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Takeaway food can stain and damage teeth


According to a top Harley Street dentist there are many ingredients in takeaway dishes that can damage our teeth as well as putting our general health at risk if consumed in large amounts. Not only will things like Indian and Chinese takeaways affect our weight and general health if eaten too regularly, they can also lead to dental staining and tooth decay.

Dr Sameer Patel, of Harley Street’s Elleven practice, said that the dark colorants in curry and dishes containing soy sauce can stain the surface of the tooth and opting for lighter coloured food is advisable. Dr Patel says that ‘anything that would stain a white t-shirt’ is going to cause discolouration of the tooth enamel.

Italian food, such as takeaway pizza’s and pasta, can cause acid erosion due to the refined carbs that contain simple sugars; these things cause a surge of acid in the mouth which can damage the enamel irreparably over time. British staple dish fish & chips has also come under fire because of the amount of starch in the potatoes and the battered fish. Dr Sameer said that ‘sugar can come in many different forms and the batter on the fish and associated sauces, such as ketchup, are culprits for having a high sugar content.’

Harley Street Clinic reports rise in number of male patients


A Harley Street Clinic has reported a 25% increase in the number of male patients during 2013. Dr Yannis Alexandrides, of 111 Harley Street, said that the trend had become evident over the past five years but the rise was particularly noticeable within the last eleven months.

Dr Alexandrides said ‘Men used to book appointments first thing in the morning or late at night so there was no risk of being faced with a waiting room with other people; there was a genuine fear of the stigma attached to visiting a cosmetic surgeon. Male patients now visit during peak hours, whether it be on a lunch break for a Botox treatment, or taking an afternoon off for an anti-ageing Fraxel laser session.’

Demand seems to rise in the period before Christmas and in the February bonus season, apparently due to workers attempting to look less stressed. Dr Alexandrides told The Daily Mail that ‘Workers are under tremendous pressure to achieve, and my male patients want lasting results that look natural.’

Dr Dennis Wolf, Joint Medical Director at The Private Clinic of Harley Street said that the modern man has a ‘more open attitude’ towards cosmetic treatment and added that ‘perceptions have changed and people don’t associate cosmetic treatment solely with women.’

Could dermal fillers be the new ‘nose-job’?


A pioneering treatment that involves injecting dermal fillers into the nose could help many patients avoid going under the knife to improve their appearance; although this might make the nose bigger in reality, the straighter shape can actually make it appear smaller. Dr Milojevic performs the treatment at Harley Street’s Milo Clinic and has been offering the procedure for the past seven years.

Dr Milojevic told The Daily Mail; ‘In the last two to three years – since I really perfected my technique – it has been increasingly popular. With better and better results, word of mouth, and with stunning before and after photos, more and more people are coming to us.’ He went on to explain that the surgical alternative – rhinoplasty – costs a lot more money and patients would need to spend some time recovering at home after the treatment, whereas dermal filler injections are much ‘easier, quicker, less time consuming, and more affordable’ than getting a surgical procedure.

Dr Milojevic also added that larger noses could be more difficult to treat using this type of treatment, saying ‘the ideal candidate for this non-surgical procedure is somebody who hasn’t got a big problem – someone who has a small bump on the nose or slight unevenness or a small hole after a surgery – with them, we can achieve amazing results.’

Is Botox immunity becoming more common?


Although there are risks with all types of cosmetic treatment, it is rare for patients to find that the procedure has no effect at all, but that’s what some people are finding when they visit the clinic for Botox injections. Dr Kuldeep Minocha, of Harley Street clinic Absolute Aesthetics says that he has come across six patients who did not have successful results with Botox. He explains that ‘Basically Botox is a foreign protein, and in some clients the body’s immune system may respond by producing ‘blocking’ or ‘neutralizing’ antibodies, which can stop the protein freezing facial muscles.’

He went on to say that ‘True resistance is rare, but some regular patients may find it doesn’t work as well or it wears out after six to eight weeks as the body metabolises it faster.’ Sometimes patients can have an extremely strong immune system which resists the toxin; consultant dermatologist at the Cranley Clinic Dr Nick Lowe says he is currently treating five Botox patients who have not seen positive results from Botox, adding ‘Botox is foreign and in some clients the body’s immune system may respond by producing antibodies.’ He went on to say that there are lots of different factors that could cause a patient to become resistant to the toxin, but most commonly it will be evident with people who have been getting treatment for years or those that do not leave enough time between appointments.

TOWIE regular gets ‘blinging’ smile ahead of cast holiday to Marbella


Mario Falcone and fellow TOWIE member Little Chris have had their teeth whitened in preparation for the reality show’s trip to Marbella this summer. Mario and Chris attended a Harley Street clinic that provided the service for around £300, which left the Essex boys delighted with their ‘blinging’ teeth.

A friend of the pair said that the whole cast were excited about the upcoming holiday and added that ‘they are making sure they are looking the business before they hit the beach.’ As well as brightening their smiles, the cast are keen to get in shape before jetting off to warmer climes, and rumour has it that Chris has also been working with a personal trainer.

A dentist from the LoveLite clinic said that Chris had to return to the surgery for more treatment because he didn’t follow the after-care instructions. ‘Chris hadn’t been as careful as he could be, so he came again.’ Donnamarie McBride explained, ‘There are different shades of whiteness depending on just how white your teeth are naturally, Chris’s teeth are naturally very white and he went for the maximum shade of whiteness – it is really bling. She went on to say that Mario’s teeth were in ‘better shape’ so the results were more natural after only one sitting, ‘we were able to give him a nice shade of white with his first procedure,’ she said.

