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Kylie Jenner superfan splashes thousands of pounds on lip fillers and Botox


A man who is obsessed with reality star Kylie Jenner has revealed his bill for plastic surgery has topped £21,000; with cosmetic procedures including lip fillers an Botox adding to that total. 22-year-old James Holt is so desperate to look like his idol that he has spent over ten thousand pounds on his lips alone. James, from Bury, Greater Manchester has also spent thousands on Botox and cheek fillers and even said he would go as far as having ribs removed to achieve the perfect hour glass figure, just like his idol.

James told Mailonline that he wants to be ‘really fake looking’ and explained that he started to get lip fillers because Kylie Jenner began getting the injections to plump up her lips last year. He boasts that his own pout is bigger than the 18-year-olds. Despite the fact James has had problems in the past with too much filler being injected into his lips, the student has not been deterred and continues to get his lips filled every two months to top up his pout. He is now planning a trip to Poland to have a nose job and says that he would also like chin implant and fat transferred to his behind to make it larger and more shapely.


Woman glued her own broken teeth back in rather than visiting the dentist


A woman from Greater Manchester was so afraid of going to the dentist that she decided to stick her broken teeth back together using superglue rather than making an appointment to have them fixed professionally. Angie Barlow, 48, attempted DIY dentistry for ten years and ended up having to have most of her teeth removed as the chemicals in the glue led to 90% bone loss in her upper jaw.

Ms Barlow has now had treatment to replace her teeth with dental implants. The professional dog walker said that she was too scared to go to the dentist, despite her obvious problems, because she lost her mother to throat cancer at a young age. She explained ‘That fear has always been in the back of my mind. You just get this mind-set and you think, ‘don’t go’. You don’t make that phone call.’

After smoking for many years her teeth started to break into pieces and Ms Barlow began using superglue to try and repair the damage. She told Mailonline ‘When the tooth comes out, I just put a little bit of glue and try and hold it in place to keep it, so I don’t have a gap in my teeth. I used glue on the top of the tooth, and then I put it back in place until the glue is set.’

After having twelve new teeth placed onto six titanium implants, Ms Barlow is feeling much more confident about her smile; she says ‘It’s wonderful isn’t it, I feel amazing, and there’s no hands over my mouth or embarrassment. People have said they notice a difference in me.’

Dental receptionist saves patients life after he suffers a heart attack


A dental receptionist in Greater Manchester has brought a patient ‘back from the dead’ after he suffered a heart attack in the waiting room at the Maggie Jackson’s Independent Dental Hygiene Service, in Tameside. Charlotte Anderson-Hughes, 23, and dentist Chandra Metha managed to save patient Simon Walker, 53, by using a defibrillator to restart his heart, when they realised that the ambulance was not going to arrive in time.

Ms Anderson-Hughes said ‘He collapsed on the floor. Chandra shouted for me and put him in the recovery position but it wasn’t working – it was all so fast. I was looking at him and he was clinically dead. He was going blue and his eyes were open. It was awful.’ The team used the defibrillator twice and managed to get a pulse, then Mr Walker was taken to Wythenshawe Hospital by paramedics. He later sent a text to the staff saying he was ‘eternally grateful’ for their life-saving efforts.

Mr Walker spoke from his hospital bed, saying ‘How I can pay them back for what they did is impossible to say. I want to do something for them but I don’t know what yet – I’ll probably raise some money for more defibrillators around the town.’

Owner of the practice, Maggie Jackson, called the team ‘incredible’ and added that ‘He’s a friend of mine – so to have my staff save him was amazing.’

Lennon tooth sells for almost £20,000



A rotten tooth that once belonged to legendary musician John Lennon has been sold for £19,000 at an auction that took place in Stockport over the weekend. The Omega Auction House in Greater Manchester had listed the tooth’s reserve price at £10,000, apparently underestimating the demand for Beatles memorabilia from fans all over the world.

Canadian dentist Michael Zuk was the lucky winner of the decaying extracted molar, placing the winning bid by telephone in the final moments of the auction. 49-year-old Michael, from Alberta, described himself as ‘buzzing’ after winning the tooth, telling the BBC, ‘Once I heard it was up for sale, I had to have it. Some people will think it’s gross; other will be fascinated by it. Most people would say I was crazy, but I think it’s fantastic’.

Michael – whose credits include a book on celebrity teeth – said that he would be displaying the famous tooth in a glass case at his dental practice. Lennon’s tooth was originally passed on to his house keeper after it was removed during the sixties. Auctioneer, Paul Fairweather, described it as ‘the most weird and wonderful item’ they had ever had for sale at the auction house. He went on to say that the bidding was a tense affair, but the watching crowd gave a huge cheer when the gavel finally fell.

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