this fat suit, and have this long greasy hair – oh yeah, at the time, it was rubbish. It was really rubbish.’ He has since undergone orthodontic treatment to improve his teeth.

Teeth whitening strips stolen in California


Robber makes off with teeth whitening stripsUp to $550 (£336) worth of teeth whitening strips have been stolen from a store in California.

According to the Palm Beach Post, a man was seen stealing ten boxes of teeth whitening strips from the store and was recorded on video, but it remains unclear as to how he fled the area.

An employee of the business flagged down a police officer and told him that the store had just been robbed, the publication noted.

The man had entered the store and pretended to have a gun in a plastic bag, when the clerk failed to open the cash register, the criminal ran for the door, grabbing the boxes of teeth whitening strips as he bolted.

Elsewhere, rumours recently surfaced that Hollywood actress Helena Bonham Carter took the prosthetic teeth of her character from the recent Harry Potter film.

"They won't fit anybody else's mouth anyway so I thought nobody would mind. I'll miss being a witch but at least with the teeth I can play at home," she told Showbiz Spy.

Helena Bonham Carter ‘stole teeth from Harry Potter set’


Helena Bonham Carter 'stole teeth from Harry Potter set'Individuals contemplating teeth whitening treatment in a bid to improve their appearance could be interested in recent rumours concerning Helena Bonham Carter.

According to Showbiz Spy, the British actress confessed to stealing the prosthetic teeth she wore to play her character in the Harry Potter films.

"They won't fit anybody else's mouth anyway so I thought nobody would mind. I'll miss being a witch but at least with the teeth I can play at home," she added.

Bonham Carter, who is the long-term partner of eccentric director Tim Burton, first donned the crooked fixtures during filming for the fifth instalment of the movies.

Her Death Eater character is well-known among Potter fans as one of the most evil witches in the wizarding world, having killed a number of major characters.

The final film in the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two, is opening in cinemas on Friday (July 15th).ADNFCR-2621-ID-800619601-ADNFCR

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