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Could unhealthy teeth affect your love life?


The chances are that when looking for a new partner, people have a set of ideals in mind for that special someone. It could be a person’s eye, hair, physique or personality. However, what is the most sought after feature when looking for a potential date?

A study in 2013 by surveyed 5,481 singles of both sexes to investigate what was important for a person when looking for a new relationship. The results showed that the number one featurepeople value was actually their teeth. Fifty eight percent of men, and a staggering seventy one percent of women said that healthy teeth were the most important out of all attributes. A previous UK study in 2012 also found that people took into consideration the colour and spacing between teeth.

New research suggests that people reaching young adulthood around the turn of the millennium feel just as strongly about teeth as the older generations do. Chief scientific advisor for, Doctor Helen Fisher, was not shocked by the results. She was quoted in a USA Today article as saying, “From a Darwinian perspective, good teeth are a real indication of your health — how much you drink, smoke, what you’re eating.” It just goes to show that good dental care can have wider reaching benefits than just a healthy mouth.




67% of people would be put off dating someone if they had bad teeth


Although most people do not add ‘must have good teeth’ to their preferences for online dates, a new study has revealed that the vast majority of daters would be put off if they met someone for the first time and they had a ‘bad’ set of teeth.

According to a website survey, a massive 67% of people on the dating scene would decline a second date with someone who had bad teeth – with 76% of women agreeing that stained or crooked teeth were a deal breaker for them on a first date. However, their male counterparts were less picky; only 57% of men asked were in agreement. conducted the survey and revealed that some people have strange ideas about the state of our teeth – with 4% of respondents admitting they assume someone is intelligent if they have straight teeth, and 12% linking good teeth with popularity.

When it comes to the celebrity smiles, The Duchess of Cambridge topped the poll with 35% of the votes and actress Julia Roberts came in second, closely followed by Jessica Alba – who, incidentally, came top of the charts for the male voters.


Single men and women name good teeth as number one asset in prospective partners


Men and women don’t always agree on everything, but according to a study carried out by dating website, singletons of both genders cited good teeth as being the most important thing when it comes to finding the perfect partner. Almost 5,500 adults aged twenty-one or over were asked how they would rank several assets on a first date and a staggering 71% of women named white, straight teeth as number one, with 58% of men in agreement.

Second place was given to ‘grammar’ in both lists, then came hair, clothes, tattoos, and fingernails – in similar percentages for men and women, although women voted for tattoos/no tattoos over hair and nails.

Whilst this might make both sexes look pretty superficial, a second survey was carried out about important factors in relationships, with men ranking ‘Someone I can trust and confide in’ as number one, and women choosing ‘Treats me with respect.’ It seems men are interested in prospective partners who are physically attractive and have a good sense of humour, whilst women are generally looking for someone who has similar values to them and can communicate well.

Interestingly, the survey found that the least important asset for both genders turned out to be an eagerness to settle down and marry.

Teeth whitening could make you feel happier


Could teeth whitening make you feel more cheery?Having teeth whitening treatment could lead to patients feeling happier, the results of new research have suggested.

According to a study published by Nutrition and Diet News, smiling releases endorphins that encourage people to feel more cheerful, even if the grin is faked.

Having teeth whitening may lead to patients smiling more often, which may therefore lead to the release of more happy chemicals than if the person is frowning.

Furthermore, smiling is likely to make other people feel better too.

"A smiling person is judged to be extra pleasant, attractive, sincere, sociable, and [more] competent than a non-smiling person," the publication commented.

This follows a recent poll by Periproducts which discovered that teeth whitening could lead to more success on the dating circuit.

The company found 33 per cent of respondents thought a good smile and teeth are an absolute must when it comes to looking for love, while 16 per cent of people said they felt better if they have good teeth.

Teeth whitening ‘could please those looking for love’


Teeth whitening could make a difference in the dating game.Opting for teeth whitening could go down well with people who are on the lookout for love, according to one survey.

A poll by Periproducts discovered that 33 per cent of respondents thought a good smile and teeth are an absolute must when hitting the dating circuit, while 16 per cent of people said they feel better about their appearance if they have good teeth.

However, despite this, the average Brit spends just £5 a month looking after their oral health, reports.

Dentist Dr Jacob Krikor said patients are sure to be pleasantly surprised when they see the impact that cosmetic dentistry or even just a good deep-clean can have on their smile.

"A nice smile gives you self-esteem and confidence when meeting people and socialising," he added.

Earlier this month, Dr Charles Martin, founder of the Richmond Smile Centre in Virginia, suggested that bad teeth could cause people to look less approachable as they will discourage them from smiling.

‘Avoid sugary snacks’ for good teeth


'Avoid sugary snacks' for good teethPeople wanting to have a smile fit for the red carpet are being advised to reduce the amount of sugar in food and drinks or they may need to see an emergency dentist, according to one expert body.

The British Dental Health Foundation told Elle magazine that pearly write teeth sported by the likes of Cheryl Cole may have to do with taking good care of them rather than their colour.

It warned about how sugary snacks can not only cause acid attacks but also increase long-term risks to a person’s health.

The body recommended that the sweet substance should only be eaten at meal times, while an alkaline snack or even chewing gum is a good choice to “balance out the effects”.

Patients staying in Welsh hospitals have been given a helping hand to cut down by banning sugar in tea and coffee bought from vending machines, as it offers no nutritional value, regional health officials confirmed earlier this month.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19899588-ADNFCR

Kardashian gets teeth whitening treatment


Kim Kardashian undergoes teeth whitening.

Hollywood socialite Kim Kardashian has had her teeth whitened at a surgery in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old reality TV star had the cosmetic dentistry treatment carried out in order to make her smile brighter.  kim kardashian teeth whitening

She posted a picture of herself undergoing the treatment on her Twitter page. The message read: “At the dentist for a good teeth cleaning! This is serious!”.

Kardashian is best known for her role in the reality TV show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but has also endorsed a range of brands, including mineral water and eBay.

Elsewhere, local US newspaper the Northcote Leader recently reported there is a growing trend in the country for Americans to hold teeth whitening parties.

Victorian Pro Teeth Whitening hostess Sarah George, who organises the parties, noted the majority of her business comes from wedding and hen parties. However, there is also growing demand from families.

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