Plastic surgery fans dubbed the ‘Celebrity Cat Club’


From Lulu and Kylie, to Madonna, and even the French first lady Carla Bruni, there are plenty of celebrities who have taken advantage of cosmetic enhancements, but they might not be too thrilled with the results once they find out the Daily Mail has rather unceremoniously dubbed them the ‘Celebrity Cat Club’, due to the changes in their appearance.

Over-use of fillers and Botox can dramatically alter the face, and give a ‘pillowy’ look to the chin and cheeks, and eventually turning the eyes up to give a cat-like expression. Harley Street plastic surgeon, Dirk Kremer, said that too many fillers were to blame for the ‘pillow face’, whilst ‘cat face’ is a result of ‘having too much of everything – all done badly.’ He went on to add; ‘Those soaring eyebrows occur when too much Botox is given, especially in the centre of the forehead.’

When used correctly, Botox and dermal fillers are a great way to keep unsightly lines at bay, but over-use can give the face ‘a triangular look’ according to Dr Kremer, which creates a youthful appearance, when used appropriately, ‘but in excess, it just adds to the feline quality.’ He also commented that the celebrity ego was to blame for over-indulgence, saying ‘Fillers, in moderation, can be amazingly rejuvenating. Celebrities try them and get a lot of compliments, so they think ‘Why not put in more and look even better?’

Botox ‘prevents formation of wrinkles’


Botox 'prevents formation of wrinkles'Having Botox and other cosmetic procedures after the first signs of aging can prevent wrinkles from forming in the future, an expert has claimed.

Speaking to American site MSNBC, cosmetic dermatologist Dennis Gross commented that Botox will prevent the formation of new wrinkles if used as soon as people notice lines on their face and continue to do so over a long period.

Botox has also proved to be effective in removing existing wrinkles and lines, as well as increasing the confidence of people by improving the smoothness of their skin.

Mount Sinai School of Medicine's associate clinical professor of dermatology Patricia Wexler also argued that Botox can give people 100 per cent smoothing of the skin if they undergo the procedure in their thirties.

Meanwhile, the number of men opting for Botox and other cosmetic procedures has seen a recent surge in popularity. In a recent interview with gay website PinkNews, Harley Street doctor Puneet Gupta claimed that 45 per cent of his patients are male – suggesting there is no longer a stigma associated with the procedure. ADNFCR-2621-ID-800479054-ADNFCR

People of all ages ‘benefit from teeth whitening’


People of all ages deserve a bright smile.

Brits of all ages could benefit from teeth whitening or other cosmetic dentistry treatments to give themselves the smile they always wanted, it has been claimed. enlighten teeth whitening

Dr Jim Arnold wrote in his blog for that it is never too late to have work carried out and that if someone is unhappy about any aspect of their smile then they should feel comfortable having that issue addressed.

He noted: “Smile enhancement with cosmetic dentistry is a wonderful solution for many people who want to make a great first impression.”

Elsewhere, Harley Street dental professional Dr Tariq Idris recently claimed the Da Vinci Code could hold the key to the perfect smile.

He noted a set of numbers contained in the code – known as the divine proportion – are already used in architecture as it creates structures that are naturally pleasing to the eye and this principle could similarly be used when shaping teeth.

Dentistry technology ‘constantly evolving’


cosmetic dentistryThe technology dentists have used has evolved over the years, with new innovations constantly helping to make cosmetic dentistry treatments less painful, time consuming and quicker to heal, it has been claimed.

Chief executive officer of ActionRun Satya Misra noted many new innovations have been implemented in recent years, ranging from Invisalign braces to Zoom teeth whitening and dental veneers.

Ms Misra commented: "Is technology in the dental industry really important in your search for a dentist? It is if you like the idea of dental procedures taking less time, spending less money for dental procedures and experiencing less discomfort."

Elsewhere, Harley Street dental surgeon Tariq Idris recently told the Daily Mail that the introduction of the new £50,000 Waterlase MD Turbo will help UK dentists perform treatments much faster and with quicker healing times.

He noted lasers have been around in emergency dentistry for years, but this latest innovation is a step forward in terms of flexibility of use and its ability to get the job done.

Laser technology ‘to replace dentist’s drill’


teeth whiteningA new innovation in laser technology could replace the dentist’s drill in the years to come, it has been claimed.

The new Waterlase MD Turbo is one of the first lasers which could actually achieve this goal, according to Harley Street dental surgeon Tariq Idris.

"Lasers have been used in some areas of dentistry for a few years but they haven’t been fast enough to replace the drill," he told the Daily Mail.

"Now a laser can be used to remove tooth decay and prepare cavities and crowns."

One of the main benefits of the laser is that it is so precise and painless that there is no need for anaesthesia, something many Brits with a needle phobia could be pleased to hear.

However, the £50,000 price tag of the new laser and the fact that it cannot be used to replace amalgams means it is unlikely to be found in every dentist across the country any time soon.

Meanwhile, Lygia Jolley, a registered dental hygienist who teaches at San Joaquin Valley College, noted that one of the most popular treatments at present is teeth whitening, with Brits able to get the best results by visiting their dentist.

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